Kaia The Princess Of Wales

Lamentation (Part-1)

Crunch thud

Crunch Crunch




The sound reverberated throughout the dense forest as her bleeding feet hit the ground.

Somewhere in the distance a birds wail can be heard portraying her hearts turmoil.

But the sound was drowned out in her ears.

The ache in her feet was ignored as she ran. She ran with desperation, to reach him before its too late.

In her desperation she failed to notice the stray root of the great oak sticking out and her foot caught in it making her fall with a yelp on her knees and arms scraping them in the process.

Throbbing pain.

Although she was familiar with pain, she could never get used to it. She ignored the pain as she pushed herself up and took off towards her destination.

Tears welled in her eyes as she chanted continuously in her head.

Be safe…

Be safe…

Please be safe…

She ran and ran and almost sighed in relief when her eyes caught sight of the clearing leading to the familiar wooden cabin where he stayed. But her relief was short lived.

As she got closer she could hear the clash of metal.

She had heard the sound too many times to dismiss it as a random noise made by a stray blacksmith.


They were the sound of swords clashing together.

Dread filled her stomach as she willed her throbbing feet to carry her faster.

And more dread filled her when she saw him fighting amidst soldiers.

Soldiers clad in deep blue.

The same blue as her eyes which she inherited from her mother. The same blue which her father dearly loved. The same blue representing his country.

The same blue she hated but he loved.

She was sure her father sent them to kill him. For, shell never distrust Alexandras words.

Her panic reduced a miniscule when she noticed his trusted friend aiding him. But, that relief was also short lived.

Her eyes widened and her breath hitched when she saw the same friend of his turn around and run a sword through his torso.

His eyes widened as he was caught off guard. His back was facing his friend as he trusted him with his life after all.

”Leortes! ”

A scream.

Her scream.

He turned around and saw her running towards him.

Her expression was a mixture of panic, horror, worry and guilt.

There was so much guilt that almost made him suffocate besides the burning pain searing through his lung.

”Dahlia ”

His voice was

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