Unlike Xie Feng who was about to laugh to the ground, Gu Langu quickly adjusted his mindset from the initial awkwardness.
Even after setting up camp at night, he spontaneously wandered in front of others.
At this moment, Gu Langu also felt the same sentiment as Shu Shuishui, unfortunately, it was transparent and others couldn’t see it if they didn’t pay attention.

But soon, Gu Langu thought of a remedy and put on the green gloves Shu Shuishui made.

The weather was pretty good tonight.
Although the fine snowflakes in the sky had never stopped, fortunately, there was no wind.
So the base became unusually lively.
Especially in the Gu Langu Base, those who successfully exchanged for the micro-farms during the day were excitedly sharing their planting experiences with the people around them.

For those who exchanged earlier, except for Yu Jin, the other two also enjoyed tender, green sweet potato leaves for the second night in a row.

Even if they weren’t eating roasted sweet potatoes, it made others envy them, because everyone understood that if they were willing to pluck the sweet potato leaves, it meant the sweet potatoes were almost mature.
Most likely, after tonight, they could be harvested tomorrow.

Nan Ge had already announced the news that Shu Shuishui needed to process energy stones, so the second batch of micro-farms would be delayed by two days.
Although many people were eager to have their own micro-farms, when they looked at the mouse working hard to build snowmen, they involuntarily showed a tolerant smile.

Such a small creature, producing so many micro-farms, must have been exhausted long ago.
It’s good to take a break.

Facing Shu Shuishui, the people of Gu Langu Base exhibited a level of tolerance and patience they had never shown before, even surprising themselves at times.

While others were setting up tents and making fires, Shu Shuishui and Gu Langu Bone built two snowmen not far from the tents.
Shu Shuishui used his sharp claws to insert seeds into them and then patted the snowmen, saying, “Gu Gu, how about we build snowmen along the way whenever we have time?”

Naturally, Gu Langu Bone agreed without hesitation.

After building the snowmen, almost everyone gathered in groups of two or three near the bonfire, preparing dinner.
It was a rare moment of relaxation after a day of bustling around.

Compared to the previous two days, the people from Fei Luo Base and Hu Sichen Base were even more enthusiastic, trying various ways to extract the information they wanted from the people of Gu Langu Base.


The people of Gu Langu Base knew that as long as they were planting, they couldn’t keep the information hidden, but they were still happy to delay a bit, giving vague answers.
After all, their own base hadn’t fully supplied them yet.

That night, Shu Shuishui roasted potatoes.
It was also one of his staple foods, similar to sweet potatoes, but with a completely different taste.

Gathered around the campfire, everyone’s gaze was inevitably drawn to the shiny green gloves on Gu Langu’s hands.
Wearing down gloves was something to envy, even if the gloves were green.
What made people even more jealous was that these gloves were personally made by Shu Shuishui! Just imagining how warm they must be with Shu Shuishui’s furry hands was enough to arouse envy.

Gu Langu’s hatred points were maxed out just by wearing a pair of green down gloves.
He took them off contentedly, revealing his shiny nails.

Beside him, Xie Feng reflexively shivered, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

Because he had been observing Gu Langu’s hands all along, unsurprisingly, everyone noticed the subtle change in Gu Langu’s nails.

“Boss, why are your nails so shiny?” Yu Jin, who had a single-minded focus, didn’t bother to think too much and asked whatever came to his mind.

Gu Langu glanced at Yu Jin with a rare gentleness in his eyes.
“It’s nail care from Shui Shui.
Shui Shui has been busy making micro-farms and taking care of me!”


Everyone: “…What’s with that proud tone? You’re proud of being taken care of by such a small mouse?”

Well, although they were complaining, deep down, everyone had to admit they were envious.

Gu Langu’s originally full hatred points instantly exploded.
Especially with Shui Shui soothing him at his side, “I’m very happy to take care of Gu Gu.
I can take care of Gu Gu for a lifetime.
When Gu Gu gets old, I can even dye Gu Gu’s hair.”

Everyone: “…” Why wasn’t it them who found the little mouse back then! How could such a considerate mouse not be more common?

Gu Langu’s heart couldn’t help but beat violently for a moment.
In that instant, it seemed that Gu Langu had regained the feeling of a heartbeat, even though it was just a brief moment.
But Gu Langu was sure, it wasn’t an illusion this time.

It was a profound feeling.
Although Gu Langu knew that his heart was constantly beating, that brief moment felt particularly distinct.
It was as if Shu Shuishui’s claw had lightly prodded it, or as if someone had gently tugged and pulled at it.
Gu Langu reached out and rubbed Shu Shuishui’s small head.
“Alright, listen to Shui Shui.”

Fei Luo couldn’t resist and personally came to inquire about the news.
Perhaps to avoid increasing his hatred points, Shi An’an didn’t follow along.

Clearly, Fei Luo wasn’t here to freeload; after a brief chat, he got straight to the point, asking about the micro-farms.

Shu Shuishui openly admitted that he had built the farms himself and briefly explained their lifespan, growth cycles, and other related matters.
“Oh, by the way, I almost forgot.
In the afternoon, Xiao Feng Feng and I worked on some modifications to the farms.
If all goes well, the crop growth cycles should be halved, and the lifespan of the farms could be extended by one to two times.”

Fei Luo subconsciously looked at Xie Feng, who was smiling radiantly.
He was so happy about Shu Shuishui’s praise that he didn’t even notice Fei Luo’s gaze.
Fei Luo was momentarily stunned, feeling an indescribable sourness—uncertain whether it was regret or happiness.


