Joo Hyuk stared fiercely at Kyung Sook who was holding his right wrist. Da Eun crossed hands over his chest. Smiled victoriously.

Su Young turned her eyes in the other direction. While Mrs. Kang covered her mouth with a palm. Did not expect what was seen.

The video is still going on. Originally, it only showed a hot video of the bed scene between Su Young and Joo Hyuk.

Now, the video has changed to CCTV footage of the last time Da Eun and Joo Hyuk met in the old apartment.

Everyone shouted loudly as the scene featuring Joo Hyuk slapped Da Eun. Kyung Sook tightened his grip on Joo Hyuks wrist even more, making Joo Hyuk wince in pain.

Everyone started to make a fuss. Whispering about Joo Hyuk.

Joo Hyuk stared around. He slammed his hand out of Kyung Sooks grasp. Everyone in the room looked at himself with a contemptuous and hateful look.

Joo Hyuk felt panicked when all the superiors in his company stared intently. One by one withdrew from the event. Walked out of the room without saying goodbye.

Joo Hyuk tried to chase down some of the people who were still at the door. ”TWwait! Don go! I can explain it. ”

Joo Hyuk put his palms together over his chest. Begged one of the managers who was his superior in the company.

The middle-aged man took a deep look at Joo Hyuk. Made Joo Hyuk bow his head. ”Kang Joo Hyuk, from today you are fired! ”

Su Young, Joo Hyuks father, and mother turned their heads instantly to the origin of the sound. They were surprised to hear Joo Hyuk was fired.

Without issuing any more words, manager Joo Hyuk also stomped away from the event. Joo Hyuk was glued to staying in place. A moment later, his body collapsed and slumped on the floor.

Da Eun smiled happily. However, het heart ached. This time, the marriage is completely over. She turned her head up, holding back the tears that were about to drip down her cheeks.

Su Young looked furiously at Da Eun. ”You shameless woman! You think, who are you? ” shouted Su Young.

”You shameless! You bitch grab peoples husbands! ” cursed Min-ah as she rose to her feet pointing at Su Young.

Everyone also cheered, shouting at Su Young. It made Su Young feel ashamed. She ran over to Joo Jyuk.

”Joo Hyuk, come, lets get out of here! ” invited Su Young half-whispering in Joo Hyuks ear.

Joo Hyuk lowered his head. Everything has been destroyed. His self-esteem and work have been ruined. Its all because of the video that Da Eun showed in public.

Joo Hyuks parents also got up from their seats. They helped Joo Hyuk up and walked out of the room.

Min-ah and Da Euns other co-workers approached Da Eun. With a sad look on his face, concerned about what happened to Da Eun.

However, Da Eun tried hard. Didn want to show a sad look on her face in front of her co-workers.

Kyung Sook kept watching Da Eun who was smiling in the crowd. He knew that at this time, Da Euns state was not doing well.

On the other hand, Joo Hyuk held back his anger that had already reached the top of the head. He shouted in the parking lot. Kicking the tires of a car that does not have any harm.

”What are you doing? You have already humiliated your father and mother in front of the crowd! ” shouted Mr. Kang.

”Its all Da Euns fault! Mom, you know how that woman is, right? She can serve me well. Can even give me a baby. Am I wrong to seek satisfaction outside the home? ” Joo Hyuk complained to the mother, looking for a defense. Don want to be blamed.

Mrs. Kang was embarrassed by her sons actions. However, if you think about Joo Hyuks words, there is indeed some truth to it.

Mrs. Kang stroked the shoulders of her son who was bowing before her. ”Hes right, its all Da Euns fault! ” said Mrs. Kang to her husband.

Mr. Kang exhaled a long breath. ”But your deeds are simply despicable. You have smeared the good name of the family! ”

”Never mind. This has all happened. After all, Joo Hyuk did it with Su Young, ” Mrs. Kang said, glancing at Su Young.

Su Young approached Mrs. Kang. Apologizes for her actions that betrayed Da Eun. Playing with fire with Joo Hyuk.

”Look at it, dad. Su Young is very different from that woman. It doesn matter if my son is together with Su Young. She will be our good son-in-law, ” Mrs. Kang said to Mr. Kang.

”Wed better leave here, the event is over, ” Mr. Kang said when he saw that some of the people who had been at the party had begun to appear in the parking lot. They left the place.

After driving both parents home, Joo Hyuk and Su Young went to the ramyun tavern. Ordered a ramyun and picked up the liquor that was inside the refrigerator.

Unmitigated, Joo Hyuk took three bottles. Vertically one bottle at a time until it runs out. Put it on the table very tightly.

”We have to do something to the woman, ” Su Young said.

Joo Hyuk nodded his head. Went back to take a sip of the glass of drink that Su Young had just poured.

Joo Hyuk and Su Young were drunk together. They went to the hotel to spend the night together.

the next day.

Joo Hyuk returns home to the apartment. Joo Hyuks forehead frowned when he found that all his belongings were outside the door.

It seemed that several men of big stature and tall were taking out other things that were still left inside.

”Who are you guys? Whats in my house? Why are all my belongings taken out? Stop it! ” shouted Joo Hyuk trying to dissuade the three men.

”You have to get out of this house! ” said one of the men.

”Who do you dare to command me? ” Joo Hyuk barged inside his apartment. Searching around, looking for Da Euns whereabouts.

Joo Hyuk is sure, these are all Da Euns deeds. Just when he opened the room, the cell phone rang. There was an incoming call from the person he was looking for.

”Where are you? What are you doing Go Da Eun? ” asked Joo Hyuk in a high-pitched tone.

”Get away from my apartment. And, return my car too! ” ordered Da Eun from the phone line.

”Fuck, you bitch! ” snapped Joo Hyuk.

The phone connection was cut off. One of the big men pulled Joo Hyuks arm. Pushed him out of the apartment. As well as forcibly taking the car keys that were in Joo Hyuks pants pocket.

Joo Hyuk yelled, cursing at them. Now, all his belongings have been taken out. The door of the apartment was closed very tightly.

The commotion that Joo Hyuk caused, made the neighbor next to his apartment come out. looked contemptuously at him.

”You guys are useless! Having an affair with his own wifes best friend! ” the middle-aged woman cursed as she screeched away from the sight of Joo Hyuk.

Joo Hyuk snorted irritably. Threw a fist at the closed door of his apartment. ”Go Da Eun! Youll pay for all this! ”

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