” Su Mujin deliberately leaned in and spoke next to Gu Feng’s ear, his lips nearly glued to Gu Feng’s earlobe.
This action was entirely ambiguous.

“No problem! Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, my didi is hungry and I must go grab him something to eat.” Gu Feng immediately stood up and ran off.
At this critical moment, his didi was still so reliable.
Gu Feng was so affected he shed tears within his heart. 

“Have you not begun bigu? You don’t actually need to eat, do you?” One of the women asked, perplexed.

Su Mujin’s eyes shone. Fellow Daoist, I’m so glad you asked.

A blush slowly climbed up Su Mujin’s cheeks, and he seemed abashed as he said, “Actually, I’m just selfish and want to eat Gege’s home cooking.
Gege always spoils me.”

After speaking, Su Mujin smiled sweetly, looking exactly like a little wife being doted on by her husband. 

“Could it be you two are…that?” One of the women felt something was off, and showed an incredulous expression.

Those words uttered, the crowd of women began to catch on, confusion and incredulity showing on their faces.
Reluctantly, a few hearts still held out, only for Su Mujin to completely smash all their hopes the next moment.

Su Mujin  looked entirely bashful at first, nodding with his head lowered.
But then, as if recalling something, he took on a melancholy look and said,  “Yes, we’re exactly like that.
But, Gege doesn’t want too many people to know about it.
He’s worried I’ll be censured.
I hope everyone can keep our secret.”

“Excellent, now all you women can join me in being heartbroken.
You can’t get what you want, and you can’t say anything, so everyone disperse!” As the chief culprit, Hua Yan’s mood had considerably improved.
The result was very good — being heartbroken by oneself was not as good as multitudes being heartbroken along with you. 

The women’s faces looked utterly wretched as they departed.
In one fell swoop they had lost two handsome men.
Who would fail to understand the heartache?

When Gu Feng returned, he saw the area had already been vacated of those women, leaving only Su Mujin who looked at him with his limpid gaze.
Did he want to be praised for doing Gu Feng a favor?

“Xiao Jin, you are truly amazing.
Fortunately I have you, otherwise Gege wouldn’t have any idea of how to escape from that predicament.” Gu Feng’s face held traces of fear from the previous event as he spoke, earnestly praising Su Mujin.

“I don’t mind helping you out, but Gege really is too popular!” Su Mujin fluttered his eyes, with a totally innocent expression. 

“Don’t bring it up, I never imagined women could be so terrifying.
That said, how did you manage to get rid of them?” Gu Feng was a little curious so he asked.

“Sigh, as soon as they saw Gege leave, they scattered.” Su Mujin had a stiff smile, and suddenly felt a little bit guilty.


Gu Feng looked at Su Mujin dubiously, but didn’t say anything in the end. Didi is an adult, he’s starting to have his own secrets. This awareness of Gu Feng’s was quite accurate. However, even if I am the elder brother, I have no right to pry. Thinking this, Gu Feng’s mood fell. Forget it, it’s not important.

The following days were tranquil.
The giant phoenix tail ship flew through the sky for more than ten days, before slowly descending at last.
Gu Feng’s spirits rose, and he stood up to look down over the landscape. 

Below, yellow sand stretched to the horizon.
It was a barren landscape as far as the eye could see, except for a rift suspended in the air.
This rift was covered in a layer of white light which maintained a perimeter of several hundred thousand zhang.
Inside the rift, mountain peaks and exquisite buildings could be faintly made out.
This micro world was presumably the hidden realm of spiritual ruins.

The ship finally landed near a gap in the white light, where four impressive demigod stage cultivators were standing guard.
Each of them possessed incredible power.
The gap in the light barrier only existed because of the combined efforts of these top cultivators to open it, but they were able to keep it open for just a year.
In other words, if one couldn’t make it out within a year’s time, one would be stuck inside forever.

For this trip to the spiritual ruins, besides Healing Heart Peak which did not come along, all the remaining peak leaders were present.
Sword Soul Peak was led by precisely that remarkable person who five years prior had entered the limelight during the new disciple acceptance ceremony — Xiao Chen.
As always, he carried a single sword.
From head to toe, he emanated a frighteningly imposing aura, so much so that nobody dared to approach him.
His sword qi emanated a threat of being sliced to death, leading to a radius of three zhang being maintained around his person.

Outstanding people come not alone but in pairs.
Another person also stood isolated in a three zhang bubble — Ling YunXuan — the leader of Battle Spirit Peak.
He was dressed entirely in snowy white, and the atmosphere surrounding him was even chillier.
If one approached him, one feared they would immediately be frozen into ice cubes. 

Those two are truly well matched, Gu Feng silently mused.


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