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Dealing with the large figure of Da Bai was quite manageable.
Shu Shuishui took out a roll of bandages from his spiritual storage, which, interestingly, was initially intended to be used for making clothes.
He had never gotten around to using it for that purpose, but now it was coming in handy.

Seeing the unused adhesive bandage still on the table, Shu Shuishui reached over to throw it away.

However, Da Bai was quicker.
He picked up the adhesive bandage and clenched it in his hand.
“I’ll discard it.”

Shu Shuishui made a soft sound of acknowledgment and shifted his attention to the wound in Da Bai’s hand, which was about an inch long.
It was incomparable to Jiaolong’s wound.
Shu Shuishui blew gently on Da Bai’s hand.
“Hoo, hoo, it won’t hurt anymore.”

Da Bai blinked, seemingly wanting to say that blowing on a hand wasn’t using spirit power, so how could it not hurt? However, he couldn’t quite find the words and just obediently nodded.

It was Shu Shuishui’s first time wrapping someone with bandages.
Thankfully, his experience as a former clothes-making mouse came in handy.
He skillfully wrapped it a couple of times, and though it didn’t end up as a bow, it was still well done.

Da Bai turned his hand back and forth, looking at his palm.
“Thank you.
It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Shu Shuishui patted Da Bai’s head.
“Da Bai Bai, go to sleep early.
You need to rest well to grow.”

Da Bai’s movements stiffened slightly.
After nine thousand years, he finally heard a familiar voice again.
“You should sleep early too.
The bed there is for you.”

Following Da Bai’s gesture, Shu Shuishui spotted the dark brown wooden bed with hints of deep red.
The bed was finely crafted and spacious, showing no signs of wear from the passage of nine thousand years.
Even the curtains remained free of dust.

After saying goodnight, both Shu Shuishui and Da Bai prepared to sleep.
Da Bai shrank back to his smaller size and crawled into the hazelnut shell, sitting on the soft scraps of rice paper.
He lifted his recently bandaged hand with a smile of contentment.


Chuckling for a while, Da Bai then opened his other palm.
Resting on his hand was a shrunken adhesive bandage, which had become a bit wrinkled.
After looking at it for a moment, Da Bai stepped on the soft rice paper and walked to a corner of the hazelnut shell where a miniature black box was placed.

Even the small box had an unusually ceremonious copper lock hanging on it.
Da Bai took out a key, opened the box, and inside were many items—a small stone, a dried flower specimen, a seashell, and even a pearl…

Most of these miscellaneous items were from when Da Bai was still young, given to him by his two fathers.
Some were brought over by Jiaolong during these nine thousand years.
Of course, there were also two exceptionally beautiful items that Da Bai intended to give to his two adoptive fathers.
However, his tsundere nature always made him find it embarrassing to speak up.

Da Bai carefully smoothed out the wrinkles on the adhesive bandage, neatly placed it in a corner of the small box, closed the box, and locked it.
Satisfied, he nodded.

With a sense of contentment, Da Bai returned to the rice paper scraps, lay down, rolled around on them, and buried himself within them, effectively covering himself like a blanket.
Closing his eyes, he drifted into dreams.

Inside the screen, Shu Shuishui also climbed onto the bed.
He even ceremoniously pulled down the bed canopy, which resembled fine gauze and mist.
Shu Shuishui reached out and touched it, contemplating the feasibility of taking the bed canopy away tomorrow and making a sun-proof outfit for Gu Langu.

Thinking of creating something, Shu Shuishui sat up straight and started searching through his spirit storage.
Eventually, he found an elastic hairband and several pieces of brown fabric.
The color and texture of the fabric closely resembled that of the adhesive bandage.

By the light of the candle on the bedside table, Shu Shuishui intended to work through the night.
However, even the once handy scissors and needle were proving difficult to use, and the scissors were even too small for his fingers.


With no other option, Shu Shuishui transformed into his dormouse form again, a plump ball of flesh sitting on the bed.
Skillfully picking up the tiny scissors, he began cutting the fabric.

The night in the study was quiet, and the piercing outside noises seemed to be blocked by the study’s walls.
The warm glow of the candle provided comfort and reassurance.

Inside the sheer bed canopy, a busy little figure was illuminated by the flickering light.
After meticulously cutting, the figure stood up, holding a needle as if it were a sword, and proceeded to sew.
Stepping on the fabric with tiny paws, he raised his body to reach, moving with a familiarity that made one believe sewing should be done this way.

