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They walked out of town to their usual resting place. Cindy introduced herself once again.

”Once again, introduce my name is Cindy, and now I have become an adventurer and a new member of this party, so I ask for help in the future, ” said Cindy. Repeat.

”No need to worry, Cindy, nice to meet you my name is Cini, this is Rii, and this is Vail, and that woman who is always rude to us is Una, ” Cini said.

”What did you say! ” Una exclaimed.

”Not that its true, Rii, Vail. ” Say Cini. Mocking.

”Thats right. ” They both said.

Because the atmosphere between them was hilarious, without them realizing it, Cindy was happy and laughed a little, which made them grateful because it took away the awkwardness.

”Cindy, are you laughing? ” Una asked.

”No, its nothing, ” Cindy replied.

”Ahh yeah, maybe its too late but thanks for helping me last night, ” Cindy said. Be thankful.

”Help Cindy? last night? ” Una asked. Confusion.

”Yeah, they helped me last night, from that place, ” Cindy replied. telling you

”Can you tell me what happened? And what help did they give you? ” Una asked.

Cindy tells Una what happened last night and shares the help she got from Vail, Rii, and Cini.

”When I wanted to be kidnapped by that person, there was a woman who had protected me from people who wanted to kidnap me, but in the end, the woman was injured by protecting me, and I was made unconscious after that when I opened my eyes I was already in a large room. once women are women, they are treated and looked at like slaves, when someone dressed like royalty comes to see and then Im chosen by that person, shortly after that I was given makeup to beautify myself, I began to realize that this place is a place to satisfy nobles and merchants with a lot of money. ” Cindy said

”How cruel, the treatment they did to you, Cindy, ” said Una

The story is very long. It turns out that I thought a little in his heart

”When I opened the door to the room, I saw that the noble was already waiting on the bed, ” Cindy said. Continue.

”Hey, how long are you going to stand there? Don you know how much money I spent just for you being ungrateful to be with me, this noble Count? ” Say the person.

”Sorry lord Count, I did not realize that you are a noble Count, ” Cindy said.

”Stop talking, Im not paying you to talk, come and serve me this fast. ” Said the noble Count. Order.

”Yes, sir Count, ” Cindy said.

When Cindy and the noble Count wanted to do this, the noble Count began to get annoyed and angry with Cindy for saying she didn want to do something like this in a low voice.

”You ignorant woman, don you know that I am a count noble, one of the important nobles in the kingdom. ” Said the noble Count. Punish.

”You guys outside, come here, get a rope and tie up this impudent woman. ” Said the noble Count. To the child for Mr. Noin.

After the guards tied up Cindy, the noble Count took a whip from a small cupboard in the room. He punished Cindy by physically whipping her to tear her clothes and making Cindy almost helpless, but at the last second of her consciousness, she screamed for help, hoping someone would come to save her. Himself from the lecherous Count nobility and this situation.

”Please, someone please save me! ” Cindy screamed. Hysterical.

”Hahaha, scream as much as you can, its useless there won be anyone coming here to help you because this is underground which is soundproof both from outside and inside. ” said the noble Count. Punish

When the door opened, the noble Count saw three men, and one of them ordered himself to stop punishing this woman, and two released the woman who was bound helplessly.

”When I looked around, there were three people who came. One confronted the noble lord Count, and then two helped untie the ropes that bound me. Thats all I know, ” Cindy said. With an expression of sadness and happiness at being freed from that place.

”I see, so youve been through a tough time, Cindy you
e really strong, ” Una said. Encourage.

Cindy, who heard those words from Una, immediately burst into tears and hugged her tightly.

”I don think any help has come at all, to save me, ” Cindy said. Cry.

”Now you are fine with us, Cindy, ” Una said.

After five minutes had passed, Una asked for the continuation of the story that Cindy had told.

”So hows it going? ” Una asked. Curious.

”In short, I defeated that bastard noble, when after news from Vail that the two of them had created a barrier area that we used to use for training, but because of the clash of power of that noble and my strength, without us knowing it the landlords courtyard became impacted by the impact. that fighting power. ” Rei replied. telling you

”Then what about the count nobles? ” Una asked.

”Ahh, that person includes the soldiers who were there, we erased their memories that night alone. ” Answer Cini.

”And when we left that location, we had time to visit Elia who was being treated, ” said Vail.

”Una, since you already know what happened, so now stop calling the three of us by your strange nicknames. ” Say Cini. Sigh.

”Impossible, ” Una said. Turn away.

”Heee, really, yes we have a strange nickname from you forever. ” Said Rii.

”You three stop joking, don you think about the current situation? ” asked Vail. Unravel.

”Are you Vail, do you agree with the strange nickname he gave us. ” Said Rii. Do not accept.

”Its not a matter of strange nicknames or anything like that, but look in Unas lap. Someone was sleeping after a hard struggle before he could feel the freedom he is now. ” Says Vail. Coolly.

”Well, things like this have happened a lot in the old world and present. ” Said Rii.

e right. Wed better protect whats in front of us, including Elia. ” Say Cini.

”Just the two of them? Why am I not in it? ” Una asked.

”Theres no way we should protect you, the former chief sorcerer, ” Vail replied. Mocking.

”Don take it seriously. Im just joking. ” Says Vail.

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