Essence flow assessment.

A few hours have passed since Christophers visit and it had turned dark outside even if the moon still shone. Edwins father, Steffen had just returned from work and both Edwin and Elene welcomed him with a warm hug.

The family of three was currently gathered around the kitchen table and on top of which lay the Index, a sewing needle, a tiny brush and small bottle of cleansing alcohol. Steffen, a rugged man of the hunters profession was carefully cleaning the needle.

Are you ready? Steffen asked a few seconds later.

Edwin eagerly nodded his head before laying his hand on the table. Steffen picked up the needle before taking his sons hand into his own and quickly poked a small hole into his sons skin. Edwin flinched from the prick but his fathers hand held firm.

A small red globule of blood appeared where the needle pierced his skin, Steffen quickly picked up the small brush and let the surface tension take the globule. Then he brushed across the center of the emerald-like crystal, leaving a small red stripe over the center of the gemstone.

The book soon started to emit a green glow and a green mist started to appear which soon spun itself into a small thread of the same colour. At the same time a faint white glow started appear around Edwins body. This glow quickly manifested itself into an aura and started to weave a small thread of its own.

Soon the two intertwined and started to become one. Many sensations burst into his mind as he became aware of his contacts and a small book inside his newly-owned spatial storage.

Whoa… Edwin quietly muttered. The two parents turned at each other and suppressed a quiet chuckle. Their child had just bound his first artifact, naturally that would be a strange the sensation.

So, any plans for now? Steffen asked. He was briefed on the visit but was curious about what his son would do for now. He would personally like for his son to just go to bed, he was tired from work and would like to still get some quality-time with his wife alone.

Im feeling sleepy. I would like to message Christopher and then go sleep. Edwin looking at both of his parents faces.

Sure, just make sure to clean your teeth. Elene said before giving him a hug which was quickly followed by Steffens. (A/N Yes, this universe has dental hygiene even in the pseudo-medieval era.)

Edwin did as instructed and quickly went to sleep.

The next day he woke up late and excitedly went down stairs in hopes of breakfast with both of his parents. His father was often out hunting both game and the occasional beast. Although it was quite lucrative it often forced him to stay out during the night with his crew.

The Starling familys house was a rather humble two-story house located in the outskirts of Rotherlint Village.

Rotherlint village was a peaceful and quiet place, located among the golden cornfields in the southern parts of the Osswell empire. It was just 13 kilometers north of Edenburg, making it quite a popular traveling stop for merchants.

When he arrived in the kitchen the first thing he saw were his parents already waiting at the kitchen table. The kitchen table was covered with a simple tablecloth and various kinds of fruits, bread and a few jars of northwestern queens jam that they had bought at his mothers insistence. Apparently it was quite popular right now and both Edwin and Steffen had nothing to complain about.

Quickly moving to his chair he sat down while joining his parents conversation.

Apparently his father at quite the adventure out in the wild and met a rank E and even a D+ beast while hunting with his companions.

Having finished both the story and breakfast he quickly pulled the Index out of his pocket. He opened the small book and went to page 7 where he would receive his messages

There he saw a message pop up on slightly yellow pages of the book, Come to the Church with your parents by 9:30. Looking at the ink-colored letters of the inbuilt clock at the bottom-right corner of the page he found that it already was 9:13.

Elene urged him to pack some lunch. He groaned at the idea of wasting time but quickly had an epiphany. He quickly went into the kitchen, pulled out his book and then touched a fresh loaf of bread and butter to one of the pages.

He felt the uncomfortable sensation of energy leaving his body. Luckily the weight of his lunch wasn high which meant that it had a minimal essence drain.

He rushed up to his parents before quickly putting on his shoes.

Alright, are you ready for the last part of this exam? Steffen asked while looking proudly at his son. Children sure grow up fast. He thought before turning to the door.

They soon arrived at the church where they spotted other families waiting for the exam. Almost all of the children were proudly donning their Magic Index. The Starling family quickly mixed into the crowd looking for their neighbors family.

They and the Farland family were good acquaintances. Their son, Allan often played with Edwin. They quickly found their neighbors family and the parents started chatting about life and the world while the two children were having their own discussions.

Soon the crisp voice of Christopher rang across the area. I believe I gave all of you sufficient information during our little conversations. He said before continuing. Its time to get to the last part of the examination.

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