Edwin Starling, correct, that is my name. Edwin the protagonist of our story replied, as he was being scrutinized by a middle-aged in uniform with a short beard on his face.

Edwin had turned 7 two months ago, and had just awakened his Essence flow, which in this world was a major step in growing up.

Yes, that is something I was made aware of, A middle-aged man that was assigned as his examiner, answered. Do you know why Im here? The man asked.

Yes, I have awoken my essence flow! Edwin exclaimed. The boy wasn stupid, since the man was in uniform and had the words examiner written on a tag attached to his uniform. He had to have come for the most exciting thing that had happened in his family as of recent!

They were currently standing in the front yard of the Starling familys property where the middle-aged man had approached Edwin. The starling family wasn rich by any means. However since they lived in the south-eastern region of the farm line, where most of the Oswell empires crops were grown they weren poor.

The man nodded and asked another question, Could you take me to your parents? I wish to see them.

Edwin nodded and quickly ran into his house, found his way into the kitchen where his mother was preparing lunch and excitedly shouted Mama, mama, a man just walked up to me and told me he was here for the exam!

The man outside the house smiled as he heard the excited yells of the kid. That was one the reasons why he chose to become an examiner, with this job he could stay far away from gruesome front-lines and could simply talk to and see happy families while fulfilling his duties.

As the man was thinking about his decisions, a young woman who seemed to be just around the right age to be Edwins mother was smiling at her child.

Just a second sweetie, I just have to prepare tea for our guest. She said as she put the kettle off the flame. Invite our guest to the lunch table and tell him that I will come in a minute.

Will do! Edwin exclaimed as he rushed back outside.

A few minutes later.

Three people were sitting around an oak table with a four cups of tea and a cup of milk at the center of the table.

My husband is currently out hunting, we can start doing and discussing some things before he returns. Elene, Edwins mother said while gesturing at an empty seat. He will probably return tomorrow.

Sure thing the man said as he sat down.

My name is Christopher, and Im here on behalf of the army. He continued, as he started pouring some milk into his tea.

My name is Elene and Edwin is my son. She said as she too, started pouring some milk into her tea.

e probably aware of the reason for my visit. The man said, and then continued.

Your son has recently Awakened his essence flow, making him eligible for the required early assessment examination by the army. Christopher said in a slightly more serious tone, leaving little space for discussion. Im here to do just that He continued while pulling an army badge out of his pocket

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