Ch22 – Lantern Festival Evening — Seeing this title, everyone should understand

Note from Translator: The lantern festival is popular with couples.
The title refers to the fact that they’re going on a date.

Xu Li was pissed off.
Why didn’t these people pay attention to deadlines? Couldn’t they see that she was already dead tired? 

“If you still want to sign up, you’d better hurry.
There are only fifteen minutes left before the deadline.” Xu Li informed them with a bit of impatience.

“Pardon us, write down Gu Feng and Su Mujin for the competition.”



Xu Li raised her head in shock, her eyes open wide as she stammered: “Y-y-you aren’t dead?”

When the realm of spiritual ruins had closed, Gu Feng and Su Mujin failed to appear, and everyone assumed they had already perished.
News of who hadn’t survived the ruins was dramatic enough that it had spread wide and far so most people had heard about it. 

“We’ve been practicing for more than half a year in retreat.
Who was it that announced our premature deaths?” Gu Feng’s tone was grumpy, but who would be in a good mood after being told they were supposed to be dead?


“Oh, so that’s what happened.” Xu Li was still a bit caught up in her disbelief.

Are we registered yet?” Gu Feng was getting irritated.
He only had patience for those he cared about.

The two of them had actually attained the rank of nascent soul a year ago.
But considering that it would not be easy to win first place at the festival, Gu Feng took Su Mujin to a few hidden realms he remembered from his previous life to temper their cultivation.
Now, he and Su Mujin were at the peak of the late stage of nascent soul.


He had decided.
This time the Fengming Qin would be his.

“Glad to see you’re still alive.
But as I’ve been saying all along, that last hall wasn’t dangerous at all.
How could anything have happened to you there?” Upon their return to Taixu Sect, the first person to greet them was Ye Mochen.
After all, he and Gu Feng had a bond forged through three hundred years of shared misery.
That brotherhood was too strong to be shaken by rumor.

“Did anything happen while we were away?” Gu Feng felt the warmth of their friendship.


“Nothing special.
Just the same old quarrel between you-know-who and Mo Ran has gotten a bit uglier.
Die Wu is pregnant with Mo Ran’s child, and she-who-shall-not-be-named is totally embarrassed.” Ye Mochen’s delight showed in his words.
Ever since Gu Yunxi suffered the humiliation of defeat, he couldn’t have been happier. 

“Those two are still dao companions?” Gu Feng was startled.
In his previous life, Mo Ran and Die Wu had not progressed so quickly.
It seemed that because Mo Ran was unable to enter Taixu Sect, the ripple effect had altered many events.

“If Mo Ran can seize the top position at the Hundred Flowers Festival, they agreed to stay together.
Oh, speaking of the festival, when do you plan to head over?”

“In a few days.” Before the festival, there would be various gatherings, and the majority of people would arrive early to attend them.
Leaving now would make them arrive just in time.

“Sounds good to me.
Chu Feng’s group also plans to set off in the next couple days.
We should travel together.” The gloomy aura on Ye Mochen’s body had lightened up and it looked like he had been doing quite well recently. 

“Xiao Jin, what do you think?” Gu Feng preferred to go as a group, as it was safer to travel in numbers.

“I’ll go along with whatever Gege decides..” Su Mujin winked, his face full of adoration and flattery.

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“Gu xiong, prepare to leave tomorrow morning.
We’ll meet at the sect gate.” Not long after Ye Mochen had departed, he transmitted this message.


Gu Feng answered concisely, “Ok.”

Bright and early the next morning, Gu Feng and Su Mujin arrived at the sect gate. 

“It’s been a while, Gu xiong.
Glad to see you looking well.” Chu Feng greeted him with emotion while he still held Feng Hu in his arms.

“Many thanks for your concern, Chu xiong.
Are you traveling by your lonesome today?” Gu Feng found it a bit odd that the ever romantic Chu Feng didn’t have a female companion to accompany him.
It was truly strange.

Cough “Isn’t there a big competition to prepare for? I’ve been practicing diligently and don’t have time for such things.” Chu Feng’s smile grew stiff as he reassuringly patted the fox in his arms.

“Ohhhh .
.” Gu Feng directed a meaningful look at the fox that Chu Feng held in his hand.
It seemed as though he’d had a difficult time recently. 

Besides Chu Feng, Hua Yan and Ye Mochen had also arrived.
Gu Feng gave them a nod in greeting.

After discussing, the group decided not to ride a flying vessel but to travel under their own power.
In this way, they could gain real world experience and practice frugality.


“There’s a city ahead.
Let’s take a rest there tonight.” Hua Yan suddenly spoke.
The group had already roughed it for a few days.
The men were still okay, but a woman like herself eventually came to feel it was a little inconvenient. 

“Okay.” Gu Feng and Su Mujin spoke at the same time.
That city was the place where they had grown up.

The city was bustling with excitement.
Gu Feng looked all around and saw that many things had changed.
He could recognize almost nothing of the original appearance.

“Do you want to go have a look around?” Gu Feng suddenly transmitted the question to Su Mujin.

“Huh?” Su Mujin was lost in thought, and didn’t process Gu Feng’s abrupt question at first. 

“I’m going with Xiao Jin to take care of some business.
We’ll head off to find an inn for the night, and come find you all later.” Gu Feng grabbed Su Mujin’s hand and pulled him along.

Bewildered, Su Mujin was dragged to a place he was all too familiar with.
It was .
his adoptive parent’s home. But how did Gege know? 

