Ch25 – A casual backstabbing from a friend — the important question of who’s the shou and who’s the gong

“W-why?” Hua Yan looked like she was about to cry, but Wu Ying turned his head and no longer looked her way.

Unable to bear it any longer, she stood up and ran away in tears.
To keep up the pretense of being her partner, Ye Mochen rushed out to console her. 

I can’t hold it in.
I’m going to die of laughter.” As soon as Hua Yan left the banquet hall, she broke out in uncontrollable laughter to the point where she could barely catch her breath.

“It’s great that Gu xiong’s suggestion actually worked.
Shijie, how have you been holding up?” Ye Mochen softly gazed at Hua Yan.



“Cough, I’m fine, I’m fine.
Thanks for the help this time, Mochen. Cough, cough .
.” Hua Yan’s joy turned to pain as her fit of laughter caused her side to cramp, and turned into a fit of coughing.

“Don’t be polite.
Whatever concerns you concerns me.
I’m willing to do anything for you.” Ye Mochen blushed a little and his voice grew smaller and smaller until his last sentence was inaudible to human ears. 



“She ran away.
Pavilion Master, shouldn’t you go talk to her?” Chu Feng had been fidgety and irritable the past couple days and was desperate for something to divert his attention.
After all the excitement just now, how could he resist butting in?

Wu Ying’s smile was still perfect, and didn’t change in the slightest.
He politely replied, “Please don’t joke.
My relationship with Miss Hua Yan is innocent, and she has a lover to comfort her.
No need for anyone else to get in the way.”

Chu Feng was speechless.
He had never seen a man so shameless that even he himself was outshone.


“Gu xiong, why don’t you introduce me to your companion?” Wu Ying grew bigger as he inquired with genuine interest.

Gu Feng’s heart thumped. This Wu Ying is really suspect. His vigilance raised, he was about to spout some nonsense when the ever helpful Chu Feng once again betrayed him.

“The two of them are a couple.
Isn’t it surprising? I was shocked when I found out, and couldn’t understand it.
Girls are so nice, don’t you agree, Pavilion Master?” Chu Feng babbled at Wu Ying, thinking that the two of them would have the same attitude about these things.


Gu Feng silently despaired. Why was there always this backstabber hanging around? 

“Actually, I think they have a lot of affection for each other, and am a bit envious.” Wu Ying’s facial expression and tone of voice were totally normal, and it really seemed as though he was just expressing his opinion.

Chu Feng was at a loss for words.
He had originally thought he’d found a soulmate at long last.
Who would have imagined that the other party would immediately betray him.
Once again his thoughts returned to Feng Hu, who continued to ignore him.
Chu Feng’s mood hit rock bottom and he dejectedly began to drink.

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“Many thanks to the Pavilion Master for your hospitality.
We’re a little tired, and will take our leave to go rest.
The two of you can take your time and keep chatting.” Gu Feng mused that that man’s unique mentality was really impenetrable by logic.
Not only was Wu Ying interested in married women, but even married men were not safe from him either.
He made an impromptu decision to leave immediately with Su Mujin.
As for Chu Feng, it was better to leave him here and let nature run its course.

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Cr rbbc jr atfs ifoa, Ve Zeplc jrxfv, “Xfuf, jgf sbe jcugs?”

Gu Feng looked at Su Mujin. Yep, he truly is as pretty as a flower. He extended a hand to pinch his companion’s face, and said with a smile, “Originally I was angry, but one look at you and my anger vanished.”

“Xfuf, P’w jogjlv atja atja ues tjr rbwf ecabkjgv atbeutar jybea sbe.” Cr rbbc jr tf atbeuta jybea atlr qbrrlylilas, Ve Zeplc’r fzqgfrrlbc aegcfv vjgx jcv mibevs.
Coafg j wbwfca, tf ugfk reccs jujlc jcv mbcalcefv, “Xfuf, vbc’a kbggs.
P mjc qgbafma sbe.
Po tf vjgfr ab ags jcsatlcu, P’ii wjxf regf ab ulnf tlw ktja obg.”

Gu Feng was silently bemused. Little scoundrel, you stole my line. 

Gu Feng’s expression was conflicted as he tentatively asked Su Mujin, “Do you think that Wu Ying’s next target is me?” Gu Feng had already explained Wu Ying’s modus operandi to Su Mujin, so he would be aware.

But fear not, Gege.
I won’t let him succeed.” Su Mujin maintained eye contact with Gu Feng as he solemnly vowed.


“But what if his next target is you?” Gu Feng had sudden, unsettling suspicion.

Gege, you said he only captures married women.
Even if he switches to capturing men, his next target should definitely be Gege.” Su Mujin spoke with the utmost confidence. 

Cough, cough, cough .
Gu Feng suddenly broke into a fit of coughs, and nearly lost his balance from their severity.
The sheer volume of information contained in his companion’s words was staggering.

Thinking back, Su Mujin always took the initiative, and the past few days he had been caught unprepared and seemed a bit passive. In that case, does he think that I’m actually .
his wife? Coming to this realization, Gu Feng paled for a moment.

Su Mujin was still pondering over the issue of Wu Ying when he found himself pressed up against the wall.
With his partner’s overwhelming strength, Su Mujin’s head would have hit the wall if Gu Feng hadn’t used his hand to cushion the blow.
Even so, stars still swam before his eyes.

