as freezing to death, and had to pretend he was unable to stand up any longer.
Only by playing dead he was able to deceive those people.
They saw that he was no longer breathing, and without the slightest hesitation, they turned around and left him there.
If he hadn’t used gongfu to temporarily stop his breath, it seemed he really would have died. 

Even so, the severe cold left Su Mujin with an invisible chronic illness.
For a long time afterwards, he didn’t dare approach pools or puddles.
While practicing cultivation, he often thought back to that time and his mind became uneasy.
That event could be said to be responsible for causing repeated blocks in his cultivation progress.

Thinking of all this, Gu Feng burned with impatience and couldn’t sit still.
What could he do if he accidentally arrived too late? Out of the question! In this second chance at life, he will absolutely not let this sort of thing reoccur.

Based on his memory, Gu Feng came to a place not far from the cold pond, but before he could get close, he heard the unpleasant noise of vulgar insults mixed with the sound of violence.

“Little Beggar, Gu shijiewent out of her way to bring you back, but you’re undeserving of her kindness!” 

“You even dared to steal and eat some lingyao, you really are a disgusting thing.

Gu Feng felt all the blood in his body instantly turn to ice, and unconsciously clenched the corner of his robe.
Had he arrived too late?

“Xiao Cheng shixiong, hello!”

The youths who were beating up Su Mujin suddenly heard a nearby voice call out and they instantly jumped with fright.
It should be known that Xiao Chen shixiong was the most feared representative of the Law Enforcement Hall, not because his cultivation was high, but rather because he was impartial and incorruptible.
If he were to see this situation, he would have to discipline them.
The youths didn’t even take another glance at Su Mujin, who was lying on the ground, and quickly ran away. 

After making sure the youths would not return, Gu Feng cautiously came out of hiding.
Fortunately they hadn’t thrown Su Mujin into the pond yet; he made it just in time.
Despite this, Gu Feng was still incredibly angry.
Among those youths, one was in the foundation building period while the rest were at the summit of refining qi, so he was currently unable to deal with them in his state.

In this second chance at life, Gu Feng didn’t expect for his first encounter to make him feel so useless.
He didn’t even have the ability to teach those people a lesson.
He could feel his breath catch in his throat — the frustration was difficult to bear!

Taking a deep breath, he slowly headed for Su Mujin, who was huddled on the ground with his head lowered.
His ragged clothing was covered in footprints and blood, and his hair was also bloodstained; he was a complete mess, filthy from head to toe.

Gu Feng’s mood at this moment was extremely complex — expressions of humiliation, resentment and self mockery all flashed across his face, before finally fixing an expression of faint concern.
He sighed, bent down and lightly tapped Su Mujin’s back, gently asking: “ Are you okay? Can you still walk?” 

Su Mujin shrank back, somewhat afraid, but slowly lifted his head.
In front of him stood a man dressed in white robes.
His long hair was tied up simply, and he was handsome.

“It’s nothing.
Thank you for just now.” Su Mujin spoke and struggled to stand up.
When he limped away, it was clear his joints were dislocated.

Gu Feng caught up to him: “Your hip seems dislocated, why don’t I carry you on my back?”

“No need, I can walk.” Su Mujin was somewhat surprised, his face was bruised and he had a bloody nose — the former combined with the later resulted in a comical expression. 

However, Gu Feng did not laugh.
He just picked Su Mujin up, and cradled him in his arms.
At first, Su Mujin was startled and grabbed his sleeve, but he quickly recovered and started to struggle with all his might.

Gu Feng leaned down his head and softly said: “Don’t be afraid, I’m taking you back to treat your injury.
For now, nobody will be able to hurt you.”


Su Mujin curled up in his arms, reluctant to trust him, but after a long time he whispered: “I’m covered in dirt, your clothes will be ruined, I .
I can walk on my own.”

Gu Feng was silent for a moment.
How had he not known what a considerate person he previously was? This boy was obviously unused to physical contact, and didn’t want to be carried, so he went to the effort to make up a dignified excuse. 

Gu Feng lightly kneaded Su Mujin’s hip and heard a cry of pain.
With exasperation, he replied: “You can walk on your own? Yeah, right! Don’t make a fuss.
If my clothes get dirty, I’ll just wash them, it’s not a big deal.”

Su Mujin: “.

Gu Feng carried Su Mujin the entire way back to his courtyard, then set him down gently.

“Stay here and don’t move, I’ll go get some water.” 

His shell’s current cultivation was too low and Gu Feng couldn’t use his normal methods to handle things, so he had to employ the most primitive means to carry water.

Gu Feng brought back a basin of water.
Looking at Su Mujin, who was completely filthy from head to toe, he didn’t know where to start.

“Come closer, I’ll wash your hair!” He sat on the bedside, set the basin on his thigh, and motioned to Su Mujin.

Su Mujin sat motionless, then slowly shifted over and lowered his head, apparently still compliant. 

His head was covered in lumps from the beating.
Gu Feng carefully cleaned his hair.
After he’d finished, the water had turned black, so he had to dump it out and refill the basin in order to continue.

Su Mujin found it a little embarrassing, but fortunately his face was so bruised and swollen that it perfectly concealed his embarrassment.

“Don’t .
I’ll wash myself.”

Translator’s Notes: 

On sect names: I’ve left Taixu Sect untranslated, since it’s a bit of an awkward name in English, but where reasonable, I’ll translate the sect names as some of them sound pretty cool, and readers would have recognized their literal meanings in the original text.
If I can figure out a decent translation for Taixu, I’ll add it in later on.

On cultivation stages: if you’ve never read xianxia novels, this may be new to you, but in this novel the author doesn’t get too deep into the stages, so I won’t bother to write out a whole schema.
For now, it’s enough to know that the qi refining stage is the very beginning of a cultivator’s career, and is nothing to brag about.
Only once you advance to building your foundation can you start to actually do cool stuff.
There are a ton more stages, but they really don’t matter at this point.
The author has a note in an upcoming chapter about cultivation levels and lifespans that I’ll make sure to translate.


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