When the atmosphere got out of control, the three said what they wanted to Una.

”The three of us used to think about going back to our original world, it was based on our theory or our thinking that if there is summoning magic in this world it means there is a possibility of return magic, is that right? ” asked Vail. Ensure.

”It does exist. Its just that it takes fifty summoning magicians to send back the summoned people to their home world, so you intend to return to your original world, don you? ” replied Una. Hold sad.

”Yes, we intend to do that, but that was then now it seems we have no intention of returning to the original world, ” said Cini.

”Okay, now lets go back into the city and see if the guild has any new missions, ” said Rii.

”Thankfully, this time Im not left behind by someone anymore, ” muttered Una. Slow.

When they arrived in the city, there was an incident where there was a victim of the incident. When they took a closer look, the victim was Elia, the guild receptionist who made Una cry and approach Elia. Before long, Elia was taken to a healing home in the city of Norf to get further preventive measures. Still, on the other hand, the three of them could heal fatal wounds instantly, but it would be too conspicuous to see they were only Rank adventurers and would cause a huge commotion. Night fell, and after thirty minutes of Elias complete treatment, he miraculously finally came to his senses.

”Una, what are you doing here? Why am I here, what about the woman who was with me earlier? ” Elia asked.

Una woke up and saw Elia awake. Then he hugged Elia in hysterical tears and worries. Vail, Rii, and Cini, who already knew Elia was awake, went to see the reenactment event using the replay skill. After they saw During the reenactment incident, they were surprised that another woman was with Elia. Elia seemed to be protecting the woman. Nothing other than the kidnapping coincided with Elia screaming for help and hoping that help would come for them, which put him in danger. The kidnapper left Elia injured and unconscious.

”How about this? Cini? Rei? ” asked Vail.

”What they have done must be paid for properly, ” replied Cini.

”Okay, like they have to pay for what they did to one of our precious friends, ” Rei replied.

”Whoever it is that has made Una and Elia suffer must feel the same way, ” said Vail.

Elia saw a past incident when he was a child where Elias family was sacrificed for the revival of the demon kings ancestors by the demon king Una woke up knowing Elia had a bad dream and immediately hugged and held hands and whispered, ”everything is fine ” in his ear. His right ear. It is known that the person who injured Elia while protecting a woman was a subordinate of the illicit trade who wanted to kidnap the woman to become a to the nobles lust when they followed the kidnappers unknowing trail to the landowners masters residence.

”Rii, Cini, lets split up and regroup here when we get the information and the layout of the plan in this building, ” said Vail.

”Okay, ” said Cini.

”Lets get started, ” said Rii.

When traced a lot of bodyguards, such as an essential person in the class of a noble or a general of the army and looks like someone who looks soldier, escorting that person, it seems he is like a noble who is thirsty for power and lust for girls who are still relatively young and that person enters into the underground where there is a door behind the leaf wall to camouflage so as not to be suspected by someone.

When it was time to gather, each of us began to tell.

”Looks like there are a lot of soldiers here, ” said Cini.

”Its like there was something strange about the building of this house in the past when we carried out the quest from the owner of this house the level of security was not this strict, ” said Rii.

”Thats true, but the reason there are so many soldiers here is because there are nobles with faces full of sheer worldly excitement, ” said Vail.

”Then lets sneak inside to find out more, ” said Rii.

The moment before they managed to sneak in accidentally, they were caught by the soldier as a result of one of them slipping and falling.

”Very good, yesterday Rii, now you, ” said Cini.

”What can you do if its already like this, ” said Rii.

”Tread wrong, this attic is very slippery, ” said Vail.

”Stop, what are you guys doing in master Noins estate? ” asked the Soldier

e looking for the black cat that hurt our friend, ” replied Cini.

”Don try to cheat, get out of here if you don want to feel the consequences, ” said the soldier.

”Okay, what can you do? ” said Vail.

The fight was unavoidable, and luckily it wasn heard until the room downstairs because the noise from inside or outside would not be heard because of the ground that served as a silencer. In order not to know that it was who had kidnapped a young woman and would attack anyone who interfered with their plans.

”Vail, Rii, what can we do lets do it here. ” cried Cini.

”Alright, lets do it, ” said Rii.

”Uncle, actually we don want to do this, but since the situation is like this so its okay for us to do it quickly, ” said Vail.

The three of them and the soldiers attacked each other.

”What kind of move did you use that? ” asked Rii. Curious.

”I don know, I was just thinking of kicking here and there, ” replied Vail.

”Both of you, hold on for a while Ill use magic to put them to sleep, ” said Cini.

While focusing on using magic to put them to sleep, what came to mind was only the sentence sleep now without thinking, he used that sentence, and it seems that sleep now managed to make the soldiers fall asleep.

”Hey, isn this just an English sentence? ” asked Rii.

”Yeah, it can be helped that this is the only sentence that comes to mind, ” replied Cini.

”At least it worked to lull the soldiers to sleep, ” said Vail. Towards the park.

”Okay, now enter the quiz after fighting the guards and up to here. Did you see anything strange in this place? ” asked Vail.

”Hey, this isn the time to be playing games, why are you always not being serious at all, ” said Cini.

”I saw something suspicious, ” Rei replied.

”Hey, you are also the same thing with him, ” said Cini.

”Forgive me you two, it looks like it is between the walls covered in this garden leaf. ” Say, Cini.

”Thats right, lets open that door and continue why we came here, ” said Vail.

At the same time as the open door smelled a very unpleasant smell from within this room, the three immediately went downstairs to look for the person who hurt Elia and the woman they kidnapped.

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