Once he finished his creation, Shu Shuishui realized he could have stayed in his human form when using the needle.
He could only say that he had gotten used to being a dormouse and found it less intuitive as a human.

The little dormouse sighed in a somewhat old-fashioned manner and then patted his own head with his paw.
“Shui Shui, you’re already an old little one.
Forgetfulness in old age for a dormouse isn’t a big deal.”

After consoling himself, Shu Shuishui felt a sense of balance in his heart.
He tidied up the things on the bed and returned to his human form.
Parting the bed canopy, he lifted his head and looked towards the bookshelf with the hazelnut shell.
It was quiet there, indicating that Da Bai had likely fallen asleep.

Stepping lightly off the bed, Shu Shuishui held the thing he had just created and walked over to the bookshelf, placing it gently next to the hazelnut shell.
He then tiptoed back to the bed.

Once lying down again, Shu Shuishui closed his eyes with a sense of relief.
“Goodnight, Gu Gu,” he unconsciously murmured in his semi-conscious state, even though he usually fell asleep within seconds.

In the quiet room, a soft voice resonated in Shu Shuishui’s mind.
“Goodnight, Shui Shui.”

A faint smile appeared at the corner of Shu Shuishui’s lips, and the next moment, he was already sinking deeply into his dreams.
The whispered exchange from earlier seemed like part of a beautiful dream.


The following day, Da Bai, who had been disciplined for nine thousand years, woke up as usual.
As his head emerged from the hazelnut shell, he noticed something resting against it.

It was a circular string with a brown fabric ornament hanging from it.
The ornament was shaped like an adhesive bandage, but it consisted of two crossed shapes.
Upon touching it, Da Bai quickly realized that these adhesive bandage shapes were simply decorations, as they had no adhesive properties whatsoever.
The circular string, on the other hand, was quite elastic.

Just as Da Bai was curiously examining the circular object, a voice filled with amusement and fondness sounded.
“Do you like it? I noticed you have a fondness for adhesive bandages, so I made a fabric decoration for you.”

Da Bai, in the midst of trying to manipulate the circular object, stiffened for a moment and then tilted his head slightly.
“It’s okay.
Is this a belt? You should wrap it around a few more times.”

Shu Shuishui: “…” No, it’s not.

Watching the stubborn little bundle that had been holding onto his hand without letting go, Shu Shuishui rolled his eyes playfully.
“It’s a hula hoop.”

Even with his extensive knowledge from reading, Da Bai felt momentarily perplexed.
“What is a hula hoop?” The name sounded so strange.

Shu Shuishui reached out and placed the hairband around Da Bai, then gestured for him to twist his waist.
“A hula hoop is a fitness equipment.
You put it around your waist and then rotate it by moving your hips.
Come on, Da Bai, give it a try…”

Da Bai: “…” The absurd words he initially intended to blurt out were swallowed back under Shu Shuishui’s sparkling gaze.
Reluctantly, he started swaying his waist.

After only two failed attempts, Da Bai quickly grasped the technique and got the hula hoop spinning.
Shu Shuishui’s eyes curved into crescent moons.
As time went on, he even felt the urge to transform into a dormouse and try it himself.
However, compared to Da Bai’s slender waist, Shu Shuishui’s furry body would probably fill up the hula hoop, making it nearly impossible for him to rotate it.

Nevertheless, Shu Shuishui managed to resist the temptation and generously praised, “Da Bai, you’re amazing! This is the cutest hula hoop spinning I’ve ever seen.”

Da Bai paused and stood gracefully on the bookshelf.
“Compared to wielding a sword, this is too simple.”

Shu Shuishui nodded.
“Da Bai, you’re right.
However, this hula hoop has another use – it can be used as a hairpin to secure your hair…”

After feasting his eyes, Shu Shuishui earnestly began to explain the correct usage of the hairband.
Da Bai had no doubts, transformed into his human form, and then enjoyed Shu Shuishui’s hair-tying service.

After Shu Shuishui plucked out seven or eight strands of hair and finally managed to tie a reasonably neat high ponytail, he took out a small mirror and held it up in front of Da Bai.
“How does it look?”


Da Bai gazed at his clear reflection in the mirror and the adhesive bandage ornament on his head.
He calmly uttered four words, “This damages the hair.”

Shu Shuishui: “…” Humans were right; raising children was quite challenging.

Although Da Bai said that the hairband damages the hair, he still wore it downstairs, his steps notably lighter.

