The cleaners were dispatched after the operational crew had signaled to the headquarters about their successful conquest.

At that time, Illanoir didn care much about the aftermath, especially all of the extra work to set the perimeters of the new transportation path and the like.

All that he knew was the fact that he had done his boring task. Sometimes, he questioned himself.

Had I changed? Or was it the world that had changed? He noticed it but he rarely thought about it. Of the Lunar Elves of this era, he didn feel much after sacrificing the future of those who had been shackled by the Riksa Inc. nor did he even care about completing the task.

Before the end of the day, he went to the place that was called the Myosotis Burial. It was a transportable platform with numerous metal coffins. There, he saw one of the long-time coworkers, Dorso Doros, in a white dress. Two Officers were there, guiding him with respect.

Dorso saw his caption, watching him go to the afterlife first. He waved his hand. In response, Illanoir waved back with a smile.

After he got into the metal coffin, the lid shut tight. There, two of the Officers sent their prayers to the stars.

”Work to earn the right to work. To earn the right to buy, the right to give, the right to live, and the right to die. ”

When Elves died, their body would act like a seed. Depending on the amount of surplus lifespan or deeds that they did to the world, they would thrive and grow into a tree, spreading their influence and nourishing the land.

It was a blessing that was given by mother nature a long time ago, when everything was still simple. It still applies to the Lunar Elves, hence why everyone didn want to die in a random place.

When Doros laid down on the coffin and the lid was shut, a gas would be inserted into the small place. That special gas will make the elf sleep forever, until the day they die.

The Myosotis Burial acts as a way for Elf to end their life in a respectful manner. And when the coffins were filled, they would be sent to their home planet and transferred to a place called the Paludarium, where they would mingle with their grandparents and ancestors as trees.

But to have one to die in Myosotis Burial, a lot of money needed to be paid. Poor people won have the monetary, so some of them even slave their body away so that they could rest in this burial.

It was crude, but self-worth came before anything else. It was just that, the people had a narrow idea on what a self worth truly meant. Those who knew, and those who didn and never knew.

Then again, neither do both of them knew that this Myosotis Burial won ever reach their home.

”Sending Myosotis Burial to the other planets needs a lot of paperwork. The Riksa Inc. would not want their actions to be recorded too much. ”

At best, the platform for the Myosotis Burial would be thrown to space.

Turning away, Illanoir walked towards the Nests, muttering, ”Pitiful ”, again and again.

Without realizing, midnight had arrived and now he had arrived in his tent. He didn see the younglings gathering in the usual tent. That was odd, but he couldn care much. Not that he couldn care less.

”Im more tired than usual. ”

He looked at the ceiling of his Nests tent, having his body laid down on the floor bed. Still feeling energetic, despite his previous statement, he got up.

Near his desk, he slowly and methodically cast a spell that conjured a mirror. His affinity for magical aspects of construction were around 40% so it won take much time in contrast to his healing affinity that was 10% at best.

When the spell was done, he stared at his own reflection. He didn check himself as much but his gaze was pretty much dead. There was no sign of joy that could be found in his unmasked expression.

”Now that I think about it, Im still using this pretentious appearance of a frail and feeble person. ” He snickered a little, stroking the back of his neck. ”I missed my manly and handsome features, having people to put low expectations on me is nice. Not like it really matters if they couldn even discern my face. ”

Swift through the shade, something had entered the tent and purposely left out a document on his bed floor. Within that short window of time, Illanoir gazed through the invisible being from start to finish, the same glare that could strike fear on a blooming flower.

”Huaaaaaaaaaa, scarrryyyyyy! ” Ishas froze in terror somewhere faraway from the Nests—despite being a dead person, after she managed to successfully did her mission. ”T-The Liberator stared at me from the moment Im and in and out! ”

”There, there. ” Elder Kashk patted the terrified former continent lord. ”You did well. ”

”Huaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! ”

”Elder Kashk, are you sure that this will work? ” asked Adoras.

After that peculiar phenomenon, Illanoir was rather dumbfounded on what was happening. He had many guesses and theories but he decided to not indulge deep within them right now. After all, the night is usually the time where the festive spirit runs amok.

”Yesterday Im in a hella bad mood that my night time is replaced by a time to heal my arm, Ill just take it easy until morning, ” muttered Illanoir with an easygoing face.

Hoping that it won be things that would ruin his night once again, Illanoir opened the mysterious documents.

”… ”

17 residents of the Nests below the age of 50 will be sent to the disciplinary training using the media of the Computing Sarcophagus under the name of Alliance of Beskhas.

”That Zetras…! ”

Computing Sarcophagus, those were liquid tubes that would connect the person inside into a virtual space, where they would be educated, disciplined, doctrined, and went through thousands of simulation, arranging from tortures and scenarios that would ensure their skill as a capable husk of body that would slave their life to death.

Unbelieving of what he read, he immediately scanned the content of the document thoroughly, ensuring that he didn miss a single word. Wide awake, he opened the third eye on his forehead.

The third eye had no eyelashes or eyebrows, as if the skin on his forehead was cut open to reveal the extra set of sight. The sclera was black, and the pupil was pure red. While it was being used, the third eye twitched uncontrollably.

One second was all it takes for Illanoir to scan the stacks of paper using his third eye. Brought to an anger, the document was immediately devoured by a corrupted purple flame.

That purple flame was not real, yet if the stack of papers could feel pain, it would feel ten times the pain of being burned by a normal flame.

Twitching hands, the flame spread to everything inside the tent.

At the same time, his third eye expanded, consuming all of his facial features and leaving only a singular giant stare of hatred.

”Is there something you want to ask, young Adoras? ”

”Im asking if giving a simple document to a person with extreme tolerance would work. Besides, you said that Illanoir didn see the Lunar Elves as equal, but a lower life form akin to a pet. ”

”Do you read the document before giving it to Ishas? ”

”I did. ”

”Hmmhmm, all of those younglings were Illanoirs dotted little disciples. ”

”Don tell me. ”

Elder Kashk, donning an unhinged smile of amusement, spun around as if she was dancing, under the four moons that were orbiting Emmir.

”While he might be an extremely patient person. ” Elder Kashk stopped, tilting her head with grace, eyes facing her two juniors. ”The Hero of the Lunar Elves is full of affection, and what do you think would happen if his beloved pets were culled with him knowing it? ”

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