”Sir Lee, where are you going to take me? ” asked Da Eun.

Kyung Sook was silent. Did not answer Da Euns question. Stay focused on driving with your eyes straight forward.

The vehicle continued to drive away from the small settlement. Da Eun couldn read what his boss was thinking in the office.

Half an hour later, the vehicle also stopped in front of a high-rise building. Da Euns eyes widened perfectly when she read the large writing above the entrance of the building.

”Why did you take me to the hotel, Sir Lee? ” asked Da Eun with a flushed face.

”Stop saying formally. We are no longer in the office, ” Kyung Sook said as he opened the car door.

Da Eun was silent on the spot. A moment later, her forehead frowned as Kyung Sooks hand lifted upwards as a gesture for Da Eun to come down and follow him.

Da Eun opened the car door. Slowly got off and walked behind Kyung Sook. They have already walked into the five-star hotel.

”two rooms, ” Kyung Sook said.

Da Eun frowned. ”Why two rooms? ”

”So you want us to sleep in the same room? Well. Just one room, ” Kyung Sook told the receptionist.

Da Eun widened her eyes. Her cheeks were flushed. She shook both hands in the air. Whirlly in the face of the hotel employees staring at them.

”Thats not it! Okay, just two rooms. ” Da Eun raised her two fingers before the receptionist.

”Two rooms? ” the receptionist asked to be sure.

”Yes, two rooms. ” Kyung Sook confirmed.

After getting the room key, they immediately boarded the elevator to go to the booked room on the fourth floor.

”I don know if you want to stay in a hotel too, ” Da Eun said after they reached the fourth floor.

”I have to make sure that you are safe to be here, ” Kyung Sook said as he opened the door to the room.

Da Eun and Kyung Sook also separated at the door of the room. They went inside their respective rooms.

Da Eun leaned behind the door. Her hands squeezed the cloth of the clothes around the chest. Hee heart beat very fast. Da Eun didn understand why hee heart was like that.

”He made me misbehave, ” Da Eun muttered as he walked into the bathroom to clean up.

On the other hand, Kyung Sook is changing hia clothes. However, his eyes widened perfectly when he remembered something.

”Gosh! Da Eun hasn eaten dinner yet. ”

Kyung Sook immediately grabbed his mobile phone that was on the nightstand. Quickly called one of his men to buy food.

”Ready to carry it out! What kind of food do you want me to buy? ” said someone from the phone.

”Buy me meat soup in Busan. Now! ” ordered Kyung Sook.

”Okay, sir. Hah? What? In Busan now? ” shouted someone across the phone.

Kyung Sook immediately hung up his phone. Again continued to change clothes while waiting for his men to contact.

After waiting for a long time, Kyung Sooks men finally contacted. He said that if he had bought meat soup according to the bosss order.

”Thank you, ” Kyung Sook said as he gave money to the two men in front of her.

The time on his watch was already eleven oclock in the evening. He hesitated to deliver the meat soup to Da Euns room. don know if maybe Da Eun has already ordered the food inside this hotel.

Kyung Sook straightened his body. Walked confidently in the direction of Da Euns room. He was already standing at the door.

Kyung Sook knocked on the door of Da Euns room. It has been two knocks, but Da Eun has not yet opened the door.

”Oh, maybe shes asleep, ” he said silently in her heart.

Kyung Sook turned around. Stepped slowly towards the door of his room.

However, his steps stopped when he heard the sound of the door opening. Quickly he turned his body back. Turned to the origin of the sound. The door of Da Euns room.

”Ah, Mr. Lee. Whats the matter? Sorry, I opened the door for a long time. I just finished taking a shower, ” said Da Eun.

Kyung Sook was glued to silence on the spot. For a while, the man felt fascinated by the beauty of Da Eun who had just cleaned up.

With half-wet hair loose. As well as the smell of soap that bursts into Kyung Sooks sense of smell. Makes it unstuck.

Da Eun raised both eyebrows upwards. Instantly resuscitated Kyung Sook from the daydream.

Kyung Sook stepped foot back to the door of Da Euns room.

Kyung Sooks hand stretched out. Handed the white plastic bag containing the meat soup bowl to Da Euns face.

”I brought you meat soup because you haven eaten yet, ” Kyung Sook said.

Da Euns eyes widened perfectly. She grabbed the plastic bag. ”Ah, thank you. ”

Kyung Sook turned around. Step back.

”Ah, Mr. Lee! Wait a minute! ” called Da Eun.

Kyung Sook turned his head instantly. His forehead furrowed. The face of the woman before him flushed. Made him confused.

”Do you want to eat with me? ” invited Da Eun.

Kyung Sook also entered Da Euns room. They sat together on the dining table. Da Euns face turned red when the bowl of meat soup was opened.

”How do you know if I like meat soup? ” asked Da Eun.

Kyung Sook glanced away from his face. ”Everyone loves meat soup, ” he replied.

Da Eun began to poke the meat soup into his bowl. Then, taste the soup first.

”Ah, it tastes so delicious. It even still feels hot. Where are the vendors who still sell meat soup these nights? They even sell with their traditional bowl sets, ” Da Eun said admiringly.

Kyung Sook looked away from his eyes. Silently squeezed a smile as Da Eun closed her eyes enjoying the meal.

”Finish it! ” said Kyung Sook as he got up from his seat.

e going to go? ” asked Da Eun.

Kyung Sook nodded his head. Da Eun stared at Kyung Sooks bowl that had run out first. Da Eun also rose to his feet. Intends to drive Kyung Sook to the front of the house.

”No need. Just keep eating you! ” snapped Kyung Sook as he screeched away leaving Da Eun.

Da Eun sat back in the chair again. Resume feeding activities. The memories in the hometown are so clearly depicted in the memory.

”Its like being in my hometown, ” Da Eun muttered.

Imperceptibly, clear grains flowed from the corners of his eyes unceremoniously. Remembered the shadow of the father when they used to eat meat soup together.

”Dad, ” Da Eun said. The woman now misses the father beside her.

Da Euns crying became even more when Juu Hyuks image flashed through her mind. The love that was originally so great, has now turned into hatred. It hurts terribly.

Da Eun took a deep breath. Bracing herself. The wiped away tears that fell even more ran down the cheeks.

Da Eun quickly finished her meal. Heart-wrenching. Began to draw up a revenge plan for Su Young, Ju Hyuk, and his family.

”Ill make sure you
e as suffering as I am! ” pressed Da Eun.

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