Shu Shuishui followed closely behind.
Before descending the stairs, he cast a reluctant look at the window curtains.
Regrettably, Gu Langu would have to wait for his sun-protective clothing.
Despite the information he currently possessed, which indicated that he was both Li Meng and Meng Mo Li, the owner of this study, Shu Shuishui still lacked a full sense of connection due to the absence of those memories.

Upon reaching the ground floor, Shu Shuishui noticed that Da Bai was currently swaying around in front of Jiaolong’s bowl.
Jiaolong was nestled in the bowl, playfully wagging its tail from time to time.
Da Bai’s presence didn’t garner much attention from Shu Shuishui, as he was more focused on Jiaolong’s antics.

As for Gu Lanyi, Shu Shuishui was truly amazed.
Gu Lanyi was actually still engrossed in his book, not even changing his posture much.
“Brother, you woke up so early?”

Gu Lanyi made a sound of affirmation and then raised his head in confusion.
“Early? Is it morning already?”

Shu Shuishui: “…” He couldn’t fathom the mindset of night owls—was it the bed’s fault for not being comfortable or just an inability to sleep well?

Gu Lanyi glanced at the window and indeed, the cool light of dawn had begun to seep in.

Da Bai waved his hand to extinguish all the candles in the study.
The residual warmth of the candles remained, warding off any chill.
Outside the study, the eerie cries and howls that haunted the night disappeared the moment the morning light arrived, leaving the city in peace once again.

Gu Lanyi turned his slightly stiff neck and surprisingly said with a tinge of reluctance, “Why did it get bright so quickly? I’ve only finished reading one bookshelf.”

Upon hearing this, Da Bai shot Gu Lanyi a somewhat surprised glance but quickly dismissed it.
Gu Lanyi indeed had an insatiable appetite for books.
He enjoyed researching unfamiliar cultures, civilizations, history, and languages…

If Shu Shuishui hadn’t met someone like Xie Feng before, he might not have understood Gu Lanyi’s fervor.
“What did you manage to deduce in one night?”

Gu Lanyi yawned, as being in a heightened mental state all night wasn’t without its toll.
It was impossible not to feel fatigued, especially considering that the simulator itself was a mentally taxing device.
“This dimension is called the Huan Star Continent, a world that evolved with an energy known as spiritual power.
In this world, both humans and creatures can utilize and absorb this energy to enhance themselves.
There appears to be a strict hierarchy based on the degree of absorption, not only among creatures but also among regions.
Based on differing methods of attack, different factions are established.
Each faction has regions where ordinary people reside.
It feels like a wondrous world.
According to recorded texts, those who achieve considerable strength can even fly off the planet without the need for aircraft…”

When it came to topics he was interested in, Gu Lanyi was always incredibly talkative.
Suddenly, Shu Shuishui began to understand why Gu Lanyi had such a prominent reputation in simulated spaces.
Most of the simulator scenarios featured unfamiliar civilizations.
These civilizations might bear some resemblance to the Cang Hai Galaxy, but they were ultimately worlds apart in many aspects.

In such moments, having a cultural master with exceptional understanding and learning abilities becomes crucial.
They can grasp the scenario civilization ahead of others, significantly increasing the chances of clarifying mission objectives and even discovering scenario rewards.

After listening for a while, Shu Shuishui gave Gu Lanyi a thumbs up.
The books in the study were written in traditional characters and recorded in ancient language, making them extremely obscure and difficult to understand.
However, Gu Lanyi not only comprehended them overnight but also developed a basic understanding of this world.

According to the records in the books, this land of the Huan Star Continent was once abundant in spiritual energy and flourishing, even housing many ancient bloodline divine beasts.
Ascension was difficult but not impossible.

However, at some point, no matter if it was humans, beasts, or spirits, none could undergo tribulation and ascend.
All living beings faced the fate of being trapped within the Huan Star Continent.

In this situation, countless individuals naturally sought ways to save themselves.
Yet, in the end, their attempts failed, leading to a mysterious depletion of spiritual energy and the spread of deathly aura.

In this way, calamity befell the land, plunging the continent into chaos.

Coincidentally, during this time, the legendary mighty Qinglong Divine Beast decided to leave, ignoring the disasters on the continent.

Some speculated that the Qinglong had found a method of ascension, while others claimed it to be heartless and indifferent, accusing it of being the cause of the continent’s despair.

During that sensitive period, people needed an outlet for their desperation and helplessness.

