Vails, Rii, and Cini were in the hilly Forest where this place was where they were initially summoned to this world. It all happened for about a thousand years, huh… five hundred years in this world, equal to sixteen months in their original world. Because of that, even though they have lived for decades, none of them have aged.

Unknowingly, when the three of them were on their way home from school, a mysterious circle appeared, leading them to places they did not know.

Instantly they saw that there were about thirty adults who were dressed like sorcerers in anime and manga who were dead. A woman was lying in the corner of the room.

Rii checked the condition of the woman who was lying down. Judging by her condition, there were two possibilities for this woman to faint. The first possibility was a hit from the neck, while the second was because she tried so hard to fight until the foreign woman fainted.

They are also increasingly confused by the incident they experienced, trying to survive while caring for and caring for the woman who never regained consciousness. Rii, Vail, and Cini shared tasks, some went out to find something to eat, and some stood guard, waiting for the woman.

How surprised Rii, who at that time was on duty to look after the woman, was seeing signs of consciousness with the womans fingers moving slowly.

”How is that woman? ” asked Cini, who had just arrived after looking for something to eat together.

”It seems that this womans condition has started to improve, earlier I saw her finger move, even though it was only for a fraction of a second, but it was already showing signs of life, ” replied Rii.

”Finally, this woman has struggled through her most difficult time, ” said Cini with a sense of relief.

”Yes, right. He has been in critical condition for three days, ” Vail said.

”Then lets go outside so that this woman recovers to the fullest, ” Vail continued, leading his two comrades out of the booth they had made and resting because it was already night. The following day they woke up at the same time.

”Cini, have you cut the fish you caught? ” asked Vail.

”Of course, Ive cut it, ” replied Cini, raising both eyebrows.

”Rii, hows the fire? is it ready to use? ” Cini asked, making sure.

”Soon, the fire will be ready to be used, ” said Rii, slowly blowing the fire so the wood burned bigger and more evenly.

”Alright, then. Ill prepare the materials we use today, ” Vail said.

While preparing food, something sounded from where the woman was resting.

”Did you hear that too? ” asked Cini, who heard a voice that didn know what it was.

”Maybe hes already awake, Rii you try and take him to breakfast, ” said Vail.

”Okay, Ill take a look and take her, ” said Rii, while walking towards the girls place.

Knock knock.

The woman heard Riis knock on the door. At the same time, Rii was still standing in front of the cubicle door.

”Please come in, ” Sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at the door.

Hearing a voice, Rii was surprised, but not so long ago, he immediately woke up from his daydream.

”How are you? Have you fully recovered? ” asked Rii.

”Ah, thank you for your concern and sorry for the trouble, ”

”Don worry, we don feel bothered at all. ” said Rii.

”We? ”

”Yes. ”

”Rii, come, the food is ready, ” Cini called.

”Oh yes, don forget to invite the woman to join the meal together, ” added Vail.

”Yeah, just a moment, well be there, ” said Rii.

”Come on, lets eat, ” said Rii, inviting the woman.

After Rii and the woman came to the place to eat, there was a scream of hunger from the womans stomach.


The hungry sound from the womans stomach made Vail, Rii, and Cini laugh.

”Sorry for my impoliteness, ”

”Its okay, sit down, lets eat before the food gets cold, ” said Rii, until the woman, whose name was still unknown, also ate together with the three young men.

”May I- ”

”Alright, for now just eat first, ” Vail interrupted, stopping the unfinished sentence.

The woman continued to eat curiously. After she fainted, time passed after a few minutes, and they immediately tidied up and cleaned their food. Of course, now the girl is helping.

Rii invited the woman to join them and discuss something.

”Okay, wait in front first, later we will follow you after everything is finished, ” said Cini.

The woman thoughtlessly walked towards the front of the house and sat on the bench while waiting for the three people.

”Sorry for making you wait so long, ” said Cini, approaching the woman with the others and sitting down together.

”Its all right, ”

”Alright, now what do you want to ask us? ” Rii asked,

”Can you tell me what happened when I was unconscious, I think we were doing a summoning ritual, but the summoning was interrupted by a mysterious person who tried to stop the summoning process when I fought them… I was blown away by very strong wind magic, then after that, I don know anything else and where are the summoning magicians? ” scattered.

”Oh my, you have so many questions, ” muttered Rii, followed by a smack from Cini.

”Leave it alone. A sign that he is someone who always pays attention to something, ” said Cini, who heard Riis murmur.

”Okay, we will answer your questions, ” said Cini.

”When we suddenly got here there was no one alive except you, then the summoning magicians might be those who are already dead, because when we saw there was a lot of blood in that place and the slashes they received were very large. fatal, thats when we saw you lying unconscious in the corner of the room, ” answered Cini.

”I see, so the summoning is not known whether it was successful or not, ”

”If you may know why you and those people made the summons? ” asked Rii.

”Actually our kingdom is in a precarious state, no! not only us… but other kingdoms are also in the same situation as ours, ”

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