”Ah, Su Young. Come here! Come on, lets have a meal together. Mom has cooked a special meal for you, ” Mrs. Kang said from the dining table.

”Can I go in? ” asked Su Young to Da Eun.

”A-ah, go ahead! ” said Da Eun.

Su Young also walked into the house to Joo Hyuk and Mrs. Kang at the dinner table. Su Youngs arrival was so warmly welcomed by Mrs. Kang.

Da Eun didn understand why Su Young came here. She walked up to the dining table. Join them.

Mrs. Kang simply took Su Young to chat. Da Eun is considered not there. It is not even allowed in the slightest to eat the food made by Mrs. Kang.

”Eat this, Da Eun. Its so delicious, ” Su Young said as she stretched out a bowl of kimchi to Da Euns presence.

Da Eun smiled happily. Her hand grabbed the bowl that Su Young handed over. However, it was blocked by Mrs. Kangs hand.

”Don ! You, right, already have a lot of meat soup. Eat it! Ah, Su Young. Why did you give him kimchi? I made this especially for you, ” said Mrs. Kang.

Da Eun swallowed. Is his current situation not reversed? Why does he feel like she is becoming like a stranger? As for Su Young who doesn have any relationship, just like the princess in the house.

”Im done. Excuse me, ” Da Eun said as she rose from the dining table.

Da Eun washed the dishes in the sink. It sliced her feelings through. They laughed out loud without her. It was as if she had never existed.

”Go Da Eun, tidy up and wash all these dirty dishes. Well leave for a while, ” Said Joo Hyuk.

Da Eun nodded his head without turning her head towards them. A moment later, the sound of the door also sounded too close tightly.

Da Eun cried. What do they think of her?

With tears in her eyes, Da-eun cleaned the dining table. Wash all the dirty dishes. Its like a domestic assistant alone.


Da Euns phone clinked. Shows that a message came into her mobile phone. She touched the phone screen. Open the message.

”Ah, from Su Young, ” Da Eun muttered.

The message opens. DaEun read it.

”Im sorry, Da Eun. Mom told me to come to your apartment to eat together. But I left after eating, without helping you clean up the dirty dishes. Take it easy. Well be right back. ” The content of the message.

Da Eun sighed. Yes, not why. Su Youngs appearance is indeed more attractive than her. Of course, Mrs. Kang likes her best friend better.

Da Eun just watched television while waiting for their arrival.

Time flies. The hour hand on the wall was already half past ten in the evening. However, they did not go home. Not even one of them tried to keep informed to her.

Da Eun had already cleaned up. Theres even nothing else to do than watch television and play on mobile phones.

Da Eun smiled at the sight of himself. The clothes she is currently wearing are the only evening dress she has.

Joo Hyuk says, this is the best outfit Da Eun has ever had. Often used, Joo Hyuk can never escape it.

Click click!

The door opened. Da Eun turned to look at the door. Joo Hyuk has already gone home. However, he was only alone. Where are Su Young and Mrs. Kang going?

”Honey, which mother? ” asked Da-eun.

”Ive taken them home, ” Joo Hyuk replied.

Joo Hyuk soon passed into the room. Da Eun tailed from behind. Noticed Joo Hyuk, who was lying on the bed.

”You don want to clean up first? ” asked Da Eun as he crawled up onto the bed.

”No, ” Joo Hyuk replied. Closed his eyes.

Da Eun smiled. Get closer to Joo Hyuk. Also lying on the bed. Leaning her head against Joo Hyuks chest.

Da Eun misses Joo Hyuks touch. They haven been in contact for a long time. Da Eun stroked the chest of Joo Hyuks field.

”Stop it! Im not in the mood to do it. Go. I want to sleep, ” Joo Hyuk said as he slammed Da Euns body.

Joo Hyuk laid the body aside. Back to Da Eun.

