Shu Shuishui had considered that Gu Langu was quite far away from him, but he hadn’t expected it to be this far.

As Da Bai ascended higher and higher, eventually leaving this continent behind, Shu Shuishui realized the grandeur of the so-called interstellar doomsday.

Shu Shuishui had once observed the galaxy’s scenery through an astronomical telescope – boundless, immense, and brilliantly sparkling – an unparalleled brilliance that even the most exquisite gemstone couldn’t rival.

However, this galaxy was frigid, dim, and barely surviving.
Apart from a few remaining stars emitting light, there were hardly any other colors visible.

Though Da Bai couldn’t shatter the void to leave this spacetime, traveling between various planets within this spacetime was possible.
However, for nine thousand years, Da Bai had tenaciously guarded the Li Dream Study, never venturing beyond that continent.

While flying through space, Da Bai relied not on speed but on spatial traversal.
A spherical barrier had long formed around the book, serving as both a shield against external harm and providing spiritual energy for everyone’s survival.

The water-blue barrier continuously flickered amid the universe, resembling a small star that leaped and twinkled, adding a touch of brightness to the desolate cosmos.

After sleeping for an unknown duration, Gu Lanyi finally woke up contentedly.
He sat up and stretched lazily without even opening his eyes.

Midway through his yawn, the scene before his eyes abruptly extinguished his yawn.
Gu Lanyi choked momentarily, then couldn’t help but let out a belch.
Struggling with hiccups, Gu Lanyi inquired with halting words, “Shu Shu Shu Shu Shu Brother… we… where… where are we…”

Shu Shuishui was currently tying a bow with the jiaolong, so he turned his head to look at Gu Lanyi.
“Xiao Yi Yi, you’re awake.
What’s the matter? Were you so surprised that it scared you?”

Gu Lanyi pinched his thigh hard, hiccuping as he spoke, and almost seemed like he was about to cry.
“Bi… big… big bro… I’ll call you big bro… this isn’t… surprise… it’s clearly… fright… okay?”

Shu Shuishui tilted his head and leaned over, bringing his face closer.
He extended his hand to pat Gu Lanyi’s head.


Gu Lanyi was left stupefied by Shu Shuishui’s actions.
He waited for a while but didn’t see any continuation from Shu Shuishui.
For a moment, he didn’t understand the meaning behind this gesture.
“What are you doing? Hey? I’ve stopped hiccuping.”

Shu Shuishui untied the bow he had just made with the jiaolong, and the creature affectionately coiled around Shu Shuishui’s finger.
“Weren’t you startled? Pet the fur, it won’t scare you.”

Gu Lanyi: ??? As a renowned cultural master, he couldn’t quite grasp the logic behind that statement.

However, the current situation wasn’t the time to focus on that.
Gu Lanyi’s gaze turned toward the vast expanse of the universe that was seemingly within arm’s reach.
“Have we left the planet? I’m actually sitting on a book traveling through interstellar space.
This is unscientific!”

“Xiao Yi Yi, do you know? You remind me of a friend of mine.” Shu Shuishui’s words naturally referred to Xie Feng.
One can imagine what kind of sparks would fly when these two science enthusiasts meet each other.

Gu Lanyi had already stood up and walked to the edge of the books.
He tentatively touched the water-blue barrier created by the books, finding that he couldn’t pass through it.
This brought him some relief, as at least he didn’t have to worry about falling out.
Pressing against the barrier, Gu Lanyi didn’t even dare to blink his eyes, gazing out into the boundless cosmos.
“It’s a bit strange.”

Shu Shuishui knew that Gu Lanyi had conducted considerable research in cultural matters, and considering the current interstellar context, he must have a deep understanding of the universe as well.
“What’s strange? Isn’t the galaxy’s end supposed to be like this in the Star Era?”

“Brother Shu, do you know how the Galactic Alliance categorizes the end of galaxies?”


“I don’t know.” Shu Shuishui was quite honest.

“When it comes to the ultimate fate of the universe, there are currently two main factions.
Some believe that eventually, all stars will burn out and die.
After the death of the stars, the universe loses its temperature and brightness, so the universe’s ultimate fate is ice.
Others believe that the universe will undergo a big rip after unlimited expansion.
Chaotic spacetime will destroy all planets, stars will explode, and energy waves will annihilate everything, so the universe’s ultimate fate is fire.
Apart from that, some believe that black holes will devour everything.
Under immense gravity, everything will turn into nothingness.
Now, Brother Shu, what do you think is the situation at the end of this galaxy?”

Shu Shuishui looked at the vast expanse of the starry sea outside, unable to conclude.

Gu Lanyi continued, “Through the simulator, I’ve also observed many planets and galaxies in the Star Era.
However, here, the stars are still bright, showing no signs of aging, as if something is sustaining the burning of the stars.
It’s calm here, but not the icy stillness of death.
It feels… rather than calling it the Era of Apocalypse, it’s more like the galaxy is in slumber.”