In the midst of the turmoil, the land organized a massive encirclement, demanding the Qinglong to reveal the secret of ascension.

The outcome of that encirclement wasn’t clearly documented in the books.
It could be assumed that after the encirclement, the tale went unwritten, so the study lacked knowledge of subsequent events.

“This is just the content of this one bookshelf, but it’s truly astounding.
Although it’s quite straightforward when stated, reading it feels like exploring an entire world,” Gu Lanyi commented with amazement.

What happened to the Qinglong in the end? In truth, it didn’t need to be documented; the answer could be inferred from this world, suffused with lifelessness.
The attempt to encircle the Qinglong had failed, or perhaps the method of ascension never truly existed.

“Is it really impossible to ascend in this world?” Shu Shuishui wondered.

Da Bai nodded.
“Seven thousand years ago, I was already a demigod.
Since then, there has been no advancement.
The exception is the Qinglong.
There was a reason so many doubted whether the Qinglong truly possessed the means of ascension.”

Suddenly singled out, the Jiaolong floated up from its bowl and circled around Shu Shuishui.

“If Gu Gu is the Qinglong Lan Gu, he would never hide the method of ascension and leave on his own.” Shu Shuishui said without hesitation.

Da Bai glanced at Shu Shuishui with complex eyes.
“He said something similar back then.”

“What?” Shu Shuishui was a bit confused.

“When Lan Gu left, he said the same thing about you.
After all, you were the first one to leave the Huan Star Continent.
There were suspicions about you, but Lan Gu refuted them.
That’s one of the reasons why Lan Gu was eventually besieged by the world,” Da Bai explained.

Hearing the term “besieged by the world,” Shu Shuishui felt a slight pang in his heart.
“Da Bai, did I say anything before I left back then?”

Da Bai seemed to recall an unpleasant memory and snorted coldly.
“What else could you say? You told me to wait for you, that you would come back soon.”

“Did I exhibit any strange behavior before leaving?” Shu Shuishui couldn’t believe he would leave without any forewarning, especially when signs of catastrophe were appearing on the continent.

“You did.
Lan Gu asked me as well.
Before you left, you slept for a long time and then, when you woke up, you said eight words: ‘Twin Worlds, Huan Chen Continent. ’”

“Twin Worlds, Huan Chen Continent? It sounds like a cultivation world,” Shu Shuishui lacked memories and couldn’t know what Meng Mo Li knew at the time.

Da Bai nodded.
“Both Dad Lan and I thought the same.
But we didn’t know how you left the Huan Star, so we could only speculate that the calamity of the Huan Star Continent was related to the Twin Worlds.
Lan Gu guessed that you went to the so-called Huan Chen Continent and kept wanting to find you.
Later… as written in the books, after the massive encirclement, nobody knew where Dad Lan went.
And this world slowly moved toward destruction.”

If it were an ordinary person, they might have already been bewildered by the complexities of reincarnation from a past life, trapped in the web of intricate cause and effect.
But Shu Shuishui was just a straightforward dormouse, someone who slept earnestly and lived each day in earnest.

The events of nine thousand years ago were beyond Shu Shuishui’s understanding without a trace of memory.
“Never mind, let’s prepare to leave and find Gu Gu.”

“Why don’t you call him Lan Lan?” Big White asked curiously.

Suddenly, Shu Shuishui realized that when he met Gu Langu, how should he introduce this little worm son? As for why he didn’t call him “Lan Lan”, it was because for the present-day Shu Shuishui, past lives and reincarnation didn’t matter as much as his current friend, Gu Gu.
Treating each life seriously was what mattered, and Gu Langu was Gu Langu, belonging to Shu Shuishui.
He wasn’t the “Lan Lan” of Meng Mo Li.

Because they were preparing to leave, Da Bai went upstairs to pack his belongings.
For Da Bai, who had never traveled far, this journey felt much more significant.
At the very least, he had to bring along his own property.

The jiaolong was relatively carefree.
He just needed to tag along.
While Da Bai was upstairs packing, the jiaolong looked at himself in the mirror, making sure the adhesive tape on his head was intact.

Gu Lanyi, with an eager expression, ran over to Shu Shuishui’s side.
“Brother Shu, even though I can’t quite grasp the whole story, it seems you’re the master of this study.
So, how about taking these books with us? Didn’t you easily collect a pile of dragon horns with a wave of your hand? These books are nothing in comparison! This world is already destroyed anyway, leaving these books here would be a waste.
It might be better to take them with us, and they could still be valuable.”

