Ch4 – Accepting New Sect Disciples — Pissing off that jerk Mo Ran

Su Mujin: “???”

What’s going on? 

“What do you think; do I look like Liu Yi?” Gu Feng had not yet disguised his voice when he asked.

Su Mujin: “.



Turns out it’s actually shixiong.
What mischief is he up to now?

“You look exactly like him, even his own mother wouldn’t be able to tell the difference,” Su Mujin assured him.
He didn’t even ask Gu Feng the reason why he was doing this, as he was well aware of the phrase ‘curiosity killed the cat.’ 

Gu Feng swept a glance over Su Mujin, noticing he had already reached the first level of the qi-refining period. No surprise there, ‘he’ was always adept at comprehending the principles of cultivation.


Gu Feng had used a face-changing pill to assume Liu Yi’s appearance, and stole a talisman for disguising his cultivation level, so it would appear identical to Liu Yi’s.
After confirming there was no flaw with his disguise, Gu Feng reached out and wrapped his arm around Su Mujin’s waist, lifting him up as he flew toward the sect entrance gate.
The past few days, Su Mujin had slowly begun to accept physical contact.

Just as they arrived at the entrance gate, they came face to face with Gu Yunxi .

How rotten, why did we have to run into her? With Liu Yi’s well known disposition, it wouldn’t make sense for him to arrive alongside Su Mujin.
Without much time to think, Gu Feng had only one solution.
He turned around and hauled Su Mujin up, appearing to want to teach him a lesson.


Su Mujin was really perceptive.
He immediately cowered, covering his head with his hands to pretend he was being bullied.

“Hold it, Liu shidi! Even if you’re angry, to go so far as to bully a child is too much!”

Gu Feng internally sneered, this woman, still pretending to be caring and innocent! If his past existence had caught sight of that person’s posturing, he would probably still feel a slight hint of familial affection.
Seeing such a farce now, he only wanted to vomit.


He held back the sneer to avoid exposing himself, and even pretended to lecherously leer at Gu Yunxi.
Liu Yi’s reputation was widely known, so Gu Feng can’t act out of character. 

“Shijie, this kid trespassed the sect gate, so shidi acted on his own to teach him a little lesson.”

“He didn’t trespass, he’s the boy I recently brought back.
Let go of him!”

“Shijie’s desire is this shidi’s command, no matter what.” Gu Feng’s expression became more and more sickening as he fawned over Gu Yunxi.

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“Our sect leader entrusted me to come look and see if there are any promising new candidates.” Gu Yunxi looked at Liu Yi with disgust, but still spoke in an even tone. 

“Shidi was just about to go measure applicants’ bone ages, how about we go together?” Gu Feng suddenly remembered that Mo Ran would be present during the test. I absolutely must not allow those two to meet. The trouble of keeping Gu Yunxi’s attention at his side was outweighed by the risk if he didn’t.

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Su Mujin glanced uncertainly at these two people.
Although his shixiong’s disguise was excellent, Su Mujin felt a little disgusted.
He had inquired about Gu Feng over the past few days. Aren’t the two of them blood siblings?

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Gu Feng spotted Mo Ran.
He was wearing an all-black outfit without any special identifying attributes, but his heroic bearing could not be concealed and made him stand out from the crowd.
Despite his youth, he had already begun to take on the imposing manner of a king.
Presumably, he had used a bone shrinking pill to disguise his true age.
His looks were without equal, with his perfect face seemingly carved out of marble.
Unconsciously, he exuded an oppressive air upon all those standing near him.
Even in the midst of this gigantic mass of people, he was entirely conspicuous.

Gu Feng felt his stomach drop.
Just one glance at Mo Ran, and those painful memories resurfaced.
His blood stopped pumping to his heart.
With a feeling of ‘here we go again’, he clenched his fists tightly.
It took nearly a lifetime’s worth of willpower to restrain his impulse to step forward and start a fight.


“Hey! Now that the time for testing has arrived, you should start.
Everyone is ready.
What are you waiting for?” — the disciples saw Gu Feng wasn’t moving, so pushed him forward.

“Oh, right.” 