The entire galaxy was shrouded in a hazy dream-like state, tranquil but not truly lifeless.

Galactic slumber? Perhaps due to being a dormouse, Shu Shuishui was particularly attentive to the word “slumber.” Could a galaxy slumber? And why would it be in slumber?

Gu Lanyi and Shu Shuishui both found themselves lost in thought.

Da Bai’s voice sounded from ahead.
“This is it.”

Both of them looked up, and before them was an orange planet.
Shu Shuishui touched his ‘Lan’ ring, confirming that this was the location, and nodded in agreement.

Immediately, Da Bai steered the books and rushed into the atmosphere of the orange planet.


The bit of composure Gu Lanyi had just shown instantly evaporated.
“Wow wow wow! Could you please be more careful? Can you slow down a bit? Friction with the atmosphere can burn us all! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Is it really okay to charge in like this? Hey hey hey! Aren’t you slowing down? How are we going to land…”

Not to mention Da Bai, even Shu Shuishui felt the urge to cover his ears.
Perhaps to Gu Lanyi, anything that couldn’t be explained scientifically had safety hazards.

Finally, amidst Gu Lanyi’s terrified closed eyes, the books passed through the atmosphere and hung suspended in mid-air.

The sensation of weightlessness disappeared, and Gu Lanyi finally opened his eyes, only to be momentarily stunned.
They were now about three or four kilometers above the ground, with an incredibly wide field of view.
When he lowered his head and glanced down, he saw a vast and boundless sea of sand!

The golden sea of sand was vast and undulating, like ripples on the surface of the ocean, sometimes calm and sometimes roaring.
There were indistinct valleys and clear ridges, but throughout the entire view, not a hint of color other than pure golden yellow.

The landing site was right at high noon, and even without being close to the ground, one could sense the scorching temperature above.

“Global desertification, no wonder the entire planet looks orange from the outside.” Gu Lanyi looked up at the sky, unsurprised that it, too, was orange-yellow.
The whole planet seemed to be enveloped in a layer of sandstorm.

Gu Lanyi sighed, “People transported to this planet are in for a tough time.”

More than just a bit tough – with scarce water sources, huge temperature variations between day and night, and the elusive curses that appeared at night, surviving here likely required more than just simple human abilities.

“Da Bai, head southwest,” Shu Shuishui felt the guidance from his ring and said excitedly.
He sensed that Gu Langu was nearby.

Shu Shuishui had initially thought about using his consciousness to contact Gu Langu, but since they weren’t far apart, why not just go directly and give him a surprise?

Although Da Bai appeared quite composed on the surface, almost the instant Shu Shuishui finished speaking, the books suddenly darted forward.

Gu Lanyi was somewhat speechless, thankful that there was a protective barrier around the books, or his hairstyle might have been quite a sight.
“Brother Shu, are you really looking for Gu Langu?”

Shu Shuishui hadn’t expected that it had been so long, and Gu Lanyi still didn’t believe he was searching for Gu Langu.
It seemed that Gu Lanyi had been discouraged by his constant failures in finding people, feeling that it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.
“Xiao Yi Yi, don’t cry later.”

Gu Lanyi rolled his eyes.
“As if.
“Although he said that, a hint of anticipation colored his eyes.


The speed of the book was incredibly fast, angling downward towards the southwest, giving those on the books a sensation similar to sliding down a slide.

Due to the expansive view, even from a distance, Shu Shuishui could make out a group of dots and the remnants of some structures.
As the book gradually approached, the view became clearer.

Amidst the boundless sea of sand, there lay a city that had already suffered substantial erosion.
Compared to the city where Li Dream Study was located, it appeared significantly damaged.
However, it still stood strong amidst the vast sea of yellow sand, undoubtedly more sturdy – at the very least, it wouldn’t crumble to dust with a light touch.

Beyond the city, it seemed that many people were in a standoff.
Shu Shuishui almost immediately spotted Gu Langu.

That overwhelmingly powerful aura that stood out from the surroundings remained distinct and recognizable even though there was still a considerable distance between them.

Gu Langu and his group had been transported to this sand star for five days.
While they were aware before being transported that it was an apocalypse star system and survival would be tough, they hadn’t anticipated the difficulties of reaching this extent.
Fortunately, they were spiritual bodies sent through the simulator; otherwise, after five days of no food or water in the desert, they probably would’ve perished long ago.

Continuing like this, even as spiritual bodies, it would be difficult to survive with such extensive consumption.
What was even more distressing was that once night fell on this planet, it would switch to a heart-stopping hunting mode.
Those things resembling black mist would attack anyone not sheltered within a well-lit building.

