I opened my lunch box and sighed to myself in disgust.

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It was a bento box that contained karaage, and nothing but only karaage.
The bento box was packed full of red, white, and dark brown coloured ones … is it chili, salt, and soy sauce flavours, carefully chosen and divided into three colours.
But perhaps It’s only limited to the way it looks.

If anyone saw it, they would be inevitably retort to this disaster.
I honestly don’t know if I would be able to explain how I did this, nor do I have any confidence to say why I did this.
That’s why I came to this place where there was no one around.

The contents of the bento are unthinkable from the usual honourable existence called Hiyori-san, but when you would think that it from the perspective of Phila-san, strangely it falls in perfectly.
I gave out a small giggle thinking about it.
It’s a strange sensation that can be … troubling, but also funny.
I don’t feel bad.

“I don’t think anyone would be here right.”

“… I agree as well.”

“… !?”

When I was about to pick up my fried chicken, someone unexpectedly came to this emergency stairway.
Fortunately, they were on a different floor, so it was unlikely that they would see me.
I unknowingly held my breath, hiding the bento box containing the fried chicken and tried to sneak a peek at them from above showing the silhouette of my hair.
There were a pair of boy and girl there.

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“Can you answer me, now about that question I asked the other day?”

The boy was urging the girl to give some kind of answer.
Even I, who was not aware of the subtleties of this situation, could understand what was going on.
Apparently, it was an event that can be called as unfolding the first pages of adolescence.

―This is definitely not the kind of thing you can peek at.

I was about to leave immediately, but the troubled look on the girl’s face stopped me in my tracks.
That girl was Nanjo Rin.

“I’m sorry, I’m still …”

“I see.

It seems that after the proclamation of the result, he also became a part of the larger group of boys that got a similar result.
But for some reason, he doesn’t seem to be that shocked as someone after being dumped.
Well, his addressee he was talking to was none other than ‘that’ Rin Nanjo.
Maybe he didn’t expected much from the start.
Perhaps he did It as a light thought.
However, on the other hand, I felt as if Nanjo Rin was sad ― such complex impression, I somehow felt like understanding.

… What does that even mean?

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Leaving aside my puzzled self.
Nanjo Rin and that boy were creating an atmosphere that cannot be described.

Since there is no word being exchanged between 2 people anymore, the boy raises his one hand and tries to leave.


“Eh …?”

On from his back, Rin Nanjo called out to him.
Probably because it was kind of unexpected, a crazy voice leaks out from that boy’s mouth.

“I wonder what you found likeable about me, …?”

It was probably a puzzling question to that boy.

I must have also looked as puzzled as he did.

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“Well, you’re cute, you can do a various kind of things, and you’re very considerate,…, haha.”

“I see.
… Mmm, thanks.”

And then it became a follow-up question for that boy as if attacking the already wounded-fleeing enemy.
He told her what he feels about her the most, but Nanjo Rin’s face becomes more and more displeased and disappointed as he told so.

―There was nothing more to say.
The will of rejection now showed distinct in her eyes.

… That’s a tough one.

I shook my head, exhaled softly, and return my gaze watching those 2 people.
Being viewed by such an expression, the man found it no longer bearable as it was, while having a dark look on his face, proceeds to leave with a loud bang closing the metal emergency staircase door.

And now was left alone a Nanjo Rin who did not move from that spot for a while trying to withstand crying out loud.

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Nanjo Rin did not leave her place for some while after that, I watched her while keeping my breath in check.

This is voyeurism.
I know it’s something that should not be done.
But strangely, I can’t take off my eyes from her.

The figure standing fragilely on the spot with a melancholy expression was lovely.
And at the same time, had an inexplicable power in that very thing.
I was completely engulfed in her atmosphere and got sewn into that spot.

Now I can see why the boys around me make so much uproar about her.

And for some reason, I put Philia-san in her shoes and … suddenly came back to my senses.

What the heck is wrong with this imagination of mine.
It was when I began scratching the top of my head and started thinking about what do about it from now.

“Cute and witty, huh? If that’s all there is to it, then there are plenty of people on TV and in the magazines you see these days you know.

Suddenly, Nanjo Rin muttered something like that in a self-deprecating tone.
It’s as if the words became a blade and was commuting a wound onto her by herself.

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