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Nan Ge nodded.
Indeed, this time, they were fortunate to have Shu Shuishui.
Without Shu Shuishui’s discovery of the valley, avoiding this conflict would have been impossible.
Although they were confident they wouldn’t lose in a conflict, engaging in a confrontation right before the cold wave arrived would have meant both sides fighting desperately, potentially resulting in injuries.

“But it still feels uncomfortable,” Yu Jin chimed in.
“That guy with the last name Dong calculated that we’d have concerns, which is why he dared to act like this.” It was the kind of covert mockery that made people feel stifled.
Yu Jin despised these situations the most—attacks from ambush, targeting the most unexpected moments.

Coincidentally, Shu Shuishui came out to check the situation, braving the wind.
Both of his little ears were flattened by the wind, but Shu Shuishui extended his small paw to shield Gu Langu’s ear.

Upon realizing his paw wasn’t big enough, Shu Shuishui scooted over and used his own fluffy body to block the wind.

Gu Langu plucked the little dormouse from his ear and put it in the pocket of his shirt.
“Shui Shui, warm my pocket.”

Shu Shuishui wriggled in the pocket for a moment, finding the most comfortable position.
Although he didn’t understand why he needed to warm a pocket, he still obediently agreed.
“Alright~ Not just the pocket.
When we go to sleep tonight, I can warm your bedding for you, too.”

The previously gloomy atmosphere instantly dissipated.
Those around them couldn’t help but smile.
Yu Jin even burst into laughter.
“Shui Shui warming the boss’s bedding? It can probably just warm a toe, haha…”

Shu Shuishui took a deep breath, trying to puff himself up a bit.
He even tried to stretch his whiskers, making himself look larger.
“Warming a toe is the same as warming the bedding.
Besides, I’ll grow to 1.8 meters!”

The others couldn’t help but imagine a scene of a giant mouse lying in Gu Langu’s bed, warming the bedding.
Suddenly, they felt that they also needed a 1.8-meter-tall mouse in this icy world.

Gu Langu imagined a scene of a human-shaped and obedient Shu Shuishui lying in bed, warming the bedding.
In an instant, his heartbeats seemed to accelerate.

With Shu Shuishui pressed against Gu Langu’s chest, he naturally felt Gu Langu’s strong heartbeat.
Realizing the situation, he leaned his little head against Gu Langu’s chest and placed one of his small ears against it, listening to his heartbeat.


Gu Langu quickly became aware of Shu Shuishui’s action of acting as a stethoscope.
In a second, he adjusted his heartbeat.

Shu Shuishui, leaning against Gu Langu’s chest, shook his little ears in confusion.
However, after sensing that Gu Langu’s heart rate was indeed normal, the dormouse-shaped stethoscope settled back into place.

Yu Jin took advantage of the situation and got close to Gu Langu.
“Shui Shui, let’s negotiate.
When you grow to 1.8 meters, warm my bedding in advance too.”

With a cry, Yu Jin covered his eyes and retreated several steps.
He looked at Gu Langu with a pitiful expression.
“Say if you’ll take action if I provoked you.
I don’t even have the slightest presence.
How can I go settle things with that guy surnamed Dong?”

Beside them, Xie Feng instantly kept quiet, giving up on the idea of getting a warm 1.8-meter-tall mouse.

Nan Fang leaned in close to Nan Ge’s ear.
“Brother, compared to Yu Jin, do you feel that I’m exceptionally outstanding?”

Nan Ge cast a glance at his younger brother.
“You sure know how to pick your moments.”

After a brief bout of laughter, the group focused on their discussion again.
Once they understood the situation, Shu Shuishui also felt that Dong Shijun’s actions were inappropriate, especially for a dormouse.
His nest was incredibly important and he wouldn’t allow anyone to invade.


“This loss is indeed quite frustrating.
How about this? When Mao Jin goes to pick them up, bring back the things they left behind in the base and let them know we have methods for winter cultivation and purifying mutant organisms.
If they want to do business, we’re open to it anytime,” Nan Ge proposed.

Yu Jin was perplexed.
“Nan Ge, not beating them up is already being kind.
Why would we want to do business with them? Aren’t we giving them an advantage?”

“Business can also have its levels of value and difficulty.
Plus, since we possess such technology, we should naturally utilize it to maximize our benefits.
Of course, we also need to consider Shui Shui’s opinion.” Nan Ge wasn’t naive.
In a business deal, the terms had to be favorable for it to be considered successful.
The best way to defeat a base was to shatter the morale of its people.
Perhaps by next summer, Dong Shijun’s base wouldn’t even exist anymore.

“I understand.
Nan Ge, are you planning to ask for a high price?” Yu Jin grasped some of Nan Ge’s intentions.

Nan Ge couldn’t go into details with Yu Jin, but this understanding wasn’t incorrect.
“Go quickly, and come back quickly.
We’ll have people arranged to provide support in the mountains.”

