Eva Solar System.

A certain Cargoship near the natural satellite of planet Emmir.

Within the floating metal structure in space, a room filled with 49 Male Lunar Elves. One of them stood stoically in front of the other 48 who were wearing plain gray uniforms. He wore black and gold officer uniform, donning an admiral cap with the insignia of chrysaetos.

Brimming with confidence and authority, the man preached his speech.

”Welcome to Riksa Inc. to our brand new workers and engineers. We
e thrilled that all of you picked us, cause we are here to bring all of you brilliant new careers!

”While it might be true that the terms of your servitude are a little bit unclear, don fear the years that youll be spending here. ” The arc of the officers smile expanded. ”You
e all lifelong pioneers!

”As of now, we
e entering a planetfall to a planet full of resources. The lavish Emmir of the Eva Solar System is full of exotic and powerful minerals.

”Once again, each of your contract calls that your job will mostly revolve around rounding up and exporting. The details shall be perused and echoed by your superiors on the colony.

”Ive told you everything that all of you need to know. Now, go station yourself with your respective cargo. ”

” ”Yes sir! ” ”

”May all of you be blessed by the World. ”

With the rest of the laborer had gone back to their allocated position, another male elf with the rank of Vice Admiral had entered the room.

The Admiral immediately cast a forcefield that wrapped the inside wall to prevent any kind of information from escaping.

”State your matters. ”

”Our space outpost on Kjeras has been intercepted with an espionage attempt that is coming from the Kiva Solar System. ”

”I expected this. Immediately send a strong decoy signal on the neighboring Solar System. The Vitas Void in-between shall be enough to trick the Federation. ”

”Admiral, this mission has always been too risky for this part of the fleet to partake. I want you to reconsider our contract with the Alliance of Beskhas about this. ”

The Admiral sighed. ”You worry too much. Listen well, Vice Admiral.

”Unlike a life, a price is dependable. The Alliance gave us a good canvas along with hefty cash.

”Don you think that it is wonderful that we could cut expenses so that these Rats remain expendable? Heh, they must be thankful, to be able to reach out their steps in our names, spreading our power and influence.

”We made them our prophets, and it only a matter of time until they make us a profit. In the hope of ascension… ” The Admiral weaved his right hand, removing the forcefield that he set. ”It is normal that those lowlife lick the boots of a nobler blood.

”The Eva Solar System was known to be the hardest Solar System to visit because of the amount of void beasts that lurks in between. The Alliance of Beskhas have funded our fleet to create a conjunction of teleporter and worm holes that is only known to us.

”We mustn waste this chance. Tax law is more lax on the planet unseen. And in space.

”No one can hear the machines. ”

Twas the year 25,001 ATDOL, the amount of years that have passed after the day of liberation.

In the state of interstellar advancement, the elven kin had its illness of corruption growing and expanding at much faster rate, now that there was more space for it to flourish from the public eyes.

Yet, there were still hopes, being preserved within it.

Somewhere within planet Emmir of the Eva Solar System.

A gentle and caring voice.

One that rejects the gleam of the moon.

The voice of the wise Elf.

”If you want to understand our universe, all of you need to comprehend the compound that drives the reality here. Now, now, focus! I shall prepare a demonstration! ”

It was coming from the mouth of a rather short elf, who donned an orange safety uniform along with the iconic yellow safety hat on top of his overflowing silver hair.

” ”Yes, Madam Illanoir! ” ”

”Nyeh! Who told you that? ” He placed his fingers on his forehead, closing his eyes with uncomfort. ”Refer to me as a Sir. Male and Female had their own respective affinity with magic, it would be better to be capable of differentiating the heart of the soul. ”

Another construction worker of the same attribute entered the tent. He donned a uniform with slightly lesser yellow stripes and details, signifying his lesser position.