Gu Feng’s mind finally returned to the moment.
There were three main tests: the first tested bone age, the second tested spiritual roots, and the third tested comprehension. A person’s age could not exceed 15 years old, their spirit roots must be no greater than three, and their comprehension must be of intermediate rank higher.

“Hmm, your bone age is too old, next.”

“A trifling four spirit roots, yet you dare to enter Taixu Sect, beat it!”

“Your comprehension falls far short, be off with you.” 

“Ah, not too bad, go in and wait.”

After most of the applicants had been eliminated, Mo Ran finally made his move.
He loved to be the final one on stage. There’s a phrase that describes someone who lives for the feeling of being so conspicuous — a pretentious prick.

Gu Feng sneered internally and allowed that jerk to show off a little, anticipating the moment when he would be thoroughly discredited.
Gu Feng could hardly wait to see Mo Ran’s splendid expression.

Mo Ran came forward, with everyone’s attention focused on him.
Gu Yunxi’s gaze collided with his, and for a moment the spark of attraction flew between them. 

Alarm bells sounded in Gu Feng’s mind. I absolutely can not allow Gu Yunxi to interfere. Without batting an eyelid, he moved his body to obstruct the two people’s line of sight, while at the same time he gave Su Mujin a panicked wink.
He was unsure, however, whether Su Mujin was able to understand his intention.

Remaining silent and observing his surroundings, Su Mujin caught the signal.
He had a complex expression and glanced back at Gu Feng a few times.

But then he revealed a clever smile, turned to Gu Yunxi and innocently asked: “Gu shijie, thank you for bringing me into the sect.
You’re a really good person.
However, I’m still unfamiliar with the sect.
Gu shijie, could you explain some things to me?”

Su Mujin radiated an air of complete naivete.
Gu Yunxi looked down at this adorable kid and patted his head.
She gave no further note to Mo Ran, and launched into a lecture on the sect. 

He understood! He unexpectedly understood! Gu Feng was simply shocked. What a good kid. He was even more convinced that he had made the right decision to shelter Su Mujin.

Mo Ran walked up to them, giving Gu Feng a meaningful look.
Wearing Liu Yi’s shell, Gu Feng returned the look, and Mo Ran revealed a self-satisfied smile.

“Hey, your bone age is 16, you’re disqualified! I say, how many scoundrels don’t hope that they’ll get by with a stroke of luck, but this here gongzi appears to be a dignified chap, and yet he still pulls such a stunt?”

Gu Feng’s volume was at maximum, causing many in the crowd to look over, and point mockingly at Mo Ran. 

Mo Ran stood dumbfounded.
He looked at Gu Feng in disbelief.
Gu Feng didn’t bat an eyelid and looked back at him calmly.
However, Mo Ran was not your average guy.
He was only dazed for an instant before he recovered and departed, showing an unperturbed smile.
But before walking off he still managed to shoot a menacing look at Gu Feng.

Gu Feng was completely unafraid.
In any case, he was wearing the appearance of Liu Yi.
If Mo Ran really dealt with that scum Liu Yi, it could be considered ridding the world of a scourge.
Looking at Gu Yunxi, who was completely unaware of the situation and answering Su Mujin’s questions, Gu Feng silently praised Su Mujin’s adaptability.
At the same time, Gu Feng flashed Su Mujin a look of approval.


Receiving this glance, Su Mujin relaxed.
Fortunately, it seemed that his intuition was accurate.
Though he was puzzled as to what his counterpart was up to, he was delighted to discover he could actually be of assistance.

After the induction ended, Gu Feng and Su Mujin headed outside to find a safe place to remove Liu Yi, who had already sobered up in the last few days, from the storage ring. 

Returning to the small courtyard, they had a bite to eat.
Following their meal, Gu Feng called Su Mujin into his room.
The preliminary issue of Mo Ran had been resolved.
In recent years the cultivation world had been stable and uneventful.
Now was an ideal time to find ways to increase their cultivation level.

“Continuing to stay here is useless, you should go and pack your things .
.” After those words, Gu Feng stopped speaking upon noticing Su Mujin’s crestfallen expression, what was that about?

