Getting Used to New Arms.

….For his majesty, the emperor shall continue to guarantee the prosperity of the Osswell empire.

Christopher continued his announcement with a brief speech about the youth, the prosperity of the empire in face of all adversities and finished by giving praise to his majesty, the emperor. The families were clapping and a few seconds later Christopher gestured that he was going to start with the main topic and the crowd quickly calmed down.

We shall begin. Christopher said in a deep voice.

I will proceed in old-alphabetical order, Allan Farland, would you move up to the stage. He said while gesturing at hi position. Allan was startled for a second before being nudged by Edwin. Allan quickly realized, and weaved through the crowd as he walked up to Christopher.

Alright Allan, please activate your essence flow. The middle-aged man said.

Allan held his hand out, closed his eyes and concentrated for a brief second. He had practiced a bit before and was therefore relatively proficient in the process of casting.

Soon a small transparent twirl of essence appeared below his hand. The twirl didn have a colour since he hadn focused on changing the properties of his essence.

Not bad. The man muttered, while jotting down some notes. Intermediate flow volume… good speed and an interesting shape… He finished a few seconds later after nodding to himself.

Allan, could you hand me your Index? Christopher asked once again. Allan nodded and did as he was told. Christopher held his hand over the small book and a small, green flow appeared below his hand. The flow quickly formed into a complex circle-formation around the edges.

When he was done the book opened to its first page where some of Allans personal information was located. Allan looked at the book and decided read his personal information.


Allan Farland – Classless – Rank: none.

Age: 8

Status: Healthy

Height: 125cm

Weight: 25kg

Potential rank: B+

Optimal Army post: Melee


Allan let out a short giggle before noticing the stares and quickly turned quiet as a bit of embarrassment appeared on his face.

Allan would you like to share your potential rank with the audience? Christopher asked, which made Allan look at his parents. He readied himself after receiving a brief nod and stated; I was assigned to the potential B+ rank. Before turning around leaving the stage with a slightly unsteady walk, which made Christopher chuckle. Must be his first time on a stage. He thought to himself.

He let out a short laugh while he reunited with both his own and the starling family and gave both his mother and father a group-hug before turning to Edwin to which he gave a high-five. Edwin then said, You really did it, Allan, congratulations on B+ Rank!

Allan just gave Edwin a smug smile and said, My talent was clear from the beginning, it was just a question of just talented I am! before finally breaking into a grin and laughing.

Alright, next is Spencer Hensley… Chris said before looking into another part of the crowd, where one could see a Blonde boy making his way through the crowd.

In the end Spencer only managed to produce a small and slow flow of wind that was spread out in a broad fan-like shape. After the procedure he turned to look at his Index. Potential rank C-. He said dejectedly before turning to leave the stage. However before he could do that Christopher put his hand on Spencers shoulder.

C- is not bad. most people are less fortunate, and as for a career in the military you will just have to put in more work than the other kids. He said. His encouraging words left a mark in audiences hearts. Even if one wasn as gifted, it just meant that one has to try harder and get lucky. After all, it was not unheard of for someone of a lower rank to outperform others of a higher rank in the academies.

Even if one didn manage, everyone gathered here was innately at least at the peak of essence capacity l or ll, some of the higher households kids were even at soul-capacity lll. Putting even the lower ones into the 90th percentile.

The dejected Spencer then turned to look at his face, Christopher looked deeply into the childs eyes, where a small ember of determination could be be seen as it ignited. Spencer then went on and walked back to his family. Now with straight shoulders and a determined smile on his face.

The day continued and many more essence flows were evaluated. Most of the children starring the event were of ages between 6 and 10, the time at which most people awaken their essence flow.

…Rank E…

Rank D….

Rank E+…

Rank C…

Rank B-…

Rank E…

Rank D

Most of the children at the event received ranks between E and C while some of the more fortunate ones received B ranks.

Edwin attentively listened to Christopher as he moved through the early letters of the alphabet before finally arriving at E.

Edwin Starling, would you please move up to the stage. Christopher finally said.

It was finally his turn! With a mix of nervousness and excitement in his stomach he walked up to the stage. He already knew what he was supposed to do and cast his essence flow.

The flow was rather thin and straight, while cleanly moving from one direction to the other.

Christopher pondered as he looked at it; A very common shape… Very good flow and output… He then let out a hearty laugh and touched Edwins index which he had already had on hand.


Edwin Starling – Classless – Rank: none

Status: Healthy

Age: 7

Height: 129cm

Weight: 26kg

Potential Rank: A+

Optimal army post: Melee


..Potential rank: A+… Edwin muttered. He was surprised, shocked even. Flabbergasted! This is one of the best ranks possible he thought to himself. And so it was, only the S rank, which only the most prodigious nobles managed to get, was beyond this one!

Not to blow it out of proportion though, among the nobles the A rank was just as common as the B rank was among commoners.

He ran up to his parents and quickly hugged both of them. They currently were standing a bit outside of the crowd ready to receive him. They naturally were very happy for him. Hugging him, his father then said; Back then even I, the second greatest man in the empire only had the rank of B+. Which deliberately came out in more than a slightly narcissistic manner. Elene just chuckled and rolled her eyes at this narcissistic husband of hers.

Remembering something Edwin turned around while giving Allan their second high-five, before presenting his own smug smile with a; Just who is talented now? look.

He then turned to his parents again, giving a nod. The group of six returned to their street, before giving each other their parting words. Goodbye! Edwin yelled, which Allan quickly answered with a See you tomorrow.

The results were posted on a wooden billboard by the church on the next day.

Potential Rank A, two children.

Potential Rank B, thirteen children.

Potential Rank C, thirty-seven children.

Potential Rank D, twenty-nine children.

Potential Rank E, forty Children.

Unable to manipulate soul essence/Missing results, twelve children.

Confidential, seven children.

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