unable to face Su Mujin for the time being. 

Ye Mochen looked at Gu Feng with a complicated expression, but stood up and followed him.

“Gu Feng?” The two of them had just come to a stop, when Gu Feng suddenly threw out those words.

“Are you messing with me? You called me over just to say your own name?” Ye Mochen looked disgusted.
He was still affected by the torment and treachery he experienced in the illusion.

“I was talking to you, Gu Feng.” This time Gu Feng spoke assuredly. 

Ye Mochen was astonished, his eyes opened wide in shock, he said, “You-how did you know? Who .
.  are you?”

“Locked up for three hundred years together, and you ask who I am?” Gu Feng asked a question in reply, his tone rather emotional.

“Then .
who is the Su Mujin over there?” Ye Mochen calmed down a little, and slowly found his voice.

“Also ‘me’, but without my later memories.” Mentioning Su Mujin, Gu Feng had a bit of a headache. 

Hardly had he finished speaking, when he saw Ye Mochen looking even more shocked, this time his mouth formed the shape of an ‘O’ and he said, “but I heard from Hua Yan that the two of you are a couple.
Your taste is .
really that extreme?”

Gu Feng, “.

Annoyed by the mention of his sore spot, wait no, Hua Yan knows about it? He himself had only just realized.
Gu Feng thought long and hard, and only then remembered that at the beginning, in order to dump Hua Yan, he had made it seem as though he and Su Mujin were together.

If Ye Mochen had asked him yesterday, he would have resolutely refuted it.
But today, he was incapable of immediately denying it, because his heart had been moved. 

“Cough, I’ve already forgotten much of the past.
Regarding this hidden realm, I know nothing.
I was already locked up at that time in my previous life.
What do you remember?” Gu Feng let out a guilty cough, and changed the topic.

I actually don’t remember much about last life’s imprisonment.
I only remember Hua Yan.” Ye Mochen was embarrassed to admit this.


Gu Feng’s face clearly showed what he was thinking as he looked at Ye Mochen. Why are you so useless?

“But I remember that Gu Yunxi seems to have obtained a Tianji disc from this secret realm.
That object was vitally important to her, and in fact, she came here solely for the purpose of getting it.” Mentioning Gu Yunxi, Ye Mochen’s face turned sombre. 

Tianji disc? Could it be Yan Jun’s chessboard? Originally I merely suspected that Gu Yunxi and Lingsu were related, but now I’m certain.
Otherwise, it would be impossible for Gu Yunxi to know that there was a Tainji disc here.
Judging by her appearance, Gu Yunxi is most likely Lingsu’s daughter.
With Lingsu’s deep seated affection, it would have been impossible for her to give birth to another’s child, is it possible that Lingsu and Yan Jun are still alive?

But is Gu Yunxi not the  sect leader’s daughter? She was brought back when the sect leader’s wife passed away.
Allegedly, when the sect leader was a youth, he was utterly obsessed with a mortal woman and fathered a daughter.
By the time the sect leader found out about the child, the mother had already died.
The sect leader then brought the child back to the sect.
Did Gu Yunxi pretend to be that child?

Things just keep getting more and more complicated. It seemed that after leaving this place, he would have to go find Wuying Pavillion and ask them to investigate Gu Yunxi’s life before she entered Taixu sect.
Wuying Pavillion was a neutral force solely devoted to intelligence.

“Don’t mention our business to anyone else.
Presently, we must do all we can to prevent Gu Yunxi from obtaining that Tianji disc.” Gu Feng had developed a headache, and rubbed his temples. 

Ye Mochen nodded solemnly.

“Gege, we discovered that the array had already been broken when we regained consciousness.
What happened?” Just as Gu Feng returned, Su Mujin asked him, with a free and easy attitude.
It seemed as though he really didn’t remember anything that had happened after the illusion ended.

“I found Tao Yao’s main body, and after attacking it, the array broke.
Then I discovered all of you, but you all were unconscious.” Gu Feng spouted rubbish without batting an eyelid.

Oh, so that’s what happened.
Gege is truly awesome!” Su Mujin seemed to be caught in a daze for a moment, but quickly covered it up as though nothing was wrong. 

Actually, he still retained the memory of what happened after the illusion array broke, but he was certain it was a hallucination. How could Gege just stand there and let me kiss him? However, he just now had observed that Gege’s lips appeared a bit red and swollen.
Additionally, Gege seemed to be avoiding him.
He suddenly felt a bit uncertain.

So I’ve checked this place already, and found there’s nothing special here.
We shouldn’t delay any longer.” Gu Feng answered Su Mujin in a single word then quickly looked away.
Right now, he needed to find the Tianji disc as quickly as possible.

“Chu Feng, this secret realm is dangerous.
Why don’t you come with us?” Hua Yan looked at Chu Feng with a bit of concern.
Afterall, Chu Feng’s woman had betrayed him, and he might feel depressed.

“Certainly I’ll join you.
It’s senseless to go alone.” Chu Feng answered without a care in the world.
He even seemed quite elated?! 

Gu Feng couldn’t look Chu Feng in the eye.
Nobody else was as clear as he was about the reason for Chu Feng’s happy attitude.
If Tao Yao once again set up the illusion array, Chu Feng would happily lose himself within it.

As soon as they exited the peach grove, everyone’s expression changed.
Within Tao Yao’s territory, they couldn’t sense anything happening without.
But once outside, they saw multitudes of cultivators rushing past, all of them with panic stricken expressions.
The cultivators gave Gu Feng’s group strange looks, clearly surprised to see them standing still.

Gu Feng looked in the direction that the cultivators were fleeing from, and suddenly his heart trembled. This is bad.
It’s a beast stampede .

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