“Sure, I’ll lead a team to tidy up the mess Dong Shijun’s base left behind and give it back to them.” Yu Jin might not always comprehend every demand Nan Ge made, but he would always execute them seriously.
This was a tacit understanding that had developed over many years.

In the end, Yu Jin set off with a small team, racing to catch up with Dong Shijun’s convoy.

Shu Shuishui and the others carefully packed up the camp, then led the main force in a grand procession towards the mountains.

This journey wasn’t long, but the path they took left everyone feeling uncertain.

“Why aren’t we chasing after Dong Shijun’s group? Why are we heading up the mountain instead?”


“Nan Ge said it himself, we’ve found a new wintering location.”

“Do you think that’s reliable? I’ve checked the map before.
According to this direction, there’s a vast mountainous area ahead.
Never mind anything else, where would we even stay?”

“Perhaps there’s a cave.”

“What kind of cave can be used for winter shelter? Are you foolish? Once the freezing season arrives, with temperatures below minus one hundred degrees, could anyone live in a cave?”

“I heard it was Shui Shui who found it.
I trust Shui Shui more, and besides, aren’t animals said to be better at this? Not just humans.”

“I won’t vouch for other aspects, but aren’t most wild rodents in hibernation during winter? They definitely have more experience in enduring the cold than we do.”

“Do you think Shui Shui looks like a wild rodent?”

After a moment of silence.

“Not really…” A mouse with a name, courteous, capable of farming, and knowledgeable in technology, must have received higher education.

Followed by another extended silence.

Although doubts lingered among them, their bodies obediently followed the majority, and no one even dared to question further.

Due to the large number of people, this journey was slower than the previous one.
By the time the convoy reached a roadless point, it was already noon.
The path ahead could only be traversed on foot.

Crossing mountains and valleys, especially on snow-covered peaks, was perilous.
Coupled with almost everyone carrying supplies, a substantial portion of which would need to be retrieved and transported several times, as for the vehicles, they were naturally left behind with a few individuals as guards, concurrently awaiting the remnants who were to pick up others.

And so, amidst the snow-clad mountain ranges, a long procession of people resembled a line of ants, cautiously and industriously making their way forward.

Stripped of the protection of their vehicles, the biting wind and snow assaulted their faces.
In such conditions, no one was inclined to engage in conversation.
They fastened the ropes around their waists and silently followed the person in front, bearing basic supplies on their shoulders.


Having walked for nearly three hours, the weight of each step grew heavier, turning them into zombies tethered to a string, their movements mechanical.

Climbing over another mountain, the person at the forefront of the group suddenly froze in place.

Nan Ge gazed upon the vast valley before him with elation.
The valley was even larger than he had imagined.
And just as Shu Shuishui had described, it was rich in resources, highly secure, and the green grass peeking out at the valley’s bottom showed minimal snow cover.

“How is it? Did the mouse deceive you? This truly is a feng shui treasure trove.” Shu Shuishui sat on Gu Langu’s shoulder, his pride was evident.

Nan Ge vigorously nodded.
“Yes, it’s indeed a treasure trove.
Shui Shui is truly a little lucky star.”

Shu Shuishui’s ears twitched at the praise, and he turned his little head toward Gu Langu.
“Gu Gu is my lucky star too.”

Gu Langu curved his lips, genuinely taken aback by this sentiment.
After all, in the eyes of the public, once he shed his identity as a Guardian, more people would likely believe him to be a harbinger of disaster.

Shu Shuishui continued with his praise.
“I have a 1.87-meter lucky star.
No one can be luckier than me.”

As more people arrived at the mountaintop and beheld the environment ahead, they were entranced, greedily gazing at the overflowing serenity of the valley.
Such a sight was incredibly beautiful; since arriving on the Cang Zhan Star, how many people hadn’t witnessed such scenery?

Soon, everyone was eager to descend the mountain.
Once their feet touched the valley, the solid ground beneath them reassured their hearts.

The previous concern about open-air living was now irrelevant.
Although the valley was frozen, its temperature was considerably milder compared to outside.
Even the occasional cold wind felt luxurious.

Having seen the state of the valley, Nan Ge instructed the setting up of tents on the eastern side near the ice lake.
Even sleeping in tents here wouldn’t lead to concerns about freezing to death.

However, Shu Shuishui remained dissatisfied with this temperature.
After all, he intended to transform the entire valley.

The subsequent tasks were much simpler.
Everyone was busy: some pitched tents, others unloaded their burdens and went back for another round of carrying.

They still had a lot of supplies left outside their base, and they tried to move as much as possible back here.

Thinking that they would need several more trips to complete the transportation, they were taken aback when, upon turning around with their loads, they found themselves face to face with a massive mutated rat.
The person nearly jumped out of their skin, and not only here, but in various directions, a series of startled commotions ensued.

Upon closer inspection, they realized that almost everyone had a gigantic gray-furred rat standing behind them, seemingly appearing out of nowhere.

