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The woman continued with the current situation in this world and the reason for their summoning.

”We are a combined sorcerer from every sorcerer in some kingdoms, to do the summoning to fight that figure, ”

”Wait a minute, what kind of figure are you guys fighting? ” Ask Vail

”These kingdoms are at war against the demon king ancestors, and the three demon lords, moreover some of us are afraid to fight them, ”

”Looks like what you
e talking about doesn look like you
e lying to us, ” Vail said

”Im not lying at all– ”

”Is it okay then first, introduce me to Vail, this is Rii and this is Cini, and secondly it seems that the summoning ritual was successful, ” said Vail.

”Thank God the summoning was successful, sorry Im late in introducing myself, Im Nia, Nia Aghture as well as the head of the summoning magic division, ” Said Nia.

”Then did you also see the person we called? ” Nia asked

”Yes, of course, we saw it, ” Answered Cini.

”Where, where is he now? Have you saved them too? ” Asked Nia.

The three of them pointed at each other, which annoyed Nia Aghture because they didn speak earlier than they were in person.

”You guys! Why didn you say that from the start, at first, I thought the summoning failed, or at worst the summoned person was also needed by those people, ” Nia exclaimed.

”Nia, can you explain more about who he is who tried to thwart your summons, ” Said Rii.

”I also don know who that person is. Surprisingly, when we were making a circle and chanting a summoning spell, that person blocked us and wanted to kill us. Luckily you weren killed by that mysterious person, ” Said Nia.

”This is good news, that the summons we made were successful and all the things we went through were paid for with this success, lets hurry to Tars City, the place of unity between the kingdoms, ” Said Nia.

”Nia, you should report that this summoning group has been attacked by the demon king army, and also report that all the summoning mage divisions have died as a result of that incident. Can you do that? ” Ask vail.

”Why should I do that instead of it will lead these people into despair? ” Nia asked.

”Its true and it can be helped, but on the other hand we can easily move without worrying for a while, ” said Cini.

”Thats right Nia, and even though the three of us already know the situation in this world, what we need to consider is ignorance in terms of our opponents strength, ” Said Rii.

Nia Aghture also made a fake newspaper, which couldn be avoided because the opposing party had controlled the area where the summoning was called, and at the same time, Nia Aghture changed her name to Una.

In the morning, Una accidentally saw Vail, Rii, and also Cini doing something that Una herself didn understand, something that was like the words that came out of the mouths of the three people such as status, profile, and item box, when Rii said the title appeared the writing that said hero but was deleted/deleted by Rii, not only Rii but the other two also did the same thing to surprise Una.

”Ahh, Una has woken up apparently, ” Said Cini.

”You! ” Una exclaimed.

”Yes? ” Asked Vail.

”You guys, what have you done with your hero titles, ” Said Una.

”You mean this, which says the hero is held, we don need it at all because we don have the characteristics of a hero that we know in anime and manga, so we just throw it away, hehe, ” Said Rii.

Three months have passed, and now they are in the city of Norf, the city of adventurers, and it has been one month since they become members of the adventurers guild in the city of Norf. Currently, their rank has only risen to level A.

Why did it suddenly rise to rank A, because of the physical test and ability when trying to register as an adventurer, their combat power was on par with B Rank, but they did that so as not to be suspected by the guild master named Eblo. In other words, they held back around eighty percent of his strength.

And going back to the current three months of their party containing Vail, Cini, Rii, and Una, Una also came to the guild, as usual, to see if there were any new missions listed in the guild.

”Good morning Una, ” Said Elia. The receptionist of the Norf town guild

”Ahh, during the morning Eli, ” Said Una.

Elia and Una are close, even like brothers, because they are always together every weekend.

”By the way, where are they now? ” Ask Elia.

e out of Norf city, lazing around in their free time. They should use that time to carry out missions instead of lazing around like that, ” Replied Una.

”Una once in a while, just let them enjoy their free time because since the battle for the special forest was recaptured two months ago, and since then, there hasn been an attack by the demon king and demon king ancestral armies, this is a great leap for mankind isn it, ” said Elia.

”Then Ill go out first. Just let me know if theres a new quest so we can get to Rank S quickly, Eli, ” Una said.

”Okay, Una, be careful on the road, okay? ” Said Elia.

”Hey, you guys, how long will you be lazy about it? ” Ask Una.

”This time, today is the perfect time to be lazy, you know. ” Replied Rii.

”Don you guys feel hungry at all? ” asked Una.

”Hahaha, hungry? ” Vail asked.

”You underestimate us, huh, ” Said Rii.

”Yeah thats right, of course, we are starving here, the reason why we don move is so we don get hungry easily, did you bring something for us to eat? ” Ask Cini.

”As expected, you guys pissed me off, ” Said Una.

”So hows the human army? ” Ask Vail.

”Eli said the special forest where we used to be has been recaptured, and so far, there hasn been a comeback from the demon kings ancestral army and the three demon lords, ” Replied Una.

”Una, its been four months since you hid your identity as the division head of the summoning group to being an ordinary adventurer, don you want to go back to being a member of the power from where you came from and see your family? ” Ask Rii.

”My family no longer exists in this world. Due to the incident of a desperate demon lord invading my hometown, they have all been massacred by the demon lords army, ” Replied Una.

”Sorry, I didn know that your family died from that incident, ” Said Rii.

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