o come out again.

Gu Feng’s mind was filled with resentment as he stared at that closed door.
For the half month since the Lantern Festival, this person kept hiding from him. Does he like me or not?

“Chu xiong, what did he say?” Gu Feng’s expression was ghastly. 

“Gu xiong, has the other party not already been persuaded? Listen to me, during this time you need to put more effort into coaxing.
You need to use double the sincerity to move him.
Take the initiative and hold the beauty in your embrace!” Chu Feng looked completely sincere as he offered his advice.

“He always hides from me.
How can I take the initiative?” Gu Feng was willing to listen.

“Now is the time for an opportune encounter.
This evening you can quietly enter his room, hold him in your arms, and it should be no problem to coax him.”

“Is that really possible?” Gu Feng looked incredulous. 

“Don’t worry.
Trust me.” Chu Feng vowed solemnly.

Gu Feng did not look at all convinced.
But this proposal really did move him.
Ever since last time, he was unable to spend time alone with Su Mujin, and it was almost more than he could bear.
Acknowledging this point, he nodded his head.

After arranging things with Gu Feng, Chu Feng went over to Su Mujin’s room, playing his part as a double agent completely and thoroughly.

“Is Gege .
angry?” Su Mujin asked with concern. 

“Don’t worry.
Not only is he not angry, he’s even more obsessed with you.
I’ll bet he’s so impatient that tonight he’ll come find you.” Chu Feng announced with confidence.

“Really?” Su Mujin was a bit flummoxed.


“Rest easy.
Remember what I taught you.
If you keep him at bay now and let his desire consume him by playing hard to get, he’ll be more attentive when you finally meet up.
If you want to forever hold onto Gu xiong’s heart, you must pay careful attention to your behavior today.” Hardly had Chu Feng’s words been spoken when Feng Hu’s tail slapped him in the face a few times.
He awkwardly held the fox as he retreated.

After Chu Feng left, Su Mujin sat lost in his thoughts, nervously awaiting.
Last time Gu Feng kissed him, he was unprepared and ran away because he was so embarrassed. 

But after slipping away, he immediately regretted it.
On the one hand he thought that Gege really liked him, but on the other hand he thought maybe it really was just reciprocation for the earlier kiss.

Later, Chu Feng had found him and given him an idea to conduct an experiment, of which the results seemed to be okay? Would Gege really come meet him tonight?

The clock struck midnight.

Knock knock knock.
Gu Feng hesitated in front of Su Mujin’s door for a long time, thinking that it was not proper to just enter silently.
After considering it, he finally knocked on the door. 

“Who is it?” Su Mujin’s voice trembled.

“Xiao Jin, it’s me.” Gu Feng felt a bit agitated.

“What do you need?” I must remain reserved.
Stay reserved.

“My bed is broken, and the inn has no more rooms.
Can I squeeze in with you?” Gu Feng didn’t lie.
His bed really was broken, and he’d gone and made sure the rest of the beds were also unusable, after compensating the inn, of course. 

With a creak, the door opened.
Su Mujin appeared cool as a cucumber.
After opening the door, he turned and went back into the room.

Gu Feng followed him in.
After closing the door, the room was frightfully quiet, and an ambiguous atmosphere began to arise.

Now what should he do? Gu Feng racked his brains to think of something, but couldn’t manage it.
Should he have a go and make use of Chu Feng’s method?

His hand lightly encircled his partner’s waist, and his lips approached the other’s ear, “Have I done something wrong? Just say the word and I’ll change.” According to Chu Feng, no matter the problem, admitting one’s mistakes was always the way forward. 

“Gege, can you first .
let go of me?”

Chu Feng had said that if the other party embraced you and admitted their mistake, then you definitely could not give them an immediate answer.
First, you must refuse their intimate touch.
This was essential to allow the other party to feel that it wasn’t easy to placate you, and would stir up a man’s desire for conquest.

Gu Feng’s eyes narrowed. Strange, very strange. He followed his partner’s request and let go of him, then moved around to face Su Mujin head on, saying, “Are you willing to tell me now?”

“Gege has done nothing wrong.
I just needed to take some time to think.
The Peach Blossom Orchard was an obstacle set up to confuse the heart.
Gege need not take my feelings to heart and do something you are unwilling to do.
I release you from such an obligation, all right?” Su Mujin braced himself and hoped his words were aloof enough to work. 

Gu Feng was speechless. How could I be unwilling? Are you playing with me?

“All right.
I understand.” Gu Feng looked as though he had really accepted Su Mujin’s proposal, and nodded his head.


With these words, does Gege mean he really doesn’t like me? Su Mujin trembled and almost couldn’t remain standing.
Putting on a false cheer, he said, “Gege, you can stay here and rest.
I’ll .
go out and practice.”

Within Gu Feng’s eyes flashed a secret sharpness. He really is up to another trick.
Look at this little liar.
If I really let him leave the room, he’ll run off and find a place to cry for a whole day.
Since he’s so fond of acting like a baby, what’s to be done with him? 

“Wait a second.
Come over here.” Gu Feng pulled out a chair and sat down, beckoning Su Mujin over.

“Gege, you really don’t have to force yourself.
I don’t mind.” Su Mujin was naturally unwilling to give up, but it didn’t stop him from wanting to find somewhere to go and have a good cry.

“Okay, I won’t force it.
I’m willing to kiss you freely.
How about it?” Gu Feng stretched out his arms and drew the other party in close to his chest.
It was truly unexpected how he used such a stereotypical tone to say such sleazy words.

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