On his trusted desk and seat, Executive Zetras kept on donning his pretentious eternal smile within the Office, even when there was clearly nobody who would be gazing and judging him.

Even at midnight, he was still on his desk, dealing with all of the documents and numerous decisions that he must implore into action and fruition. Not many really see it, but Zetras himself rarely took a break as he enslaved himself for his goal in mind.

”Hmm, weird, I remember that some of the sealed documents were still here. Did someone break into the office when I was supervising? Peculiar. ”

He tapped his cranium with his gloved finger. Within his processed perception, he was switching between channel to channel of secret surveillance spells that he put around the whole sectors of elven madr infrastructures of this planet. Feeling anxious, he started to scroll back the time lapse for every surveillance area, even at his own office.

So far, there was nothing short of suspicious. Until at one point, he just witnessed that one pile of the document when he was still in the room had mysteriously disappeared in an instant. No sound, no particles, no indication, it just disappeared and even himself at that time lapse didn notice anything that was strange.

”Is there an intruder, perhaps? ”

He immediately created a document report for it. In just a minute, it was finished. Immediately, he worked on another pile of documents with a UI gadget to check all of the data about his industry business.

Seeing the report about the major success of the conquer of the Dunes Hell Bringers nest had made joy slip into his teeth, widening his smile for a little bit. Of course, he also knew that it wouldn be possible without the help of the reliable Captain for the general laborer.

”Captain Illanoir, if only you were to accept my offer two years ago, you would have already been at the rank of the Dogs by now. It is pitiful to have such talent yet no ambition and selfishness. ”

The headquarter where his office was in had a night shift, so it would never be completely asleep. At one time, a notification at the small UI screen near the corner of his desk had beeped. It was a confirmation made by one of the officers if Captain Illanoir was called by him to the Office.

Of course, Zetras didn ask for Captain Illanoirs presence, but he confirmed it anyway. After all, it would be interesting to find out what kind of reasons that made his favorite yet loathed individual to approach him.

”He has become a bit too rebellious, hasn he? ”

After a few minutes, Captain Illanoir had arrived by the front door. He spoke through the speaker, reporting that he had already arrived.

Illanoir entered the room with his usual indifferent expression. Although, this time, it was him who was bringing the evidence into the table. After that, he stood upright with both of his hands resting behind his waist.

”It is your handy Executive Zetras. Tell me, what can I do to fix your ventilation whistling? ” Zetras closed his eyes. ”Too many questions, then its not only the air that needs conditioning. ”

Abruptly, Illanoir threw the documents onto the desk.

”You can keep a secret from the building that you keep it in. Now, what is the legitimacy of this document Im handing over? ”

”May I question where you get it? ” Zetras tilted his head. ”You
e not the kind whos willing to know the truth, someone mustve handed it to you. ”

”Im the first one to question, Sir Kireton. ”

”Your privacy is a defiant to compliancy, Captain Illanoir. ”

”Who are you to talk about privacy? ” Illanoir half-lidded eyes darted to the very corner of the room. ”It is plain obvious, your eyes are everywhere. It hurts my eyesight every time I need to ignore those prudent magic traces all over the place. ”

”Heh, it seems like Ive truly underestimated your talent. ” Zetras snickered. Instead of pursuing the matter, he wanted to see Illanoirs reaction more than the truth he seeks. ”You can see that it has already been stamped. The date is three days ago, it is an old document. ” He pointed it with his index, all while maintaining his gaze to the person in front of him.

”I see, I appreciate that you
e being honest. ” Suddenly, the half-lidded gaze started to fade. What replaced it was squinted eyes, and a wide pretentious smile that mirrored the Executive. ”Thats the only thing I need to know. ”

”Now that leaves me with a lot of questions that I wanted to discover. ”

Illanoir slightly raised his face, showing the kind of gaze that nobody had seen before. ”Im afraid that you won ever know the truth. ”

”Oooh, you want to silence me? ” Zetras placed his chin on his fingers of both hands, supported by the elbow placed to the desk. ”I have a spare body, and the fact Ive been recording this whole conversation is enough of a proof materials to sue you into slavery. ”

”Really? Spare bodies? ” Illanoir burst into laughter after such a long time. ”A chronicle memoir combined with an independent stationary perception field? What is that? A witchery from the early state of Gaia? To think that a noble from this generation uses a low level trick. ” His smile dissipated afterward. What was left were a frown and a gaze of disappointment. ”You think that you
e safe, just by having a wooden shield strapped on your back. As expected, you have zero elven traits, Zetras Kes Kireton. ”

”I admit, I see a new side of you. ” Albeit nervous, Zetras tried to remain calm, all while trying to check if any of his spells had already been tampered.

e checking it right now, aren you? ” He slightly leaned his head forward, donning a mischievous grin.