Shu Shuishui looked at Gu Lanyi.
“This world hasn’t been destroyed.
There’s still the enchantment where we first landed, the study, Da Bai, and Xiao Jiao Jiao.”

Gu Lanyi hesitated for a moment, after all, they had been informed about the post-apocalyptic nature of the scenario before entering the collective dungeon.
Although this world was different from previous ones, it was undoubtedly a post-apocalyptic setting.
However, looking at Shu Shuishui’s earnest expression, he found it hard to argue.
“So, these books will be forever lost then?”

Shu Shuishui shook his head.
“They won’t be lost.
This world is still here, and there’s a chance it might recover.
These books contain valuable knowledge.
We should leave them here and do what we can to help this world.”

Gu Lanyi pondered for a moment, then nodded in agreement.
“You’re right, we shouldn’t give up on this world so easily.
Let’s leave the books and hope for the best.”

With their decision made, they continued their preparations to leave the study and embark on their journey to find Gu Langu.

At this moment, Da Bai came down from the second floor.
“You can take all these books with you.
Leaving them here is indeed a waste.
I’ve already read them all, and they’re originally yours.
The study is also yours.”

Although Da Bai said so, Shu Shuishui still pondered for a moment.
“Xiao Yi Yi, how about you choose one book to take?”

Gu Lanyi’s eyes lit up, but then he seemed a bit disappointed.
“Can I only take one?”

Shu Shuishui nodded.
“Just one.”

Gu Lanyi quickly perked up again.
After all, these books weren’t his to begin with, so getting one was already good.
After hesitating for a while, Gu Lanyi chose a book about deciphering formations with text.
He had looked at this book yesterday but found it too profound and complex to fully comprehend.
The book provided a method to decipher any unknown text, which seemed unlikely, but Gu Lanyi enjoyed challenging the unknown.
“I’ve made my choice… Wait, Brother Shu, you’re only taking a few of these books?”

Turning around, Gu Lanyi saw that Shu Shuishui had also chosen a few books, but just a few.
So, the entire study wasn’t going to be touched at all.
It was a complete waste.

However, Shu Shuishui had already stored those few books in the spiritual storage and was getting ready to leave.
“These few will do.” One for Mao Jin, one for Xiao Ge Ge, one for Xiao Fang Fang, one for Xiao Du Du, one for Xiao Feng Feng…

Evidently, Shu Shuishui had picked one book for each of them.

As Da Bai stepped out of the study, he said, “Actually, you can take the whole study with you.
Your storage space can easily accommodate it.”

Shu Shuishui shook his head and didn’t say anything.
What could he say? Based on his deductions, after this dungeon ended, he and Gu Langu might leave, while Da Bai and the jiaolong might have to stay here.
If he took the study with him, it would indeed be like having a massive treasure trove.
But without the study, where would Da Bai live?

Shu Shuishui suddenly stopped in his tracks, turned back to Da Bai and the jiaolong, and asked, “If I say I’ll come back soon, will you believe me?”

The jiaolong nodded without hesitation, while Da Bai, though initially annoyed, quickly figured something out.
Ultimately, he just harrumphed.
“I’ll reluctantly believe you one more time.”

After saying that, he turned his head away.

Shu Shuishui walked around and saw the mistiness in Da Bai’s eyes.
He reached out and gently patted his head.
“Da Bai, be good, don’t cry.”

Da Bai turned his head away again.
“Just kidding, a nine-thousand-year-old doesn’t shed tears anymore.
Shall we go then?”

Shu Shuishui smiled.
“Yes, let’s go now.” This time, with the ring, time and space were no longer an issue.
After the dungeon ended, he would definitely return here.

Compared to riding on the jiaolong, Gu Lanyi preferred sitting on books.
Just before he climbed onto a book, Gu Lanyi suddenly asked Da Bai, “Brother, do you have a driver’s license?”

Da Bai gave Gu Lanyi a cold glance.
“What’s that?”

Gu Lanyi was rendered speechless.
The panic he felt when he first rode on a dragon resurfaced.

Shu Shuishui comfortingly patted Gu Lanyi’s shoulder.
“If you like, I can draw one for you.”

Despite his worries before stepping on it, Gu Lanyi fell asleep on the book after riding for a while.
Every once in a while, Da Bai turned back to check, seemingly worried that Gu Lanyi might drool in his sleep, ready to throw him off the book at any moment.

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