”Captain, they are just kids. Besides, you
e more of a caring mother than a hardworking father. ”

”Shut yer trap. ” Illanoir snickered, a little bit agitated. ”I worked thrice harder than you. If Im the mother, then you
e more of a young lass who pisses their pants every night. ”

”Thats harsh. Care to support my claim, Garn? ”

”Who, me? The Captain is just that manly, even with such a small and adorable face. I mean, physique! That said, you have no room for argument, ” said another elf with a slightly bigger body and muscle than average. He just came a moment ago, after hearing the conversation from the outside. ”Oh, and Dorso, I suggest you help me pick up the drilling components for the next expedition. Just let our Captain teach the kids. ”

”Alrighty then, see ya later, Captain! ”

”You folks mustn forget to spread the ration amongst the Nests for today! ” Illanoir shifted his attention to the eight kids who sat in front of him, patiently waiting for the next magic lesson. ”Ehem, devoid your attention, youngster! ”

He reached out his open palm. In almost an instant, a solid sphere made out of mud was conjured, floating above her clutch. ”Look closer at the object in my hand. Its got presence and weight—it is round, with no features nor orientation.

” ”No feature nor orientation! ” ”

”This is mass. ”

” ”Oooooooh. ” ”

The sphere stopped floating, Illanoir then put the object on one of the kids hands while they were still dumbfounded with awe.

”Woah! The surface is so smooth! ”

”Almost everything in this world is mass. Your body, this tent, the ground, the excavation mech, the planet—mass is boring, but very much required. ” With just a single gesture of finger tip from Illanoir, the sphere lunged itself to his hands. Gently, he weaved his fingers as the shape of the mud was distorted into many familiar objects of different materials. ”We can take mass, and shape it to form. Features, angles, and intents. Look at the planarity of the surface, here, and then here! This is what we call design! ”

” ”That is design! ” ”

”After comprehending the universe, you need to comprehend your own being. To mold and create mass in the first place, you need to know your soul.

”Now, this is a volatile one. ” Illanoir molded the former mud materials into a grail. He then opened a wound on his finger, commanding his blood to flow and fill the container. ”This is our catalyst and lifeline, the blood! It is radiant, and sharp. Blood is heat! ”

” ”Blood is heat! ” ” All of the children echoed.

”This is my blood, and you have yours. Now, look closer on the surface. An elf has a high constitution to see things beyond sight. If you manage to comprehend the universe, you will see thin films of many colors within this liquid. Almost invisible, extremely frail. They are not in this reality, but an adjacent one!

”These are the essence of the soul. They are surplus of our lifespan that spread to our tissues. We use this as a fuel and catalyst to cast incantation and magic! ”

One of the children raised her hand. ”Then where is our soul? ”

”Fufufu, it is the same with these essences. They exist in an adjacent reality, right beside our conscious body. Most of the time, they were laid in the very center of our conscious mass. ” Illanoir pointed his fingers to his chest.

”Oh! I can see Sir Illanoirs soul! ”

”I can see it too! ”

”Uuh, where? ”

”There! It is dancing like a flame! ”

”Now, now! ” Illanoir clasped his hands. ”You kids have learned a lot of math and geometry from me. With the comprehension of the soul, each of you can start to train converting your soul essence into fuel.

”Mostly, it is different from person to person, so all of you need to find out independently by taking this grail and blood as a reference. Don stress too much, being hasty is risky. Slower might be boring, but a turtle will often finish the race than the rabbit.

”As for next time, the subject will be Incantation. ” He then wiped the blood on his finger, while casting a magic to close the wound. ”Ill be going to my quarter, don spill the blood in it, will you? ”

” ”Thank you, Sir Illanoir! Thank you for your guidance! ” ”

Illanoir then showed them a wide and gentle smile. ”Don be late to the curfew, or your parents at the Nests will worry. ”

Right after he exited the tent, he was welcomed once again by the extreme heat of the dune. Above was a yellow sky and the stars of the neighboring galaxies and solar system. Surrounding him were more tents, storages, chimney of black smoke, rovers, factories, and hundreds of machinery for the sole purpose of excavation. As every step that he took, was not on the ground of his beloved Gaia.

The smile immediately turned into a casual frown. His eyes shifted lifeless, half lidded and tired.

25.000 years had passed since his enjoyable life of solitude. Many things had changed, a lot of changes to both the world and its major inhabitants who used nature selfishly. Unlike their kindred from the past.