”What did you do!? ”

”Relax, I didn tamper any of it. ” Illanoir flailed his fingers up and down. ”Its just a matter of experience, I knew every allegory of gesture and expression for a cunning and scheming bastard like you. I bet that you felt a little bit invincible after punishing those who came before me. Thanks to their foolishness, I guess. ”

”Captain Illanoir, we can discuss everything that ails you. Right here, right now. ” His fingers twitched a little bit before he could firmly open both of his hands to send his gesture of diplomacy. ”You have me good. With that, I will abide by every dream of yours. Is it an ascension of ranks? A vacation to an exotic planet? A power over this profitable incorporate? ”

”Seriously? ” Closing his eyes, Illanoir showed a kind, benevolent, and gentle smile. ”I don give a single feces about those. ”

”How about revenge? It is me that you aim for, yes? ” Zetras started to sweat, due to the intimidating aura that had been intoxicating him for a while.

e not wrong, but do you think that your artificial self punishment will be equal to what Im going to do? ”

Illanoir raised his hand. With a tiny portion of his lifespan converted into energy and a clenched muscle, he swung his limb forward, destroying the desk, documents, and everything in-between him and Zetras. At the same time, not a single shockwave from the attack damaged Zetras.

”I see, so it took me 900 years of lifespan to destroy this desk. ” Illanoir analyzed his hand that had been overclocked to contain a magic with an affinity that was less than 2%. ”Could have been worse. ”

Spending that amount of lifespan might have been a grave mistake in the eyes of normal Elves. But to Illanoir, it was but a fraction of the surplus that he had accumulated in his entire life.

All thanks to the alteration that he did to change his soul and appearance, which gave him the urge to temper his soul even further to ensure that he would still be living until the Lunar Elves needed him again.

A living beings soul didn necessarily have a predetermined lifespan. Instead, they accumulated it by existing and maintaining their consciousness. Lifespan and physical health was a different matter, obviously. So one could easily die despite having a huge deposit of life if a single giant rock suddenly fell on top of their head.

Illanoir had the speed of accumulating around 10,000 years worth of surplus of lifespan every year. Ignoring the used lifespan, and deduced by the time when the soul renovation was still in development throughout all of those years, he had approximately accumulated—

24,890,635 years worth of lifespan.

”W-what are you saying!? ”

”Say, I wonder what kind of expression that you will make after you have experienced the slightest of hell that I contain in my body. ”

Illanoir stretched his hand, performing a finger gun gesture as he aimed his index onto Zetras left chest. Doing so, he closed one of his eyes as if he was really aiming a firearm.

”W-w-what are you going to do!?? ”

”Bang! ”

A burst of corrupted purple hellfire had emerged from the single point that was aimed by Illanoirs index. The fire swirled and wailed, creeping and spreading into every inch of muscle tissues, organs, blood cells, pain receptors, and eventually engulfing every part of the Executives being to be torched by the hell.

No matter the attempts to exit his body had been made, Zetras couldn find a way to unclog his soul from his current body. He launched himself away from his stylish chair, and onto the ground writhing in high pitch before he began to scream.

There was only his screaming, his painful cry, and his wailing could be within the office. Illanoir used the melody of pain into an elegant dance, a playful rhythm of foot work to commemorate the scum that gave him so much annoyance for the past few years.

Despite still being tortured, Zetras crawled on the floor into the door. Illanoir slouched and squatted as he spectated the squeamish Executive as he desperately tried to be freed.

”You can do it~! I believe in you! ”

After an unfathomably excruciating two minutes, Zetras reached the door. There, he was slapping his hand and banging on the door again and again.

”Oops, I forgot to open it for you. ”

As Illanoir presented what was beyond the door, Zetras was met with nothing. An empty space, covered in pitch black darkness. As if, the office room was the only thing that exists within this universe.

”Alright, Ive done playing, you
e too pathetic to be played with. ”

In just a gesture of his finger, he lifted Zetras into the air and slammed him against the floor in the very middle of the room. After a finger snap, the hellfire abided to the command of his makers and began to disperse into nothingness. What was left was an exhausted Zetras, crying with a runny nose.

