The night was spent with Da Eun with tears again and had made her a stronger and more terrible figure compared to him before.

She had gotten up early in the morning and prepared everything well. Her moist eyes had been covered by Da Eun with makeup and she looked quite capable of covering her grief. Da Eun smiled in front of the mirror and then the smile sank into a hideous look in her eyes.

She came out of his room and immediately ran into Kyung Sook.

”We go together, Miss Go. ”

Kyung Sook acts immediately and Da Eun herself does not obey the will of Kyung Sook, they have the same goal and she can save her opposition. Her body still hurts from crying all night.

It didn take long for the two of them to arrive at their company, and Da Eun got out of Kyung Dooks car immediately when they arrived. She looked at Kyung Sook who was still tidying up the suit that wrapped around his body.

”Mr. Lee, Im walking first. ”

The bent-faced Da Eun walked away from Kyung Sook who saw Da Eun from a distance. He looked at the small figure with pitying eyes. He sighed harshly from his mouth while lowering his head and holding his own forehead.

”She.. its always been like that. ”

Kyung Sook calmed himself down, there were many things he could have done for Da Eun but he hadn been able to confirm what Da Eun wanted.

Da Eun has a strange and unpredictable attitude regarding what she wants. Thats why Kyung Sook is just trying to make him the right person for Da Eun to lean on.

After seeing Da Eun missing from the elevator in the parking lot, Kyung Sook walked over to enter his office. He stepped on his long legs and led her into the elevator very quickly.

When he got to the office, Kyung Sook stole a look at Da Eun, he was worried about the pretentious woman. Now only Da Eun was smiling broadly as if nothing had happened to her that made her look like a happy woman.

”Da Eun, the lipstick you use looks good and fits you perfectly. ” A female colleague of Da Eun praised the new lipstick bought by Da Eun.

Da Eun developed a smile on his face. ”Yes, its really good because thats why I want to wear it today. ”

”Is there something fun going on? Your husband gave you a surprise? ”

Da Euns co-workers question worries Kyung Sook, only he is the one who knows about the truth that happened to Da Euns household and it makes him want to go there and drown out the topic of the trash man who is still Da Euns husband.

Da Eun shook her head.

”No, this is someones kind-hearted gift. ”

Da Eun was seen smiling so softly that her co-workers smiled along by looking at Da Eun who looked happy about it. Meanwhile, Kyung Sook was silent while turning his attention to Da Eun, he was the one who bought Da Eun lipstick. It was because Da Eun, who did not go home, did not bring her things, he also bought Da Eun clothes even though her underwea.

Kyung Sook turned and left Da Eun.


Kyung Sook and Da Eun have been in the mall to check whether their products are popular with the public or not. The two of them talking looked very close once and it certainly made the two people who were there look at Da Eun with such a suspicious look.

”Mother, isn that Da Eun? ” asked Su Young, talking to Joo Hyuks mother who was next to her.

The two of them were shopping for the necessities they needed in this mall and they both stared at Da Eun with a sharp look in their eyes.

Jung Hyuks mother walked up to Da Eun and with her hands folded in front of her chest she looked at Da Eun disgustingly.

”You haven been home for four days, and it turns out that you spent your time with a man. You slept with him? Having an affair with him and betraying my Joo Hyuk?! ” Joo Hyuks mother spoke loudly which provoked a lot of attention there. Da Eun almost laughed big because the one who committed the betrayal was Joo Hyuk not her.

She looked at Su Young who was looking at him in a condescending manner that Da Eun didn like at all.

”I work and this is my co-worker or you could say my boss, Mom. ” Da Eun explains and she gets a harsh voice from Joo Hyuks mother.

”I don believe it, you must have cheated on Joo ahyuk and hurt my son. ” Joo Hyuks mother pointed at Kyung Sook.

This time Kyung Sook stepped her feet once, making her more ahead of Da Eun. Kyung Sook, who has a plane chest that has beautiful smooth muscles, as well as thick black hair with a beautiful flat forehead, his own face is also smooth with a beautiful firm jaw has attracted Su Youngs attention. She looked at Kyung Sook with such a focused look in her eyes, and Da Eun came to her senses with it. She was anxious to conspiculate those disgusting Eyes of Su Young.

”I and Da Eun came here because of work, so youd better take care of your mouth because the rumors you spread can tarnish the good name of the company. And if that happens, youll get a legal summons immediately. ”

Kyung Sook spoke in a cold voice, staring at Mother Joo Hyuk horribly. The terrifying corners of the small eyes made Joo Hyuks mother unable to close her mouth.

”Then excuse we first. We have a lot of things to work on. ”

Kyung Sook held Da Euns hand and Carrying Da Eun left the two snake women who were still silent in place.

Joo Hyuks mother finally came to her senses and she stared at the sal towards Da Eun.

”Look at that woman, shes acting casually and now shes acting in the presence of her co-workers. I have to tell This to Joo Hyuk so that Joo Hyuk can teach that self-ignorant woman a lesson. ”

Joo Hyuks mother was so angry and Si Young smiled sweetly while hugging Joo Hyuks mothers hand.

”Forget her, Mom. Later on this mothers smooth face appeared wrinkled because of her. ”

Su Young spoke so sweetly that it made Joo Hyuks mother smile from ear to ear.

”Its very fortunate that my son has such an amazing woman like you, Su Young. Yes, that woman well throw in the trash too. ”

The two of them walked over with smiles on their faces and felt that they were in a very advantageous position.

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