The morning before, Da Eun and Kyung Sook walked out of the hotel. Da Eun will look for apartments around there. Kyung Sook can prevent, can only support all the decisions taken by Ole Da Eun.

Accompanied by Kyung Sook, Da Eun finally managed to find an apartment that was quite comfortable. Da Eun didn know if the apartment she currently lives in was the same apartment where Kyung Sook lived.

Deliberately, Kyung Sook proposed the apartment so that she could always guard and supervise Da Eun. Provide close protection.

Da Eun returned to work as usual. Its been these three days, she hasn returned home. Ignore all incoming calls or messages from Joo Hyuk and Su Young.

Today, Da Eun will return home to the apartment she lives in with Joo Hyuk. Just on her birthday later, she was going to make the two treacherous couples get hee reply.

One more week. Da Eun will witness the destruction of Joo Hyuk and Su Young. She will not leave before her can successfully get revenge.

In the afternoon, Da Eun again asked for permission not to attend the new product meeting which in the next few days will be launched and started to be marketed.

The meeting was fairly important to Da Eun, but he chose the more important things for his future survival.


Da Euns smile expanded perfectly. Coincidentally, Joo Hyum contacted him again after twenty missed calls for today alone.

”Where have you been? Why just picked up my phone? Are you stupid? Missed our third wedding anniversary? Whats wrong with you Go Da Eun? ” babbled Joo Hyuk from the phone line without giving Da Eun the slightest chance to answer it.

”I went to Busan. Visited the grave of the father. My phone was accidentally left in the office, ” Da Eun replied reasoningly.

There was a rough gasp from across the phone. Da Euns jaws solidified. He knows how Joo Hyuks nature is. At this time, the man must be holding back anger.

”Baby, can we meet in an ordinary tavern at half past six later? In lieu of a wedding day, ” Da Eun said to Joo Hyuk.

The gasps that came from the phone line no longer sounded harsh rumbling. That means, Joo Hyuks anger has subsided.

”Alright. Ill come, ” Joo Hyuk replied. The phone connection was cut off.

While waiting for Joo Hyuk to come home from work, Da Eun secretly installed a cctv camera in their room. The cctv was very small. Da Eun placed it between the books on the shelf. At first glance, there seems to be no hidden camera.

Da Eun launches the action by contacting Su Young to come to the same tavern as Joo Hyuk.

Da Euns smile expanded on the face. Da Eun would not waste this opportunity to destroy them.

At half past six in the afternoon. They have already arrived according to the promised time. Joo Hyuk looked surprised to see Su Young who was also present.

e here, ” Joo Hyuk greeted. Su Young just responded with her sweet smile.

”Sorry, I brought Su Young over. I miss our being together as much as I used to. Shall we have a few drinks today? ” asked Da Eun.

Joo Hyuk squeezed a smile. ”Of course, ” he replied.

Da Eun grinned. Three bottles of beer had also been prepared on the table by the waiters. Da Eun poured the drink into their glasses.

”Im the treat, ” said Da Eun.

”Ah, my Da Eun is the best! ” shouted Su Young excitedly.

It wasn until half an hour that three bottles of drinks were used up. However, they have not drunk at all. Da Eun only took a sip of one glass. Meanwhile, Joo Hyuk and Su Young partyed to each other to finish their glasses quickly in one sip.

Da Eun again ordered three bottles of drinks to the waiter. The waiter also quickly came to bring it to their table.

”Da Eun, why do you only drink a little? ” asked Su Young.

”Ah, Im going to launch the product tomorrow. There is no way, right, if I come to the inauguration of the product in a state of having just drunk last night? ” Said Da Eun.

”Ah, all right. Since this is my Treated Da Eun, I will be happy to finish it! ” shouted Su Young excitedly as she raised her drink glass.

Joo Hyuk and Su Young are very strong in drinking liquor. Already finished nearly six bottles of drinks, they were only half drunk.


Da Euns phone vibrated. There was an incoming call from Kyung Sook. Da Eun asks Joo Hyuk for permission to pick up the call. Distance yourself from them.

”Whats the matter, Mr. Lee? ” asked Da Eun.

”You haven come home to the apartment yet? ” asked Kyung Sook from the other side of the phone.

”Ah, I was drinking in the XX tavern with Joo Hyuk and Su Young. Maybe it will be home soon, ” Da Eun replied.

Across there, Kyung Sooks forehead wrinkled. Didn the woman just leave the house because she had been betrayed by her husband and best friend? Kyung Sook thought.

The phone connection was cut off. Da Eun sat back at the table again.

”Ah, Su Young. You seem to have drunk. How is this going? Baby, can you take Su Young home? I couldn drive her because there was a sudden meeting. I left first. Please take him home, huh! ” Da Eun reasoned as he got up from her seat. Screeching away left the two traitors behind.

Da Eun hid in a parking lot for a four-wheeled vehicle. Noticed Joo Hyuk and Su Young who started to walk out of the ramyun tavern hugging each other.

Su Young and Joo Hyuk got in the car. Whose other car would it be if not Da Euns car? Seeing their vehicle driving over, Da Eun clenched hee fists in both hands firmly.

Da Eun monitored the cctv after half an hour had passed, the two people must have arrived at her apartment.

Sure enough. It can be seen from the cctv that is connected directly into his mobile phone, Joo Hyuk and Su Young are already in the room. They
e starting a heated action.

Da Euns tears shed imperceptibly. She closed the CCTV connection. Without even looking at it, he would get a recorded evidence of their affair.

Da Eun walked on the sidewalk of the street with tears in her eyes. This is all going according to her plan, but why does her heart still hurt?

Da Eun continued to lower her head. Until unconsciously, her body hit something. Da Eun also raised his head.

”Mr. Lee, why are you here? ” asked Da Eun.

”Accidentally passed by. It just so happens that he said, you are drinking in this tavern. Are you done? ” asked Kyung Sook with a cold tone of voice and a straight face.

Da Eun just replied with a nod of the head. Da Euns eyes widened perfectly as her wrist was pulled by Kyung Sook.

”Accompany me for a drink, ” Kyung Sook said as he pulled in Da Euns hand, re-entering the tavern.

Kyung Sook ordered a bottle of drink. Poured it in two small glasses before them. The glass was immediately knocked out by Da Eun.

Again, continuously until it only leaves a quarter of a bottle. It didn take long, Da Eun was already drunk.

”If you have any problems, tell me about it. Ill be ready to listen to it. If you need help, I will be at your disposal. Don hesitate to use me, ” said Kyung Sook.

”Using you? ” asked Da Eun. Answered by Kyung Sook with a nod of the head.

Da Eun smiled. ”Now, can I use you? ” asked Da Eun.

Kyung Sooks cheeks turned red instantly. Quickly took his eyes off Da Euns face. Staring straight ahead. Kyung Sook nodded her head in response.

Da Eun smiled from ear to ear. ”Mr. Lee, face to the south! ” ordered Da Eun.

Kyung Sook obeys Da Euns orders. Despite not understanding Da Euns remarks, Kyung Sook still turned his body facing south. Turned his back to Da Eun.

Kyung Sook widened her eyes when she felt Da Euns head resting on her back. Soon, da Euns sobs were sobbing so that was so sad.

”Let me just use you for a while. ”

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