you want to come with us?” Seeing that everyone had pretty much finished eating, Gu Feng invited them along.

“We had the same plan.
Let’s go together!” Ye Mochen and Hua Yan nodded. 

Chu Feng’s expression was still foul, but he eventually nodded.
Feng Hu was nowhere to be seen.

“Chu xiong, how did you get back last night? Where’s Feng Hu?” Gu Feng was in a mood for gossip.
He had heard the commotion last night, but seeing the other’s bad mood he was a bit hesitant to inquire.
Still, curiosity got the better of him.

Su Mujin looked over at Chu Feng with great interest, obviously wanting to know as well.

His sore spot had been poked, and Chu Feng exploded with anger, saying, “Last night I accidentally thought Feng Hu was a woman, so I kissed him and he punched me in the face.
Are you happy? Are you satisfied?” 

“Ahem, Chu xiong, don’t be angry.
Gege was just asking.
We still have to hurry over to the auction.” Su Mujin saw Gu Feng trying to stifle his laughter, and had no choice but to try to smooth things over.

Although the Hundred Flowers Festival was still a month away, plenty of cultivators had arrived in advance.
The streets were bustling, and not only had crowds of people headed to the markets, many cultivators had themselves set up stalls to do business.

“Hey, why are there so many people over there?” They were surprised to see a throng of people had gathered not far away, nearly blocking off the street entrance and making it difficult to see what was going on.

“Gu xiong, don’t you know what the main objective of the Hundred Flowers Festival is?” Chu Feng suddenly beamed with delight.
Combined with his bruised face, it was a tragic sight. 

“The cultivation world’s competition to be number one!” Gu Feng unhesitatingly answered.

“Not so! The festival’s most important purpose is for matchmaking! The competition is just to determine who is most worthy of resources.
All the businesses on this street belong to the Hundred Flowers Sect, and when the festival starts, the majority of their cultivators will gather here.
Ahem, you ought to understand the reason, follow me.” While he spoke, Chu Feng took out a pill and swallowed it.
His facial injuries healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.
He dusted himself off and donned a smile.
Having put himself in order, he walked off to join the crowd.

Gu Feng and Su Mujin were nonplussed.

“Gege, do you understand?” Su Mujin asked in bewilderment. 

As for Gu Feng, he actually didn’t understand, but in front of his beloved he couldn’t lose face! With a gentle smile he said, “Perhaps it’s that during the Hundred Flowers Festival, because of the increase in people, there’s also an increase in business.”

“So that’s how it is!” Su Mujin suddenly realized.


“Cough, let’s go see what’s up.
There are so many people, there ought to be something good.” Gu Feng was a bit awkward and coughed in order to shift the topic.



“Sigh, the quality of male cultivators this time is disappointing.
If their cultivation is okay, they’re ugly, and if they look good, their abilities aren’t up to par.
If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have come.” Zhu Lan was just your average disciple from Hundred Flowers Palace, and possessed both good looks and charm.
She had come to see if she could scout out any male cultivators to have a go with.

“That’s right.
Why would any of the famous ones come to this location? The senior sisters are keeping a close eye, so let’s head back, shijie.” Hong Yan chimed in with her own complaint.
After waiting ages for a reply, she was somewhat puzzled, and called out, “Shijie?”

“Hong Yan, don’t leave yet.
Look over there!” Zhu Lan eagerly urged. 

Hong Yan looked.
There was indeed a gorgeous man.
His skin was the color of wheat and his facial features were distinctly carved.
He looked wild and unrestrained and completely masculine.
His aura was manly and his cultivation was probably not low.

But the two of them had heard about this person.
He was unlikely to stir up her shijie’s emotions so vividly, so she asked in bewilderment, “ Shijie, that man isn’t bad, but I heard that he has a vicious spiritual pet.
If you get too close, you’ll be injured.
It’s not worth the risk of disfigurement.”

“Oy, who said it was him? Look behind him at those other two.
They’re actually top quality goods.” Zhu Lan’s eyes were fixed on a pair of men, and it took her a long time to reply to Hong Yan’s question.

Hong Yan squeezed forward, looked in the direction that Zhu Lan pointed, and was stunned. 

She saw two men, walking shoulder to shoulder head toward them.
One dressed in black and the other in white, looking exceedingly harmonious.

The black clad man was extremely beautiful but not effeminate.
His skin was fair and he had a pair of eyes that were extremely bewitching, with a red mole beneath the right eye.
His looks were seductive and combined with his pure and clean gaze, the result was striking.

But compared to him, his companion in white made the women’s hearts race even faster.
Although the two men’s looks were evenly matched, the man in black was just too beautiful and if a woman were to stand beside him, she would feel ashamed that her appearance wasn’t up to snuff.

The man in white was extremely handsome, with skin like white jade, and perfect facial features.
Even though he was currently expressionless, the women still felt their hearts race.
If he had even the slightest hint of a smile, perhaps no woman would be able to escape his charm. 

Peonies, magnolias, lotuses, lilies .
various fresh flowers rained down on those below, but even more numerous were the embroidered handkerchiefs belonging to various young ladies of good repute.
The sky was filled with flowers and handkerchiefs thrown at both Su Mujin and Gu Feng, and they were assaulted by the overwhelming fragrance.

This chapter was co-translated with Fedentler

I have to say, seeing Chu Feng finally experiencing the consequences of his previous actions is a bit delicious.

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