Da Eun felt confused. Strange. Isn it usually, Joo Hyuk will always react when he sees her dressed in that dress? Why now, Joo Hyuk didn even glance at Da Eun in the slightest?

Da Eun slammed his body aside. Now, the bodies of the two are back to back to each other. Theres a lot thats changed from Joo Hyuk. Da Eun felt very distant from her husband.

the next day.

Da Eun prepares to go to the office. Likewise, with Joo Hyuk. Breakfast is readily available on the dining table. Of course, Da Eun prepared it. Get up early and cook.

”Go Da Eun, go to the office by bus. I hurriedly. Can deliver you, ” Joo Hyuk said as he put on a tie.

Da Eun was silent. She was putting the dossier in her briefcase. Again, her husband didn want to drive her to the office.

Joo Hyuk screeched away from the room. Da Eun chased her husband all the way to the living room. Her guess is correct. Again, Joo Hyuk didn eat breakfast first.

Joo Hyuk had already opened the door of the house. Looked back for a moment. ”I left first, ” he said.

Da Eun sighed. ”Don you want to eat together first? ” asked Da Eun in a low voice.

”There is no time. Im leaving, ” Joo Hyuk said as he closed the door.

Da Eun exhaled violently. Even the man didn say a word on their wedding anniversary. In fact, Da Eun has already prepared a special gift. An appointment with a doctor to do a pregnancy program.

All day at work, Da Eun did not focus on doing her tasks. Even the work is chaotic. Someone constantly filled her head with questions about her husbands changing attitude.

Time passed. It was already five oclock in the afternoon. Its time for employees to go home. However, there was an impromptu meeting at half-past six later.

Da Euns phone clinked. Shows that a message is coming in. From Su Youngs number.

e home? Hurry, we are waiting for you at home. There is a special surprise waiting for you. ” The content of the message.

Da Eun replied to the message. Said if she had a sudden meeting. Normally, they would go home at eight oclock in the evening. Or even undetermined.

”Well, its a pity. Alright, the spirit of my Da Eun. We will wait for you to go home. ” A message reply from Su Young.

Da Eun breathed a sigh of relief. They had been waiting for her to give a special surprise on the wedding anniversary. No wonder Joo Hyuk behaved like that. It may have been deliberate because it was to prank her. Da Eun thought.

An hour had passed, Da Eun couldn help thinking about what surprise she would get later. It made her mind branch out. Not focusing on paying attention to what was conveyed by Lee Kyung-sook, as the chief manager.

”Are you okay? ” asked Kyung-sook at Da-eun who looked uneasy looking.

Da Eun keeps silent. Just replied with a nod of the head.

”If you
e not feeling well, you can go home early. I will send a summary of the meeting via email, ” said Kyung-sook.

”Ah, t-thank you, sir. ” Da Eun said goodbye as soon as he got the chance to get home sooner.

Her smile expanded perfectly. Da Eun quickly stopped a taxi that passed in front of her. She couldn wait to rush home.

Deliberately, Da Eun did not tell her to return sooner to Joo Hyuk or Su Young. For them to be as surprised as she was.

In less than half an hour, the taxi stopped in the front yard of the apartment. Da Eun immediately ran towards her apartment.

Sh pressed the password of the apartment door. The door opened. The situation at home is so dark. There is no lighting at all.

Da Eun smiled happily. Her husband and best friend so neatly composed the surprise. She saw a few gift boxes on the front room table. Complete with tarts and two bottles of liquor that are still sealed. There was already one bottle open. Leaving only a quarter of a bottle of liquor alone.

”Where are they going? Why is the house so quiet? ” muttered Da Eun, asking herself.

Da Euns footsteps walked through the entire room. She found no one, however. Da-eun changes her clothes in the room.

However, her ears caught a strange sound from inside the room. Da Euns footsteps stopped right at the door of the room.

Her eyes widened perfectly when she found a pair of mens and womens shoes at the door of the room.

”Ah, ah! ”


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