A few days later, the people who had been transported to the planet gradually gathered together.
At least those nearby had come together.
After all, this was the only remaining city in the vicinity.

If they couldn’t find food and water sources, their survival would be short-lived.
Moreover, the harsh living conditions made it impossible for them to spare any energy to search for an escape method.

Gradually, some individuals began to entertain thoughts of exploiting others.
After all, they were not only competitors but also the only living beings around.
Devouring spiritual entities conveniently allowed them to replenish their own spirits.
This method was no different from cannibalism, but there were indeed those with depraved minds among them.
After all, those exiled to this desolate planet were not only prisoners of war but also individuals guilty of heinous crimes.

The Gu Langu Squad quickly noticed this phenomenon, and conflict became inevitable.
Everyone tacitly agreed to convene outside the city.
After all, destroying the buildings within the city wouldn’t benefit anyone.

In the midst of this, Shu Shuishui descended from the sky, seated with an unusually large book that defied scientific logic.
Just before landing, he even blew a somewhat familiar rogue whistle.

Not only were the few members of the Gu Langu Squad dumbfounded, but also the onlookers and participants around them.
A flying book was one thing, but the people descending from above defied common sense too.
There was a person wearing elaborate ancient clothing in scorching heat, along with a flying snake covered in adhesive bandages?

When Shu Shuishui was about two or three meters from the ground, he leaped directly in the direction of Gu Langu.

The others around Gu Langu couldn’t bear to watch.
They had no doubt that this person, though attractive, was about to hit the ground hard.
However, to their surprise, Gu Langu opened his arms and caught the descending figure, even pulling him into his embrace.

Shu Shuishui immediately snuggled up, nuzzling his head against Gu Langu’s chin.
“Gu Gu, I finally found you.
Did you miss me?”

Due to the landing posture, Shu Shuishui’s legs were spread out on Gu Langu’s side.
Gu Langu held him, then smiled with his eyes crinkled, openly admitting, “Mmm, I did.”

The people behind Gu Langu nearly dropped their jaws.
They couldn’t help but scrutinize the sudden arrival closely.
Indeed, he had an uncommon appearance and a good figure.
His warm, brown hair looked soft, and perhaps the most striking feature was his expressive eyes.
However, even so, there was absolutely no way he could tempt Gu Langu.

Especially for Cheng Que, he was taken aback by Gu Langu’s smile.
At that moment, he, who believed he understood Gu Langu so well, couldn’t distinguish if the smile was something Gu Langu’s mind had instructed him to mimic or if it was Gu Langu’s genuine reaction.

As the most flawless half-mechanical being at present, whenever Gu Langu wanted to smile, he could conjure the world’s most perfect expression, deceiving anyone, except for Cheng Que, who was involved in the reconstruction project.

However, in that brief moment just now, Cheng Que admitted to being unable to make a judgment.
That smile was just too dazzling, seemingly containing a multitude of emotions: contentment, surprise, happiness, fondness…

While everyone was still taken aback, the person in Gu Langu’s arms proactively turned towards them and greeted them in a familiar and casual manner.
“Hey, everyone, missed me?”

Nan Ge smiled politely but didn’t respond.

Others had cold expressions, completely different from what Shu Shuishui had known them to be.
After all, this person who had descended from the sky was obviously extraordinary.
The mention of descending from the sky and blowing a rogue whistle sounded eerily familiar to Yu Jin, but it couldn’t be.

As everyone was still bewildered, the book settled too, and then vanished from sight.
The person from the book stood behind the individual with warm brown hair.

Da Bai cleared his throat, stood tall with an air of dignity, and stood there like a dashing young gentleman with unparalleled charm.
Gu Lanyi was still caught in his astonishment from seeing his big brother for real.
The mini-version of Jiaolong, who was in a half-dragon state, flew in the air, making a loop and positioning itself between Shu Shuishui and Gu Langu.
Its small head swiveled left and right, emitting a pleased purring sound from its throat.

Shu Shuishui quickly jumped out of Gu Langu’s embrace, ready to introduce his “bug son.” “Gu Gu, I have a huge surprise to tell you.”

Actually, Gu Langu had already noticed Gu Lanyi from the corner of his eye.
“Is the surprise that Shui Shui is talking about referring to Xiao Yi?”

Gu Lanyi immediately approached with a silly smile, seemingly wanting to establish a relationship, but was halted by Da Bai extending his arm.

Shu Shuishui shook his head.
“Him? No, not him.
He’s an accident, not a surprise.
This is the surprise.” Shu Shuishui brought Da Bai over to his side.
“Look, our son, all chubby and big now! Surprising, isn’t it?”

Gu Langu: ???

Yu Jin and the others: !!!

Translator’s corner: 


Gu Langu’s back on screen everyone! xD

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