Before he could react, his chin was grasped and the other person’s lips ferociously crashed against his.
Unlike their first kiss, which had been gentle and soft, this time Gu Feng’s kiss was stormy and passionate. 

When Gu Feng heard Su Mujin’s opinion just a moment ago, he was frightened. Can I really let this continue? He felt that he must secure his position as the husband as quickly as possible and so took action.

Su Mujin was initially caught by surprise but quickly responded.
He was not satisfied with his performance last time.
He obviously should be the one in control, but what was this position he was in?

Using both hands, he tried to throw off the hold that Gu Feng had on him.
The two of them had about the same cultivation, but Su Mujin had missed the opportunity to gain the dominant position, and was unsuccessful.

Finally successful at subduing his opponent, Gu Feng relaxed.
He allowed himself to slowly sample his prey.
Needless to say, Su Mujin’s current appearance aroused him even more and made his heart race. 

Su Mujin’s original intention to awaken the other’s desire for conquest was thusly accomplished, but not in the way he had expected.

Lips and tongues intertwined, and a tingly sensation began to course through his body and accumulate in his brain.
Su Mujin grew woozy and once more lost the chance to take action.
After that, it was definitely because his brain lacked enough oxygen that he failed to put up any resistance.

Their lips parted after a long while and the two of them were breathing heavily.
They gazed into each other’s eyes and saw the flames of desire.

“Now do you still think you’re the husband?” Gu Feng seized the opportunity to ask this key question. 

.” Su Mujin was still dizzy, and subconsciously finished the sentence without actually speaking before suddenly realizing, and quickly continuing to say, “you sneak attacked me.
It doesn’t count.”

Gu Feng thought to himself, what a pity.
I didn’t expect him to have such a quick reply. He cleared his throat and said, “We can discuss it later.” It seems as though he must earnestly practice how to gain an upper hand.

“Yeah, we can talk about it later.” He must prepare so as not to be caught off guard next time and be so passive.

The pair of them, each with their sinister thoughts, looked at each other and smiled.
The atmosphere was strangely harmonious. 

“Cough, if you two are finished.” Ye Mochen had come up behind the two of them and had been observing the whole time.
Afterall, that body had been his, and the present situation made him want to stab his eyes out.

“We’re done.
Where’s Hua Yan?” Gu Feng was slightly put out by being caught in the act, but recovered after a second.
Su Mujin likewise appeared calm and collected.


Too shameless! Ye Mochen was simply astounded by the two of them.
He had felt ill at ease for a long time, but those two appeared not to have a care in the world.

“She’s waiting for us out front.
What about Chu Feng?” 

“He’s drinking to his heart’s content.
Let’s leave first, no need to bother him.” Gu Fen really didn’t want to hear that name right now.
He wanted to be far from that fair weather friend.

Hardly had he finished speaking when Feng Hu, sitting in Ye Mochen’s arms, opened his eyes.
He moved his little snout, but didn’t say a word.

“Do you want to send him a voice transmission?” Ye Mochen still thought that abandoning Chu Feng here wasn’t very kind.

“No need.
He and Wu Ying have a lot to chat about.
After we leave, we can send him a transmission to inform him, and that should suffice.” They can entertain themselves to death without involving poor little me. Chu Feng was more useful remaining here to help them distract Wu Ying. 


Wu Ying silently watched Chu Feng pour cup after cup of alcohol down his throat, but his cultured upbringing wouldn’t allow him to shoo away a guest. Why couldn’t he have a little more awareness?

“Chu xiong, it’s getting late .
.” Wu Ying was interrupted before he could finish his sentence.

“Cultivators .
who is concerned with what hour it is? Let me tell you, that Feng Hu doesn’t know how to repay kindness.
After he came, I’m not allowed to be close to women, but now he’s left, and I’m glad.
It’d be great if–” He broke into sobs and then continued, “let’s keep drinking.” Chu Feng was already a drunken mess. 

Wu Ying’s smile turned stiff.
He still managed to maintain his cordiality and lifted a cup to toast.

A man dressed in black arrived and whispered a few words in Wu Ying’s ear.
Hearing them, Wu Ying’s eyebrows raised. That couple is very interesting.
In any case, I’ll see them again in a few days, so let them leave!

“Chu xiong, your companions have all left.
Do you still want to keep drinking?” The implication is that you should leave.

“They can do as they please.
I won’t go.
I still want to drink.
Let’s continue .

“Come!” The veins on Wu Ying’s forehead bulged as he finally lost his composure and called for his subordinate.

“What do you require?”

“Throw him out.” Wu Ying’s external tone of voice finally matched his internal thoughts.
Chu Feng had thoroughly used up his patience.

“As you command.” Receiving the order, the black clad man was prepared to toss Chu Feng out, but froze when he saw the following scene unfold. 

“No need to trouble yourself.
I’ll take him away.” Feng Hu once again had transformed into that first class beauty with a head of long silvery hair, and eyes that glittered like gemstones.

“When did you arrive? Did you actually change form just to take him away? That’s not like you.
Don’t tell me you truly regard him as your new master?” Wu Ying asked, his face full of curiosity.
From his words it was clear that Feng Hu was an old acquaintance.


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