prepare this big plan.

Today, it will be the most beautiful day for Da Eun. Of course, he will see the destruction of Joo Hyuk and his family.

Da Eun had already sent a message to Joo Hyuk to come to building X. The building on the fifth floor is commonly used for major events specifically for the upper class. It was all rented in the name of Kyung Sook. However, Da Eun didn know it.

Unbeknownst to Joo Hyuk, Da Eun also invited her husbands co-worker. A very special surprise will be dedicated to her husband who she has loved for the past six years.

Four years of dating and two years of domestic life is not a short time for Da Eun. She thought Joo Hyuk is a good man. During their time together, Joo Hyuk never committed violence against her. Only the treatment is arbitrary.

However, the events of that day have wiped out Da Euns entire faith during this time. The hatred and resentment in the heart are getting bigger and bigger. She will not hesitate anymore to destroy Joo Hyuk. Especially Su Young, who has always been the deadliest thorn in her life.

The birthday party is about to begin, all the invited guests have also attended. The same goes for Joo Hyuk and his family. Da Eun was happy, everything was neatly arranged according to plan.

Su Young walked up to Da Eun. Hugged her body and gave a large gift.

”I prepared this specially for you! ” said Su Young cheerfully. The woman made herself seem to be the sweetest woman in the world.

Da Eun smiled knottedly. Its had enough to see Su Youngs face. She couldn wait to see the expression on the traitors face immediately when she got a surprise from her.

A warm welcome has also been delivered by Da Eun. Her birthday event was aimed at opening her companys new products. Once oars, two three islands were exceeded.

Kyung Sook also conveyed her companys latest product. Quite favorable for both sides between Kyung Sook and Da Eun.

Da Eun took the stage again. This time, she was not alone. Da Eun invited Joo Hyuk to come on stage with her.

Da Eun introduced her husband to the crowd. All applauded with great fanfare when Joo Hyuk kissed Da Euns forehead. They toasted together on stage.

Su Young, who saw that, turned her eyes in the other direction. Her heart was jealous.

”Im going to show you a video of our love journey as a wedding anniversary present last week, ” Da Eun said.

Joo Hyuks smile expanded perfectly. He was very happy. At the wifes birthday event, all her colleagues in the company also came.

Joo Hyuk felt surprised when he walked into the building. He was proud of Da Eun who had made the birthday party event with great fanfare like this.

”Please play, ” Da Eun said to the stage stylist at the back.

Da Eun and Joo Hyuk also stepped off the stage again. Not far from where they were sitting, Kyung Sook stood with both hands that went inside the pants.

The video also spun. Starting from the moment they formalized the courtship relationship, toned, to dinner, to the wedding.

The duration of the video, which was only ten minutes, felt fleeting. Joo Hyuks smile relentlessly graced the face.

Deliberately, Da Eun inserted all the videos about Joo Hyuks sweet attitude towards her. Until at the end of the video, a file appeared in a large screen on the stage.

The stage stylist also clicked on the file. In accordance with the direction of Da Eun before the event started.

The file opens.

All eyes widened to see the contents in the file. Joo Hyuks jaw hardened. Turned to look at Da Eun who was smiling elegantly.

”What the hell are you! ” shouted Joo Hyuk as he raised his right hand.


”Don try to touch Da Eun! ”

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