”Speaking of whom. ” Adoras mentioned. ”I haven been informed of our new friend on this journey. Mind if you introduce yourself? ”

”Yes! ” Ishas gave her salutation. ”The names Ishas Kes Mjalnu! ”

”Mine is Adoras, just Adoras. Im not born in the year where the Elves started to use a surname, so don be weirded out. ”

”Hehe. Well, Im actually just nothing but a humble aristocrat from this dark age. Compared to everyone in the Ancestral Realm, Im not worthy. Still, I hope that we can get along! ”

”Hmm, how long since we allow a Lunar Elf to join the Ancestral Realm? ” Adoras shifted his gaze to his elder.

”Around 19,036 years ago, ” said Elder Kashk nonchalantly.

”Time had surely passed then. ”

”Uhm, so seniors. ” Ishas fiddled with her fingers. ”Where are we going again? ”

”You haven told her? ”

Adoras pointed with his ethereal thumb. Because their souls were moving at an extreme velocity, the edge of his thumb was getting stretched and trailing like a source of smoke.

”We are going to a planet that is called Emmir, do you know that location, Ishas? ”

”Planet Emmir? The third of the barely hospitable planets in the Eva Solar System? Ive heard of many attempts to claim it when I was still an owner of a continent. Though, I have never known if its even possible to reach there. ”

”I can see why. ” Adoras looked at the bottom left of his field of vision, glimpsing a terrifying abomination of space that had the size and mass bigger than the moon on Gaia. ”We would have been chased by now if not by the fact that we
e only a mere group of spirits. Also, now that we have come this far, you haven really told me of what we
e after in this journey, Elder Kashk. ”

”Do you remember Illanoir? ”

”The Hero of the Lunar Elves, ” said Adoras. ”the one who had set the fate of the entire universe in its rotten roots. ”

”He is still alive, ” said Elder Kashk with a smile.

”What!? Hows that possible!? ”

”You wouldn believe it if I were to tell you. ”

”Uhm, who is Illanoir? ” Ishas put her index onto her cheek, innocently tilting her head.

”Seriously? ” Adoras furrowed his eyebrows. ”You
e a Lunar Elf, yet you didn know of your own savior? ”

”Huwaa! Don hit me! ”

”Im not gonna! ”

Not even trying to stop the shenanigans, Elder Kashk voiced her wisdom, ”The upper echelon of the Lunar Elves society had hid that part of their history from the middle and lower caste. Possibly to prevent any attempt of erecting a rebellion. ”

”As expected of the Lunar Elves. ” Adoras felt extremely irritated just by listening to the sins of his descendants, he couldn keep up the count of how many times he had sighed. ”By the way, you haven told me how Illanoir managed to survive till now…

”That hot head barely has an innate affinity with any Magical Aspect, let alone being able to mingle with these inferior kin of ours who thrived their survival solely in an authoritative society. ”

”Affinity of Magical Aspects? Whats that? ” Ishas innocently asked, barged in her seniors conversation once again.

”Seriously? ” Adoras tried his best to not facepalm in front of his junior. ”The inheritance of knowledge in your society is that low? Even for an owner of a continent!? ”

He couldn stress enough of how stressed he was about the Lunar Elves.

”Now now. ” Elder Kashk gestured her hand. ”Its not hard knowledge to pass on to someone, you know? ”

”Im sorry for being an inconvenience! ” Ishas bowed repeatedly, while still keeping up with the travel speed of her seniors.

Amused, Elder Kashk weaved her hands. Upon the trailing of her fingers, rose numerous symbols and numbers as it formed a rather visible yet non-physical screen before tossing it to the front of Ishas with a flick of her index.

On it, came numerous information about Ishas. From her name, ages, possession, ancestral tree, personality pie diagrams—

”W-what is this!? ”

”Oops, wrong screen. ”

Elder Kashk flicked up her index, and the whole screen changed to something less cluttered.

Numbers of Affinity: 6

Perception: 189%

Destruction: 370%

Fire Bending: 200%

Elemental Control: 780%

Memory Processing: 170%

Healing: 470%

e using that weird magic again, ” said Adoras.

”Hmmhmm, us Elves are dependent on the innate nature of our own soul to mingle with magic. So in our old days, we appraised the level of adaptability and talent of an Elf as Affinity of Magical Aspect.

”Magical Aspects know no boundary, and the stronger your affinity level is, Or, in the scale Im currently using, percentage—the faster you cast the magic and the better your control would be if the magic is connected to the affinity.

”Likewise, low affinity would make you cast less faster and bear less control. Consequently, it also affects the amount of energy you need to use for better effectiveness.

”In your case, you have six major Affinities that surpassed the average level. Do know that these numbers are multiplicative, and you can get the double benefit if the magic you
e trying to cast is connected to more than one of these six. ”

”Ooh! ” Ishas eyes sparkled. ”No wonder that Im so talented in spells related to elements! ”

”And then, of course, there are your bad Affinities. ”

Elder Kashk flicked up her index, showing a huge amount of random Affinities of Ishas Magical Aspects that were lower than 100%. Although most of them didn go lower than 70%.

”My Water Affinity is 79%, this explains everything, ” said Ishas, with the expression that was telling her embarrassing history related to water magic.

Elder Kashk looked proud with her presentation. ”The more broader and universal the Magical Aspect is, the more reliable and influential it shall be. For example, the Magical Affinity of Fire is stronger than Fire Bending, because it includes anything related to the concept of Fire and not the action. ”

”Anyway, Elder Kashk, please refer to my question about Illanoir. ”

”It will be easier for you to see it yourself. ”

Elder Kashk swiped her hand, splitting the floating screen projection before changing the subject of the data. Just a second afterwards, she weaved both of her hands, duplicating the digital-like frames to compensate for all of the information that could be showcased.

Ishas was intimidated by the amount of screens in her sight. ”So many screens! ”

”This is… ”

”Yes, it is Illanoirs Affinity to his Magical Aspects. ”

”Most of them are below 20% and 10%, this doesn help to convey what you
e trying to say at all, Elder Kashk. ”

”Yeah. ” Ishas could only wryly smile. ”The Affinity for Destruction is 2%, I thought I was missing a zero, but it is mostly the case for the rest of them. ”

”Those numbers are important. ” Elder Kashk maintained her smile. ”Because you need to see that before comprehending these. ”

Elder Kashk shooed a couple of the projected screens before putting another more.

Within that screen, was the Illanoirs Affinities of Magical Aspects that were entering the territory of abnormal.

”I see… As expected of the person who sparked the rebellious nature of the elven kind. Although, this is probably beyond outrageous. ” His eyes were wide open, trying to contain the heavy realization inside his throat. ”Do others within the Ancestral Realm know of this? ”

”It is only the three of us who hold this forbidden knowledge. As for peepers, there are none. So rest assured. ”

”My numbers are nothing compared to this. ” Ishas wryly laughed.

For one last time, Adoras faced that specific screen once again.

Reality Bending: 6780%

History Bending: 201%

Suppression: 1200%

Amalgamation: 700%

Alteration: 170%

Longevity: 160%

Immortality: 100%

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