”I told you to give me a grandson. The descendant successor of our family. Look now, you are so busy at work that you don have time for your honeymoon. ”

The voice of a middle-aged woman, as soon as it sounded thunderous, filled the entire room. A small apartment occupied only by a husband and wife now seems to feel stuffy with anger.

Da-Eun lowered her head. Bending over the body, begging the woman who scrambled the waist before him.

”Im sorry, mom. Weve tried. Its just that, maybe it has not given you the trust to have children, ” said Da-eun.

”Thats your reason alone! You are not good at taking care of yourself. How could my son be satisfied with you? Change that look of yours. Don work too hard until you forget your homework. Hurry and give us grandchildren! ” said Mrs. Kang. Da-euns mother-in-law.

Da-eun nodded her head.

Da-euns mother- and father-in-law screeched away leaving a couple glued to the place.

Joo Hyuk—Da-euns husband. Just silent. Did not defend in the slightest when the wife was treated like that by his mother.

Joo Hyuk got up from his seat. Walked into the room. Leaving the wife, who is still in the same position. Bow.

Da-eun held back her tears from falling. This is not the first time for her to be scolded by the mother-in-law. For the same one reason. Because of heredity.

It wasn because of her work or health that she hadn been pregnant for these two years of marriage. Rather, because indeed God has not given confidence alone.

Da-eun has already done a medical examination. The body and reproductive organs are fine. The content is healthy. There is no problem.

Her mother-in-law has always blamed herself for this matter. Calling herself a wife who is not good at taking care of herself because she is too busy at work.

Before marrying Joo Hyuk, Da-eun had worked for a long time at the largest marketing company in the city. Her position in the office, too, is not just an ordinary permanent employee. Instead is a secretary manager.

Theyve committed. Joo Hyuk will still allow Da-eun to work whenever the woman wants. Even though Joo Hyuks parents forbade Da-eun to work.

Joo Hyuks parents, especially the mother. Want to have a daughter-in-law who is good at taking care of herself. Become a housewife. Take care of the house, husband, and children. Inversely proportional to Da-eun.

Da-eun didn want to give up the career she had worked so hard to achieve.

Joo Hyuk knew that Da-eun was crying, but there was not the slightest pity in her heart. In fact, in the first year of their marriage, Joo Hyuk was so attentive to Da-eun.

”Kang Da-eun, where is your car key? ” asked Joo Hyuk.

Da-eun gasped. Even this time, the husband completely mentioned her name. Doesn that mean, Joo Hyuk no longer considers Da-eun as a wife?

Da-eun wiped her tears. Raised her index finger up. Pointing towards the television table. The place where she put the car key.

Joo Hyuk snatched Da-euns car key, screeching out of the house without saying goodbye first. I don know where hes going to go.

It has been the past three months, their household is not in a fit state. Da-eun doesn know why Joo Hyuks attitude is so different. Its no longer the same as the first time I got married.

Theyve been dating for four years. Later, they got married. Tomorrow is the second anniversary of their wedding year.


Da-euns phone vibrated. Shows an incoming call. Quickly picked up the phone call.

”Hello, ” she said.

”You didn forget, did you, Mrs Kang here is a business meeting to design the latest samples of our products, ” said a person from the telephone line.

”Ah, yes. Well, Ill be there now. ”

Da-eun hung up the phone. Quickly got up to her feet. Exhaled a long breath. She should look fine. Don mess up today.

Da-eun walked out of the house. She walked a few meters towards the bus stop not far from her home. Waiting for the bus to arrive.

Thats how she is. Owned a private vehicle, but never wore it. The car was used more often by Joo Hyuk. On the grounds of saving household expenses. They had just one vehicle at home. And that, the car belongs to Da-eun.

Da-eun arrived at the café. The café was quite spacious. The front alone is full of beautiful tables. She said it will hold the meeting on the rooftop of the café.

Arriving at the rooftop, Da-eun searches for the whereabouts of her co-workers. Before long, someone waved from a distance to her.

”Ah, Min-ah! ” shouted Da-eun as she waved goodbye.

Da-eun walked up to a few people who were already at a large round table. Near the end of the rooftop fence.

e thirty minutes late, ” said a person with glasses on his bitter face.

”Im sorry, manager, ” Da-eun said as she bowed.

They also discussed the draft plan for marketing the latest product samples. Da-eun played an important role in the design this time. She explained how the marketing system works in some stores and supermarkets that will receive samples of their products.

”So, how about it? ” asked Da-eun to everyone.

”We agree, ” another co-worker replied. Fellow assistant managers from several sections in marketing.

”Well, thats enough. In that case, we will use Mrs. Kangs design. Next week, we will start the draft, ” said the chief manager, Lee Kyung-sook.

Da-eun blushed with shame. She was happy that it would use the design for marketing samples of their new products.

Da-eun has been trying hard for this one month. Working on the design is certainly difficult. There is a lot to consider.

After that, they also had a meal together at the closing of the meeting.

”Da-eun, isn that your husband? ” said Min-ah.

Instantly made everyone on the table, including Da-eun look in the direction Min-ah pointed.

Near to where they were sitting, a few tables from the rooftop door. Joo Hyuk and Su Young—Da-euns best friends, are eating together. Just two of them at the sweet table table commonly used for lovers.

Da-eun frowned. True. Its her husband and best friend. What are they doing here? Eat together without telling him.

Da-eun lowered her head. All colleagues, including their superiors. Looking in their direction. She was embarrassed.

”Ah, maybe they
e talking about something important. Just now Joo Hyuk told me he would go with Su Young, ” Da-eun denied.

Da-eun didn know what the two people were talking about. But judging from where he was sitting, they looked happy. Unlike Joo Hyuk, who always looks at her fiercely when eating together at home.

”Hey, they
e gone! ” said Min-ah as she nudged Da-euns arm.

Da-eun was shocked. Where are they going

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