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After six months had passed since Cindy became an adventurer and joined their party, which now consisted of Cindy, Una, Vail, Rii, and Cini. Currently, they are on a request mission to eradicate the monsters that are blocking trade routes between kingdoms.

”Everyone, stay focused, don let your guard down, ” Una exclaimed. Warning.

”Okay, lets get this over with quickly, so we can head back to the city, ” Cini said.

”You, at least what you have in mind, just don want to be far from Elia, right, Cini? ” Ask Rii. Mocking.

”Your eyes!, what kind of person do you think I am huh, yeah if Elia wanted maybe I could reconsider a little bit, ” Cini said. Argue.

Ha ha ha.

”At first you refused but in the end, you also seemed to want this to happen, you bastard. ” Said Rii.

”But if it happens, we will support you anyway. ” Says Vail. Support.

”You three, don you know the right place and time to joke around, ” Una said.

”Yeah yeah, don ramble on. ” Say Cini. Lazy to listen to the chatter.

”Thats why he still hasn found his spring. ” Said Rii. Mocking.

”Hey, its none of your business, you know, or you
e tired of living, ” Una said.

”Thats it, lets get this over with quickly so we can get back to the city, ” Cindy said. Interrupt.

Thus they continued their battle with these monsters when they finished exterminating them.

”These monsters are extremely powerful, different from the monsters we are used to fighting. ” Says Vail. Astonishment.

”Come to think of it, theres some truth to it, is there something that makes them increase like this, like an attack-enhancing item in a game only. ” Say Cini.

”Haa, as usual, you guys are saying something that Cindy and I don understand, ” Una said—checking around with Cindy.

”Hhhhh! ”

”Cindy, behind you! ” Vail exclaimed. Worry.

”Cindy! ”

”Cindy!, dodge, ” Una exclaimed. Worry.

The monster attacked Cindy from behind and hurt Cindy, but luckily, it only hit her non-vital area and only made her unconscious for a moment. Una immediately cast attack magic shortly after the monster hurt Cindy.

”Cindy, Cindy, Cindy, ” Una said. Cry.

”Una, calm down, youll only make Cindys situation worse, ” said Vail. Tell.

”How can I be calm, due to my carelessness, that monster almost killed Cindy in front of my eyes, ” Una said. Send it.

”I know that, but you will just. ” Says Vail.

”You guys, never mind fighting, Rii can you do it again? ” Ask Cini. Ordered Rii.

”Always telling people, not that you and Vail can do it too, ” Rei replied. Sigh.

”Okay, Ill do it, as usual. ” Said Rii.

As Rii restored Cindy with her strength instantly and along with the healing of the wounds caused by the monsters attack, it returned as if there were no scars at all.

”Cindy, Cindy, hey Cindy, ” Una said. Cry.

”Una, why are you crying like this? ” Cindy asked.

”After all, Cindy is like this because I was careless and almost let the monster kill you, ” Una answered. Hysterical.

”No, its also my fault for not confirming that the monster is dead or not, ” Cindy said. Convincing.

And Una was crying in front of Cindy, and Cindy put her arm around Una to calm herself, crying because she thought it was her fault. After three minutes, Una calmed down thanks to Cindys warmth that continued to convince her. At the same time, Vail, Cini, and Rii continued to investigate why the monster could have this kind of power.

”Vail, Rii, what do you think makes these monsters strong? ” Ask Cini. Discuss.

”I can figure it out, but it could be because of the environment they live in or. ” Rii replied.

”Or because they have eaten something that makes them stronger than before, ” said Vail.

”Like that huh, or more logically, there is a mysterious person who makes these monsters strong. ” Say Cini.

”It could be, for that reason alone makes sense, but who is the mysterious person who made this monster strong, and for what purpose did the mysterious person do this. ” Said Rii. Curious.

”Everyone, Im sorry for making you guys anxious and worried earlier, ” Cindy said, which Una was still holding.

”Ahh, don worry about it, just relax. ” Say Cini.

”Right, don think too much about it, since its already past so let it go. ” Said Rii.

”Even so, the one who is more anxious and worried than us is only Una, so spend your time with Una after arriving in the city, Cindy, we leave Una to you. ” Says Vail.

”Cindy, Una, you better go back to town first and tell Elia that the mission was a success and use the reward to improve his mood. ” Say Cini.

”Cindy because you
e going to meet Elia, and maybe take Elia out to eat with you two. ” Said Rii.

”Now its your turn to accompany the two of them to the city. ” Said Rii.

”What can I do, I also want to offer him something like that by using teleport magically to get there faster and safer, seeing the distance from here to the city takes 1 hour of travel. ” Say Cini.

”Cini doesn let this teleport magic be known by other people or the guards, it will create a commotion that will cause trouble in the future. ” Says Vail. Remind.

”I know its Vail, Ill be careful to choose the destination teleport, then Cindy, lets go, Una. ” Say Cini. Unlock teleport.

”Yes Cini, then you two I will go first, if you later look for us, we are at Unas favorite place to eat, ” Cindy said.

”Thank you, Cindy, ” Una said. Happy.

Then Cindy, Una, and Cini, arrived beside the gate in and out of the southern city where there were rarely patrolling soldiers.

”Cini, thank you for delivering to the city, ” Cindy said.

e welcome, its not a bother either. ” Say Cini.

”Come on Cindy, lets enjoy this free time and invite Elia to join us, ” Una said. She was getting better.

”Then, see you later Cini. ” Cindy said. Walk into town.

”Its in the city now, isn it okay now? ” Cindy asked.

”I just don want the same thing to happen again after losing them, ” Una muttered.

”Hmm? Did you say something? ” Cindy asked.

”Not at all, now I want to eat something, ” Una answered.

”But why are the residents of this town so restless, ” Cindy said. Curious.

”Excuse me, whats with the residents of this town? ” Una asked. To one of the soldiers.

”Don you know, that the demon army suddenly attacked the front line in the city of South Tars. ”

”Looks like its not the right time, lets go to the guild, ” Cindy said. Run.

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