The almighty pretentious smile and commanding air was no more, as Zetres himself couldn do anything other than gasp for air, writhing and whimpering for his life.

”Little lad, are you hoping that the pain will be over? ” Illanoir smiled, squatting as he rested his chin on his hand. ”Im a petty person. If I were benevolence, I would have thrown you into the pit of a Dunes Hell Bringers.

”Though, you might have assumed that I might be someone that didn really come from this era. You
e smart, extremely smart. If only you were a little more cautious, you would have avoided this outcome in the middle of the intergalactic night time. ”

Most of the night time and day time were determined by their respective planets. But in space, the people determined their work time and rest time using the fixed universal 24 time scale of Gaia. So in some sense, every space station was synchronized with the birth planet. And when it reached midnight, it was referred to as the Intergalactic Night Time.

It didn really matter much in many places though. Illanoir here was only saying that Zetras didn have nowhere to turn nor go. As when the interstellar civilization was running, there was a proverb that said Only a fool who would ask for reinforcements in Intergalactic Night Time.

”M-monster! ”

”Really? ” Illanoir sought confirmation with wide awake eyes and an ear to ear smile. ”Then why the hell are you trying to pick a fight with me? ”

”HIIKH!! ”

”Whatever, Ill just make it quick and give a very special present for all of your earnest work as one of my higher ups. Im really thankful to you. ”

”No! What are you gonna do!? ”

Illanoir covered both of Zetras eyes with his hand. Not even a burst of movement nor magic could be made by Zetras.

”Young lad, the universe keeps expanding with every second that you wasted. It is the reason why we have a limit to the numbers of the calculated distance that we can reach in order to find the siblings of Gaia. ”

”What are you trying to say!? ”

”Our Milky Way has 400 billion known stars, and around 10 trillion planets orbiting them. From that number, there were only around 10,000 planets that we have claimed, yet why are we still thirsty for resources? ”


”Im saying. ” Illanoir reached closer to Zetras ears. ”What if nobody within those places ever knew you? ”

Right after he said that, a huge amount of energy is being created from the lifespan of a single person.

With an unruly gaze fixed onto his prey, Illanoir started his incantation, ”Times quill is quick to spill its ink onto a new page— ”

Illanoirs third eye was awoken.

”T-this flow of energy, this is an Incantation! Hmphh!? ”

With an elated expression, Illanoir placed his other hand on top of Zetras mouth.

Most Elves learned poetry and great verbose to enhance the effect and quality of their incantation. This doesn affect the fact that magic itself was driven by imagination. Incantation only enhances and acts like a multiplicative, not an additive. The language itself didn matter.

As long as every word had meaning, it could be used as an incantation.

Illanoir didn use many incantations because it won affect his magic much. Only when he cast a grand spell, he would use rhymes and double or even triple entendre to elevate his magic to a higher level.

With the beginning of the incantation, every semblance of pictures and names that refers or represent the existence of Zetras Kes Kireton was burning in purple hue, both digital and physically inscribed.

”Myosotis, all Ramsesses couldn read what they demanded of us. Osmanthus, the land which claims the throne of Ozymandias. ”

29,090,892 portals from the void had been summoned all around the universe, both digital and physical. They couldn be felt, they couldn be observed. Every portal whirled its churning mass of darkness, spinning and spinning.

”Gods Chrysanthemum, Lavender, witches whose carry a threat. They tell me that you are my next puppet, a reluctant marionette. ”

29,090,892 hands emerged from the 9,090,892 void portals. No eyes could see them, no feelings could perceive them. If one were to observe, those hands would be dubbed as the hand of the devil, the devil who makes the deal.

”Parry and pirouette. ”

All of the devil hands launched itself forward. Each of them was taking one name or picture of Zetras Kes Kireton from the universe.

”Poised to keep your breath. ”

One by one, every living being and intelligent lifeform that stored the name and appearance of Zetras Kes Kireton had their comprehension of his being temporarily removed.

At the same time, every name and appearance of that person was revived. Instead of Zetras Kes Kireton, it would be replaced with another name.

Illanoir Kes Kireton.

Every comprehension of every lifeform within the universe had their memory and understanding of the individual of Zetras had been altered and configured into that of Illanoir Kes Kireton.

”Linger and pray with your empty head. ”

Meanwhile, every inscribed name and semblance of appearance that represent the existence of Illanoir had been replaced by the name of Zetras.

Zetras history had been stolen.

Illanoir Kes Kireton, was there, smiling with glee.

”This is your untold second death. ”

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