When they were silent, the head of the citys soldiers came to the three of them to ask, which in other words, all the residents were asked the same question of where and what to do at the time of the incident.

”You three over there, ” said the chief soldier.

”Ahh, is there anything we can help you with, the chief warrior of the city? ” Ask Cini. A cold sweat.

”I have something to ask, where and what were you three doing before and after this incident? ” asked the chief warrior of the city.

When the chief soldier asked the three of them, they looked worried and broke out in cold sweats for fear of being caught by the citys chief soldier.

”Whats the matter with you guys? Why are you guys scared like this? Could it be that you guys couldn be the culprit, right? Hahaha, ”

”So, what were you three doing last night? ”

”They were in the healing home where I was being treated at the time and were sleeping tiredly, ” Elia said. Startling.

”Is it true? but why didn the three of them say anything? ” asked the chief warrior of the city. Curious.

”Anyone would feel like them, right? because the chief warrior of this city is very powerful and scary named Delgram, and other evidence that they are from the orphanage where I was treated is, look at the clothes they brought that were the clothes when I was in the healing home. ” Elia answered. Convincing.

”Hahahaha, who is it that spreads such strange rumors, ” said Mr. Delgram. Laugh.

”Well I believe you, Elia, that they are where you are being cared for, ” said Mr. Delgram.

”Thank you for trusting me, Mr. Delgram, ” said Elia. Honor.

”Come on, take me to the inn, well excuse Uncle Delgram first, ” said Elia. Go.

”Alright, please continue your journey home, ” said Uncle Delgram.

The four left their location very grateful to Elia for saving us from the citys warrior chief.

”Elia, thank you for saving us from the soldier chiefs question, ” said Rii.

”No, Im just telling the truth, because you guys did come to the place where I was being treated, didn you? ” Elia asked. Walk to the inn.

”So you know huh, our presence wakes you up Elia? ” asked Vail.

”We apologize for interrupting your rest, Elia, ” Cini said.

”No problem. You can get rid of Uncle Delgrams question, can you. ” Said, Elia. Smile.

After a long walk, they arrived at the inn, and Cini, who brought the clothes, gave them to Elia.

”Elia, I leave this to give to Una. ” Say, Cini. Give.

”Unusually whats wrong with you guys? ” Elia asked. Confusion.

”The three of us want to have breakfast first. ” Answer Cini. Lie.

”Thats right, Elia. ” Said Rii.

”Alright, Ill give Una this outfit, then Ill excuse myself. ” Said, Elia.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

”Finally, you guys have arrived too, three perverts, ” Una said.

”Eli, how come you are here how about your treatment? ” Una asked. Happy and embarrassed.

”Good morning Una. Today I was allowed to go home but was not recommended to work first by the nurses there. ” Said, Elia.

”By the way, the three of them handed this over as I was about to go upstairs. ” Said, Elia. Give.

”Those guys pissed me off, ” Una said.

”Besides Eli, how did you get with them? ” Una asked. Curious.

”Ahh, while walking here, I saw that they were being questioned by Uncle Delgram, maybe its related to the situation at the residence of Mr. Noin, ” Elia answered.

”That might indeed have something to do with the three of them, ” Una muttered. Slow.

”Whats wrong Una? ” Elia asked. Curious.

”No, its nothing, Eli, hehehe, ” Una answered. Laugh.

”Then who is this woman? ” Elia asked.

”I also didn know her, when I opened their room I saw this woman sleeping on one of their mattresses, in shabby clothes as if something had happened, ” Una answered.

”You? wasn it the woman from that time? ” Elia asked.

”Ahh, thank you for the other day, ” replied the woman.

”At that time? What do you mean Eli? ” Una asked. Curious.

”In short, when I saw him being chased by the cloaked man, I was able to protect him and shouted for help, but when I was attacked, I was unconscious afterward, ” Elia replied.

”So, what happened the other day you were trying to protect him huh? ” Una asked.


”Wed better get over it. Do you want something? ” Elia answered.

”Maybe Im a little hungry. ” Said the woman. Hungry.

”Come on, lets go downstairs to eat, come Eli and you? Can you tell us your name? ” Una asked.

”Sorry for the late introduction, my name is Cindy, ” Cindy replied.

”Cindy, let me introduce myself, I am Una, and this is my best friend, Elia, ” Una said.

”Alright, Cindy, now you are both our friends, ” Elia said.

”Thats right, Cindy should come to the guild if something happens to you, ” Una exclaimed.

”Thank you, Una, Elia for your kindness, ” Cindy said. Happy.

”Its fine since we
e friends now, so lets go downstairs to eat, ” Una said. Invite.

When Elia, Una, and Cindy went downstairs to eat, they saw Vail, Cini, and Rii sitting at a corner table. The women sat near their table while waiting for the innkeeper to bring them food.

”Cindy, if you are in danger, especially if you deal with them, just shout, yes, the soldiers here will come to you quickly, ” Una said. Mocking.

”Hey, we heard what you said, can you not say something strange to the woman you just met. ” Said Rii. Protest.

”Idiot, I just let him know, ” Una said.

”Cindy, although they always fight, they are not as bad as you think, ” Elia said.

”Not bad? ” Cindy asked. Confusion.

”Right, because they are adventurers from this towns guild, ” Elia answered.

”Adventure huh, ” Cindy said.

”How? Are you interested in becoming an adventurer with them, if you are interested I can recommend you to join their party? ” Elia asked. Offer.

”Is that possible? ” Cindy asked. Ensure.

”Thats easy because Im the receptionist at the guild, ” Elia answered.

Cindy, interested in becoming an adventurer, immediately accepted Elias offer.

”Ehh, Cindy wants to register as an adventurer too? Its nice, Cindy joined my party, actually, at this party, there are only three perverts and me, but when I heard you were interested in becoming an adventurer I was grateful to have a female fellow adventurer. ” Una said. Spirit.

The innkeeper came by bringing food to the three of them. Seven minutes after Cindy signed up to become a member of the adventurer guild and joined their party, as they walked out of town to their usual place to rest, Cindy once again introduced herself. She said thanks to Vail, Rii, Cini, and Una.

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