Unaware of all this, Shu Shuishui continued, “To thank you for saving Xiao Feng Feng and bringing him to our base, if you decide to purchase a micro-farm, you’ll receive a certain discount.
As for the price…”

Before Shu Shui had a chance to speak, Yu Jin, who was drinking water, had already been so startled that he choked, once again plunged into the fear of being dominated by the two grasshoppers.

Amidst Yu Jin’s intense coughing, Nan Ge calmly took over the conversation.
“As for the price, you can come to me to negotiate.”

Shu Shuishui nodded his small head in agreement.

Due to this promised discount, Fei Luo’s mood grew even more complicated.
He didn’t even feel much joy because he knew that compared to the discount, he had already lost something far more valuable, treasures of various meanings.

Xie Feng was more tolerant than imagined.
He remained calm upon Fei Luo’s arrival and departure, even somewhat indifferent.
Nobody tactlessly asked, and it was best that Xie Feng could handle it maturely.
But everyone also understood that true indifference would require some time.

After Fei Luo left, Yu Jin couldn’t help but sigh in relief.
“You scared me! I thought Shui Shui was going to demand a huge price, like two grasshoppers!”

Shu Shuishui walked up to Yu Jin’s side and jumped, patting his knee.
“Silly child, did you never learn math? Two grasshoppers wouldn’t be enough!”

Yu Jin: “…” Wasn’t that what you said earlier? “Aren’t grasshoppers priceless treasures?”

“Right,” Shu Shuishui nodded.
“That’s why you need four grasshoppers to be enough!”

Everyone was speechless.
Did they think that just doubling the price was a huge demand?

Shu Shuishui spread his two chubby paws and shrugged helplessly.
“I was just joking.
You guys lack a sense of humor; you don’t understand the comedic timing of a mouse.
Fei Luo Base and Hu Sichen Base already have simulators.
For them, the micro-farms are just a bonus.
And the simulators were something I found myself.
But when it came to creating the farms, I had the protection of the convoy.
I can’t let my generosity be built on everyone’s efforts.”

At this point, the little dormouse blushed slightly and glanced at his paw tips.
“But I decided to give a discount on my own.
Well, that’s because Fei Luo has nice hands.
Of course! Definitely not as nice as Gu Gu’s hands.
Gu Gu’s hands are the best-looking hands in the world!”

Everyone: “…” No need to explain; even if you explain, don’t flatter.
You’re not that kind of mouse!

In truth, everyone more or less understood.
The reason Shu Shuishui offered the discount was, as he mentioned earlier, to repay the favor for Xie Feng.
By settling Fei Luo’s debt of gratitude to Xie Feng and showing their acceptance of him, they had essentially made Xie Feng part of the Gu Langu Base.
They would be his support from now on.


Others understood, and Xie Feng naturally understood too.
He wanted to pick up Shu Shuishui and give him a few kisses, but before Xie Feng could act, Gu Langu had already picked up the little dormouse with his nail-polished hands and placed Shu Shuishui on his own lap.

Xie Feng didn’t dare to compete with Gu Langu for Shu Shui, so he could only regretfully abandon his plans.
It seemed that trying to attract Shu Shuishui’s attention through grateful behavior wouldn’t work.

Shu Shuishui didn’t continue explaining either; after all, the concept of karma and reincarnation was too complex, and he himself only grasped the basics.

Not long after Fei Luo left, Hu Sichen also arrived, alone.
Compared to Fei Luo, Hu Sichen was much more straightforward, getting straight to the point by expressing his intention to purchase a micro-farm.

Dealing with someone like Hu Sichen was much simpler.
Everyone laid out their bottom lines, negotiated a price acceptable to both parties and sealed the deal.
Of course, the price was a bit higher than what Fei Luo’s base was getting.
Nan Ge explained this to Hu Sichen, who didn’t mind at all; he even laughed heartily.
“I get it! It’s enough to make that kid Fei Luo feel some pain! Who would’ve thought that someone who gets things done so neatly would be so clingy in matters of the heart? Not at all manly.
I absolutely don’t expect such a discount…”

A few profane words almost escaped his mouth several times but were held back.
There was no choice; Gu Langu’s intimidating eyes were fixed on him, making it feel uncomfortable to talk!

However, the people around the campfire were quite satisfied.
They were afraid of anyone influencing their mouse negatively.

Unexpectedly, when Hu Sichen was satisfied and got up to leave…

The little dormouse made a valiant effort to sound gruff.
“Come and play often when you have time! The weather is getting damn colder.
It’s freezing my ass off.
I’m afraid opportunities to go out will be fewer and fewer!”

Hu Sichen reflexively burst into laughter.
“Sure thing…” He responded, but then froze.

The people around the campfire also entered a state of shock!

What’s happening? They were all on high alert trying to prevent Hu Sichen from swearing, but the little mouse actually outdid Hu Sichen in being uncensored!

Hu Sichen, however, was quite delighted, feeling like the frustration he had just experienced had been swept away.
“Real men talk like this for real pleasure.
I’m in with you as my brother.”

Shu Shuishui nudged his little paw.
“Sure thing, we’re all brothers!”

Nan Ge: “…” He had interacted with Hu Sichen for quite a while, but he hadn’t received the title and treatment of “brother.” If sealing the deal on the farm purchase made Hu Sichen happy, then genuinely getting to know Shu Shuishui made him truly joyful for no apparent reason—just content.

Hu Sichen grinned widely, leaving Gu Langu Base with a face full of happiness.
He walked quite far before he heard Shu Shuishui’s voice from behind.
“Brother, take care!”

Beside the campfire…

Gu Lan Bone (⊙⊙)

Everyone else (⊙⊙)

TL’s note: A new door opened up for Gu Gu and the others AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA xD

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