The conquest of the past had resulted in the massive change in behavior after the Lunar Elves claimed the Gaia as their possession. They began to be more ambitious, more reckless, more naive, and more selfish.

Because of it, they began to copulate more and indulge in debauchery. The population of Lunar Elves rose dramatically in 2010 ATDOL.

They no longer seek the pursuit of knowledge, resulting in the decrease of average maturity and wisdom that were inherited with every passing generation.

Thanks to it, not many seek to master and hone their magical prowess to increase their overall lifespan.

And then,a currency called Gimmel was created, creating a mature economy for a race that didn even need one to begin with. As if things couldn get any more worse, bureaucracy was implored and a caste-like system was implemented to separate those of nobles and literal slave of society.

It restricts those of lower status to seek any knowledge and training for magic. Thus, massively decreasing the average lifespan even more. Back then, most Elves would start to normally live up to 8,000 years, instead of the current Lunar Elves that could only live up to 300 years the most.

The rich became exponentially richer, while the poor were forced to work to earn the right to work, and then they were seduced by the ale and the likes to sate what ails them, using the money they earn from work.

It was a downhill spiral that became worse and worse with every passing year.

But who knows that it was now the lack of adequacy of magic that became the fall of elven kin.

Overpopulation led to an increase of demands for resources and vacancy. At one point, Gaia had been wrung dry and there were no other places to expand except for the neighboring planet within the solar system.

Their science development was unmatched however, even by the humans if they were still alive. With little to no effort they managed to terraform numerous planets while determining the expansion of the void between the galaxies, all to travel at the speed faster than light with precise coordinate and colonize the unseen celestial bodies

Enormous workers were needed in the aftermath.

”Just, how many more years do I need to give, to witness the slightest change to my own kin? Are they even the same descendant of those former brethrens—those beloved family of mine that I liberated from slavery? ”

Illanoir on the other hand, had his life turned into a weird favor. Thanks to the body and soul alterations that he did to himself 25,000 years ago, he was inspired to meddle more with his soul

Combined with the knowledge of the soul and his diligent pursuit for magic and knowledge, he had made his soul produce a high amount of lifespan that even death couldn keep up.

He also somehow managed to survive and avoid the detection of the federal government from many planets, in a way that expert didn think possible.

Reality Bending.

It was surprising that he had a great affinity for the magic under that category, although not as omnipotence to the point of making him akin to god nor immortal. After all, Reality Bending was the type of magic that required a lot of sacrifice and expertise that offset any talent to minimum benefits.

Illanoir managed to cast some of the spells under the category of Reality Bending, regardless.

Blurring Memoir.

Using such a method till now, there wasn a single soul under the Ancestral Realm could clearly remember his detailed appearance nor see through all kinds of visual pictures and illustrations about him, thanks to the spell that he developed, in order to live peacefully with less stress, or so that what was originally planned.

Some people were an exception. Just like one of the workers by the name of Dorso Doros. Some of them just had the affinity to see through the constant force field of reality blurring that Illanoir maintained.

As for how he was able to trick the government of his age, he also had a special method for it—

”Captain Illanoir. ”

One of the other laborers approached Illanoir, holding a clipboard one hand.

”Carry on. ”

”Executive Zetras wants you to be presence at his office. ”

Although it was merely for an instant, Illanoir rolled his eyes, with his pupils hanging by the upper pupils with extreme discomfort and malice.

Next instance, he closed his eyes and donned a gentle and wide smile.

”Alright, tell Executive Zetras that Ill be arriving in one hour. I still need to settle some material lists and tasks for the workers. ”

The male elf who was holding the clipboard showed a faint sign of anxiety, mostly because he knew that the Executive wouldn treat the slightest latency with a mere smile and words.

”Ill report this to him, may you be well, Captain. ”

”May you be well too. ”

Just like he stated, he immediately worked all of his remaining tasks and responsibilities that could take the best worker of his status more than an hour. But this time, he finished it all twice faster than he was supposed to.

He could do it faster, but it wasn the right time to overly stand out yet.

”Hmm, I need to see if Garn and Doros really did give the ration in time. ”

Despite that inconspicuous self muttering, what beneath his facade of indifferent expression, was that of unhinged madness that had been boiling for millennia.

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