Just as confusion was setting in, the familiar voice of Shu Shuishui rang out.

“Our neighbors came to help us move.
Don’t be shy, they’re strong and agile, not even afraid of cats.
Truly impressive.” Shu Shuishui sat on Gu Langu’s shoulder, looking as though it had intentionally come over.

For a brief, silent moment, everyone was at a loss.
They had never imagined that they could ask rats to assist in moving.
Moreover, the rats seemed exceedingly enthusiastic, some even mimicking and waving their little paws in greeting.

Observing the group of enormous rats on the ground, everyone silently accepted these eccentric neighbors.

Shu Shuishui hopped off Gu Langu’s shoulder and quietly approached the largest rat, the one it had conversed with before.
“Hey, the brothers are too kind.
Thank you all for your help.”

The massive rat squeaked and chittered in response, and Shu Shuishui nodded its little head.
“Makes sense, helping each other is the way to better protect the valley.”

The large rat also nodded, thumping its chest and conveying an air of assurance.
It then led the multitude of mutated rats in moving the supplies.

People on the Cang Zhan Star had seen it all and weren’t afraid of mutated rats.
However, facing such a large group of them, if they were here to cause trouble, it would still be somewhat unsettling.
But seeing them lend a hand, the people realized that these rats were incredibly efficient.
They picked up the items and just went, choosing the best paths, leaping and bounding so far ahead that it was difficult to catch up.

Gradually, the group accepted these enthusiastic movers, and the pace of transporting supplies was cut by at least half.

Upon reaching the valley once again, when they inspected the supplies, they found that nothing was missing, not even a single blade of grass from their precious miniature farm.
Not even the tiniest scratch could be found on any of the items, a testament to the rats’ ability to move things.

Shu Shuishui also expressed appreciation to the colossal rat.
Setting aside other matters, Rat Boss’s leadership ability was undoubtedly top-notch.
Or, in other words, mutated creatures didn’t have as many convoluted thoughts as humans did; when executing commands, they wouldn’t be muddled by personal ideas.
Shu Shuishui rewarded Rat Boss with a purified top-grade spirit stone.

Although Rat Boss didn’t know what it was, its instincts made it deeply fond of the stone, and it joyfully accepted the gift.
With its multitude of subordinates, it departed with a rustling of movement.
Before leaving, they exchanged a few words with Shu Shuishui.

Nan Fang’s curiosity had peaked.
“What did Shui Shui just say to it? Why do they listen to Shui Shui?”

Shu Shuishui was currently inspecting the remaining purified spirit stones in his spiritual storage, preparing to arrange the protective formation for the valley.
This formation wouldn’t just regulate the temperature; it could also defend against external attacks.
Back when Shu Shuishui used this formation to evade electromagnetic storms, it wasn’t just for show.
“It said that if there’s anything that needs assistance, we can find them in the forest anytime.
As for why they listen to me, I guess it’s because I’m the best-looking.”

Nan Fang: “…”

In fact, the reason why the mutated rats listened to Shu Shuishui was that Shu Shuishui was a spirit beast.
Although its day-to-day behavior might suggest otherwise, Shu Shuishui couldn’t deny its centuries-old cultivation.

Shu Shuishui’s thoughts were mainly focused on eating and sleeping.
Three-quarters of the year, it was practically always sleeping.
Naturally, this Shu Shuishui couldn’t be a combat god-level spirit beast.
At one point, this aspect of Shu Shuishui had caused Shu Bao quite a headache.
However, once Shu Bao discovered Shu Shuishui’s talent for formations, he was much more at ease.

The mutated rats could communicate with Shu Shuishui on one hand, and on the other hand, they sensed a powerful aura emanating from Shu Shuishui.
This, coupled with an irresistible sense of closeness and subservience, played a role.
While this sensation might not be as intense between non-awakened or other-race mutated creatures, among biologically similar beings, it was exceptionally potent.

Shu Shuishui, who believed himself to be the most handsome, happily discovered that there were already over seventy-two exquisite spirit stones in his spiritual storage.
He had earned these during the relocation journey.
The protective formation for this winter was well secured.
“Gu Gu, are you coming with me to bury the spirit stones? We’ll return when it’s dark and warm up under the covers.”

Gu Langu readily agreed.
“Sure, I’ll follow Shui Shui.”

Amidst the lively valley, due to their extreme joy, no one was in a hurry to eat lunch.
They planned to finish tidying up and then have dinner directly.
Gu Langu swiftly left the crowd, with Shu Shuishui, heading toward the designated location.

Nan Fang, left far behind, rolled his eyes.
He hadn’t intended to follow anyway.
Why run so fast? He turned around and went to help Nan Ge.

Thus, even if people occasionally saw Gu Langu and Shu Shuishui, they didn’t pay much attention.
They had no clue about Shu Shuishui’s current actions, which would once again reshape their worldview.

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