ked to the cabin and pushed open the dilapidated door.


Contrary to expectations, the inside of the cabin was neat and tidy.
It seemed that someone often cleaned and maintained it.
Except for Tao Yao, he couldn’t think of who else it could have been.
The interior was simple with only a desk, a bed, and a chair.
Upon the desk were stacked many papers.
Gu Feng picked up those papers to have a look, only to discover that each of the papers held the painting of a man.
Sometimes drunk, sometimes practicing the sword, sometimes sitting in meditation — the man’s appearance was handsome and bright, with a hint of mystery.
The paintings were extremely lifelike, and it was hard not to be affected by the emotions of the one who had painted them.

“That is an immortal master, and also .
the one Lingsu held in her heart.” Tao Yao seemed to know what Gu Feng was going to ask, and opened her mouth to explain, then paused, picking up one of the paintings before she continued, “I want you to find the woman depicted in this painting.” 

As soon as he saw the woman in the painting, Gu Feng was shaken.
She was at least ninety percent similar in appearance to Gu Yunxi. What was going on?

“Tell me more about her situation.
People sometimes look alike, and I want to avoid recognizing the wrong person.” Gu Feng collected himself, and maintained his composure as he asked.

Tao Yao blanked out for a bit, then suddenly showed a nostalgic smile.
She gently said, “Naturally I’m only just a little peach tree.
But Lingsu can already transform her appearance.
She always took good care of me.
Lingsu wasn’t originally called by that name .


Lingsu was originally called Lingshu, as she started out life as a tree.
When she was ignorant, with only a bit of spiritual understanding, she grew in an ordinary hamlet.
Because her leaves could save people, the people there called her Lingshu.
In those days, she innocently thought her name was Lingshu.

Later, she was discovered by cultivators, and a battle among them broke out over her.
The cultivators’ warfare was disruptive, and caused the buildings in the hamlet to collapse.
The mortals who lived there were frightened out of their wits and fled.
Lingshu was very sad, feeling those mortals probably met a grim end.
At that time, a man appeared, stepping down from the Heavens with the setting sun illuminating his body.
He was handsome to the extreme.
Lingsu practically stared at him.
She had never seen such a gorgeous man before.

The man looked gentle, but was surrounded by a mysterious and unpredictable aura.
When he showed up, the other cultivators were unable to make a move.
He swept his glance around, and released a bit of his impressive force upon them, then derisively said, “Get out of here!”

“I-its .
His Excellency Yan Jun, let’s leave immediately!” The group of cultivators were full of trepidation and fear, and quickly dispersed entirely.
For this reason, the remaining mortals were able to keep their lives. 

“If you continue to stay here, you’ll bring calamity upon them.
It would be better to come with me.” The man called Yan Jun stood before Lingshu, and smiled as he spoke.

Lingshu saw that kindhearted and good looking man, and felt an unspeakable delight within her heart.
With that delight, her leaves began to tremble.
Yan Jun smiled, and took Lingshu back to the celestial mansion.

This was how Lingshu and Yan Jun met for the first time .

Yan Jun searched the celestial mansion for a place to plant Lingshu.
He seemed quite fond of this tree, always taking some time each day to come and spend with her. 

He sometimes practiced his sword beneath the tree, sometimes had tea, and sometimes sat in contemplation, but what he did the most was to move the black and white pieces of his chessboard back and forth.
This chessboard was extremely simple, half white, half black.
A single glance would reveal it was nothing precious.

In a flash, one hundred years passed by.
In this time, Yan Jun almost entirely occupied Lingshu’s life.
Every day, Lingshu silently observed Yan Jun.
As long as she could see him, she was happy.
Lingshu naively thought these kinds of days could continue until the end of time.

Until one day .

That day, Lingshu waited from sunrise ‘til sunset, and from moonrise ‘til moonset.
But Yan Jun never appeared.
That was merely the beginning.
The following month, Yan Jun also failed to appear. 

Lingshu was anxious.
She urgently wanted to see Yan Jun.
What would it take to see him? If only she could move, then she could go search for Yan Jun.

With the impetus of this obsession, Lingshu was able to change into human form for the first time.


“So it turns out this is a human form? Wonderful! Now I can go look for Yan Jun.” Lingshu looked at her human appearance in amazement.
With a hop and a skip, she set off to look for Yan Jun.

Lingshu wandered around the celestial mansion for many days, until at long last she ran into Yan Jun who had just returned. 

“Yan Jun, where did you go? I’ve been looking for you for days.” Lingshu caught sight of him and her face filled with surprised delight as she ran up to question him.

Not recognizing the pretty young girl who was looking for him in the immortal mansion, the mighty cultivator was somewhat at a loss.
His expression subtle, he suspiciously asked, “Young Lady, might I inquire as to who you are?”

“I’m Lingshu.” Lingshu resolutely believed that was her name.

Who is Lingshu? Yan Jun remained silent, and didn’t continue to question Lingshu.
Rather, he took out the chessboard he always carried with him, and began to fiddle with it. 



The Author has something to say:

Don’t worry, it’s not cruel.
The process of confirming intentions still needs to continue.
Furthermore, Yan Jun and Lingsu will be written about later, so they need a special introduction. 


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