The two of them were in the Coffee shop, which Da Eun had done since just looked down. The coffee in front of her had even cooled down because it had been ignored by Da Eun for too long.

She didn expect to meet her boss in a place waiting for the bus, especially since her state was in a state that was not so pleasing to her eyes swollen from crying, and she repeatedly cursed for the bastard Kang Joo Hyuk!

It must be that her boss, who is the manager in the place where she works, will think of her as a strange woman. It could be that she was displaced like there was no home after she got home quickly and vigorously just now.

In front of hee manager—Lee Kyung Sook, she was like a cat hit by water. Everything feels unlucky.

Da Eun was willing to refuse, but when she was caught by the cold and mysterious Kyung Sook, she couldn dodge it anymore. She followed her manager who told her to get in the car and apparently took her to the coffee shop.

Now a cup of warm coffee has been ordered by Kyung Sook and she can touch it because she is in such a bad mood. Half of her consciousness has been lost.

”ha-ha… ” Da Eun laughed at her own fate that was so miserable in her heart.

”You don like the coffee I bought? It wasn an americano, not a double shot tho. ” Kyung Sook, who had been paying attention to Da Eun since just now, finally spoke. He had even finished half of his coffee but Da Eun hadn touched her glass at all.

”Mrs. kang? ” called Kung Sook to resuscitate da Eun who was being spoken to instead like a stone.

”Mrs. Kang what the hell…? Im not Kangs mistress anymore. I am Go Da Eun.. that damn its not my husband in a while. ” Da Eun mumbled a little when she heard Kung Soon condense her as Mrs. Kang, she felt goosebumps in disgust carrying the name of a traitor on her life.

She should have realized a long time ago that she was completely worthless in the Kang family.

Aish! It really just annoyed her!

”what? ”

Kyung Sook heard Da Euns babbling, his ears twitched because he wanted to know more and or the sentence from Kyung Sook had made Da Eun say that she had spoken wrong.

She frantically immediately looked at his boss while squeezing her own hands.

”No, there is nothing, manager Lee… ” Da Eun smiled slightly to hide her lie. Kyung Sook really knew that this woman in front of him was lying. But he couldn force the woman in front of him to tell everything that happened to him.

Their relationship is just a relationship of superiors and subordinates, and thats why he brought Da Eun who looked very pitiful.

”so, what do you want to drink if you don like the coffee I bought? ”

”Eh? Yes? ”

”Coffee. ” Kyung Sook pointed to the coffee in front of Da Eun and Da Eun realized it immediately. She immediately picked up the coffee cup and drank it quickly, so that the coffee liquid that had a brown color stuck to his lips.

She smiled uncomfortably at Kyung Sook which made Kyung Sook exhale a long breath.

He doesn know what happened to Da Eun, but he knew that the woman in front of him was messed up. Kyung Sook used his handkerchief and wiped Da Euns lips.

”Wipe those lips of yours. ” Kung Sook retracted his hand and allowed Da Eun to finish what he had started.

Da Euns face flushed with what Kyung Sook was doing, she didn expect the sudden movement from her boss to the point where she felt embarrassed.

”Face your troubles bravely, and don hesitate to take a step. Human beings can become strong to deal with their problems, and I know you are a strong woman. If you need help, you will find a way. ” Kyung Sook spoke with a firm look in his eyes. He looked into Da Eun hazelnut-colored eyes, making Da Eun really stunned to hear the sentence from his boss.

Suddenly, her tears flowed down which made Da Eun immediately lowered her eyes and wiped her eyes with the handkerchief she was holding. Kung Sook noticed the woman in front of him, and he let Da Eun enjoy her pain overflowing inside her.

After Da Eun vented her emotions in front of her boss who was not too close to her, Da Eun felt very embarrassed. What if this mysterious boss of hers instead spreads out what happened today? It made her get goosebumps thinking about it.

”You want me to take it home? ”

Kyung Sooks low and cold voice made Da Eun multiply her gaze on Kung Sook standing next to her.

They had both come out of the Coffee shop and actually Da Eun was very confused about where to go. She shouldn have to run away from that apartment and lunge at the two of them.

”No, Mr. Lee. I only want to find an inn around here only. ”

Hearing that Kyung Sooks brows twitched. What does the woman in front of him who already has a family have to find lodging for?

”Your apartment was destroyed? Fire? Or are you even selling it? ” asked Kyung Sook in a flat voice that made Da Eun startled. Everything he said was pretty crude, yes, but it was better compared to what actually happened.

Da Eun shook his head.

”Mr. Lee, I will tell you one secret that I didn tell anyone. ”

Kung Sook focused his gaze on Da Eun who seemed to be shining with the lights around her. He wanted to know what kind of stinging woman would tell him what secrets.

”I won go back to that apartment anymore, not As Kang Da Eun. But as Go Da Eun. ”

Hearing that, Kyung Sooks eyes narrowed. He still didn understand what Da Eun was talking about, then the events of a few days in the Han river made Kyung Sook realize something. His mouth opened to talk to Da Eun, but not to mention that he was talking Da Eun had spoken first which made his heart beat quickly.

”My husband and I are going to divorce because he had an affair with my best friend. They are the bastards I want to destroy. ” Da Eun smiled when she said it which made Kung Sook approach her, it made Da Eun who made Da Eun confused.

”You shouldn smile like that. ”

”Why? I was relieved to meet Mr. Lee. Because Mr. Lees remarks just now have made me realize who I really am, I am the Phoenix they are trying to turn off, but I will always get up and make them regret it. Everything that happened has its pay, and please keep this as a secret for the two of us, Mr. Lee. ”

Da Eun turned around, she waved her hand while striding in the opposite direction to Kyung Sook.

”Thank you for the coffee, Mr. Lee. ”

Suddenly, Da Euns hand was grasped by Kyung Sook which made Da Eun look at Kyung Sook. The look in his eyes was very sharp that made Da Eun speechless for a few seconds, she didn know what the alley was wanted by this tall man in front of her.

”If you
e not going home, come with me. ” Kyung Sook said it very seriously that it made Da Euns skin open.

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