“I understand, I’ll pack my things, then depart at once.
Thank you for taking care of me for all this time.” Su Mujin forced himself to smile while speaking, but his face was even more unsightly than if he had been crying.

Gu Feng: “.

What is it that you understand?

“You think I brought you back only for the purpose of today’s arrangement, and now that the goal has been achieved I intend to throw you out?” Gu Feng asked incredulously, but his face looked completely calm.

Su Mujin didn’t speak, but just gazed at Gu Feng calmly.
These past few days he had been on edge.
He believed that he didn’t have any real worth to make Gu Feng treat him with such consideration.
He had only assisted with the Liu Yi plan by distracting Gu Yunxi for a while.
Though Gu Feng had invited him to stay the other day, Su Mujin naturally believed those words had been a joke.
Deep within his heart, he subconsciously believed the time would come when Gu Feng would reveal his cards and finally tell Su Mujin to leave.
He just never thought that moment would arrive so soon.

Gu Feng couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry; this was definitely ‘his’ thought process. 

“You should have heard about my situation?” Gu Feng still resolved to repair this kid’s heart.

Su Mujin nodded his head.
After Gu Feng took him in, he had made some inquiries about Gu Feng so Su Mujin was now familiar with his counterpart’s circumstances.

in that case you should be aware of my aptitude for cultivation.
At this level of strength, it’s really dangerous for me to leave the sect.
But you’re different.
I secretly measured and found you have wind and fire dual spiritual roots.
Additionally, your perception is top notch.
I’ll teach you everything you need to know to cultivate.
All I ask is that you protect me in exchange.
How about it?”

Su Mujin quietly sized up his counterpart, looking him up and down several times.
He had become savvy during his years in town — he was extremely adept at carefully weighing a person’s words and closely watching their expression.
Gu Feng did not show a single bit of falsity.
It appeared that he planned to do exactly as he said. 

Comprehending this truth, Su Mujin felt a wave of surprise pleasantly wash over him.
He no longer had to go it alone, living a floating life with nobody to depend on.
Though long belated, at thirteen years old he finally had some stability.

“So? Are you willing? Or do I need to find another .
.” Gu Feng purposely let his words trail off.
He didn’t know why but each time he saw Su Mujin’s blank face, he felt like teasing him a little.
Gu Feng briefly repented in silence, but then firmly decided against feeling guilty.

“I-I’m extremely honored!” Su Mujin quickly replied, stuttering.

“Oh right, there is bad blood between Gu Yunxi and me.
If I come into conflict with her in the future, which of us will you help?” Gu Feng had a righteous expression, looking as serious as he could manage.
This matter was incredibly important. 

The question of whose side to stand with, should things come to a life or death struggle, made Su Mujin break out in a cold sweat .

“Gu shijie brought me back, and did me a great kindness, which I want to repay as quickly as possible.
But, regardless of when a conflict occurs, I will definitely stand by your side.” Su Mujin didn’t bother with melodrama but instead calmly promised, letting his eyes convey his earnest feelings.


The corners of Gu Feng’s mouth twitched. Very good.
I didn’t misrepresent the situation, and yet Su Mujin answered exactly as expected .

“Wait! Why did you tell me to pack up my things just a moment ago?” Su Mujin was perplexed. 

“Because you interrupted, I forgot to finish.
Tomorrow I’ll take you to a hidden terrain, where we’ll stay for a while.”

Su Mujin’s wind and fire dual spiritual roots were only middle grade, but he possessed Phoenix Blood which raised his innate potential to first class.
Compared with Gu Yunxi and Mo Ran, however, there was still a big gap in power.

Gu Feng knew that in the vicinity of the sect there was a hidden terrain with a lingyao that could purify spiritual roots — he had accidentally discovered it in his previous incarnation.
If Su Mujin used the lingyao, it would radically improve his cultivation potential.
It was precisely Gu Feng’s plan to take Su Mujin to that secret location this time.

Bright and early the next morning, Gu Feng took Su Mujin out.
But rather than head directly to the hidden terrain, they went to the market instead. 

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