“I know all about your troubles.” As if reading Su Mujin’s mind, Gu Feng calmly stated.

“Gege, I’m .
.” incredibly happy.
Su Mujin assumed that because Gu Feng cared about him, he had investigated his background. 

“Want to go in and see? We can make ourselves invisible and no one will discover us.” Gu Feng reached out his hand and tousled Su Mujin’s hair.

“Yeah.” Thank you.



“Wife, the grandson is crying again.
Be quick and look after him.” A burly man was cutting wood for the fire while he called out to the woman preparing a meal. 

“On it.” The woman hurriedly ran over and picked up the infant, and patiently coaxed him until he was happy and giggling again.

“It seems as though they’re doing quite well.
I can feel at ease.” Su Mujin smiled, with a hint of tears in his eyes.

Gu Feng actually wasn’t any better off than Su Mujin.
Some things can’t be forced, afterall.
Neither he nor Su Mujin were fated to have parental love, but in this life the two of them had each other.

“This is the Flower of Long Life, which can extend longevity by twenty years.” Gu Feng threw a handful of flowers into the pot that the woman had been tending.
It should suffice as compensation for the thirteen years of life they had given him. 

“Gege, sometimes I feel that you understand me better than I understand myself.” How can I help but fall in love with you?

“Hm, I certainly understand you.
Let’s move along.” Gu Feng softly spoke, paused, then added, “You .
still have me.”

Returning to the main street, the sky had already grown dark, but the number of people out and about had grown more numerous than during the daytime.
The young men and women had all come out, each and every one with a face full of joy.
Lanterns and colored streamers were hung all around, creating a festive atmosphere.
There were riddle guessing lanterns, dragon dancers, and stalls for every kind of festival attraction.
The city was full of fireworks and lanterns, and buzzing with excitement!

“Today is the Lantern Festival, one of the mortal realm’s most important holidays.
Gege, you must never have seen it before.” Su Mujin watched the interactions between the townspeople with interest as he explained the situation. 

Gu Feng smiled, but did not refute him.
According to ‘Gu Feng’s’ experience, he really hadn’t encountered this event before.

The pair wandered aimlessly along with the crowd.
The lanterns were picturesque, flickering like stars.
Under the lamplight a young man with a smiling face guessed a riddle on a hanging lantern and won a prize lantern to gift to his companion.
She received it with a beautiful blush on her face, which was enhanced by the warm lantern light.

Somewhere along the way, our pair unconsciously began to hold hands, while passersby gave them sidelong glances.
Reaching the bank of the river, the surface rippled gently while countless lanterns floated along.
This was the spot for releasing lanterns.
Lotus shaped lanterns with a small candle in the center floated into the distance, creating a beautiful sight.

“Do you two gongzi want lanterns? If you can guess the corresponding answer to the poem written on the lanterns, you can win a lantern.” A young girl selling festival lanterns called out in a loud voice toward the pair. 

“Gege, let’s have a go.
Releasing a lantern can make a wish for peace and stability.” It can also be used to wish for fate to tie two lovers together. But Su Mujin didn’t dare to utter that second sentence.

“Okay.” Gu Feng grinned back at him.

“I sail alone beside the sun.
One word answer.” Gu Feng picked up a slip of paper attached to a festival lantern and read it aloud.

“I know this one.
It’s ‘friendship’ right?” Su Mujin blurted out the answer before Gu Feng even had a chance.
He seemed to be a bit wound up.


“This gongzi guessed correctly.
This lantern is for you.” The girl’s pair of eyes sparkled.
A young man as handsome and charming as Su Mujin was rare, afterall.

Su Mujin smiled widely.
He pretended to forget that Gu Feng held the lantern he’d won, and he picked up another lantern riddle slip, on which was written, “Assistant to the Board of Revenue with a face like Guan Yunchang.
When I take office, peach blossoms emerge, and when I resign, chrysanthemums wither.
Guess what I am.” 

“A fan.” Gu Feng answered with a smile.
At this point, if he couldn’t figure out what the other party was up to, he would be a fool.

“Gongzi, you also answered correctly.
Here’s a pair of lanterns for you two.
Take this brush and write your fervent wish on the lanterns, then go release them.
Good luck!” The girl handed them the brush while instructing them.

Picking up the brush, Su Mujin earnestly wrote Gu Feng’s name on the lantern.
At the same time, he explained, “I wish for Gege to enjoy peace and health.” And also to hold my heart forever. 

“Likewise, I also wish for Xiao Jin to enjoy peace and health.” Gu Feng took the brush Su Mujin handed him, and stroke by stroke wrote Su Mujin’s name carefully and neatly upon the lantern.
He played along with the other party and wrote his sweetheart’s name on the lantern while feigning ignorance.

Su Mujin watched Gu Feng write his name on the lantern and his heart overflowed with warmth and joy.

After they finished writing, they lit the candles in the center of the lanterns.
The flames shone brightly through the thin walls of the lanterns.
The two little lanterns glowed side by side, creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

The two walked shoulder to shoulder down to the riverbank, bent down, and set the lanterns afloat.
Though they launched the lanterns adrift at the same time, the river ran fairly fast and the little lanterns got stuck among the multitudes of others, floating further and further away from each other. 

Su Mujin felt a bit anxious, while Gu Feng tried not to smile.
With a subtle flick of a finger, the two lanterns came back together and floated off into the distance.

“Gege, you .
.” Su Mujin turned his head and his words were broken off as his lips were sealed.
His eyes widened slightly in surprise.

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