With Xie Feng joining them, the atmosphere in Yu Jin and Nan Ge’s car became much livelier.
Especially since Yu Jin used to be an internet-addicted teenager, even though they couldn’t go online at the moment, with someone who claimed to be a tech genius around, they were able to connect two computers and play games together.

Nan Ge quickly discovered that Xie Feng was indeed as talented in technology as he claimed.

All signals on Cang Zhan Star were strictly monitored and subject to blocking and interference, making even simple long-distance calls impossible.

In recent years, apart from the interference and control by the Galactic Alliance, there was another significant difficulty – the internal environment of Cang Zhan Star itself was highly unstable.
Xie Feng was multitasking, playing games with Yu Jin while chatting with Nan Ge.
“Why isn’t Nan Fang in the same car?”

“Nan Fang is with his little princess.
That cat has much more stuff to bring than us.” The most helpless thing is that the fact that the cat occupied a car actually gained unanimous approval from everyone at the base, showing the tolerance of a group of men towards the opposite sex, even if it’s just a cat.

Nan Ge’s car followed closely behind Gu Langu and Shu Shuishui’s car, so Nan Ge didn’t have to worry too much about road safety, appearing very relaxed.
“Yu Jin, show Little Feng the simulator.”

Yu Jin was obviously engrossed in the game, not even taking his eyes off the screen.
“It’s useless to study now.
There’s not enough space to start the simulator.”

However, Xie Feng’s eyes lit up.
He had also heard about the unexpected acquisition of a large number of simulators at Gu Langu Base.
After all, this news was too sensational.
“Simulator! It works in the Rubik’s Cube state too.
Let me take a look!”

Yu Jin could only free up one hand and took out a Rubik’s Cube from his backpack, handing it to Xie Feng.
“Didn’t Fei Luo Base find any emulators this year? I heard they had a good harvest before.
This one is already activated, but there are also some that haven’t been activated yet.”

Carefully taking the simulator, Xie Feng’s eyes sparkled with a sci-fi blue glow.
He immediately stopped playing the game and began studying the simulator.
After a few simple rotations, a countdown of numbers appeared on it – the self-destruct countdown of the emulator.

Due to insufficient space for 3x3x3, the simulator couldn’t be activated, but there were still many basic settings available in the Rubik’s Cube state.
“Fei Luo Base also found a simulator this year, which was discovered by Shi An’an.
So, it’s been delayed from reaching my hands, probably because they were afraid I’d dismantle it.
Can I dismantle this one?”

Xie Feng’s hand trembled, and the character on the screen immediately started losing health due to a mistake.
“You want to dismantle it! Are you crazy?”

Xie Feng was confident and rotated the Rubik’s Cube in his hand.
“We don’t have the conditions now, don’t worry.”

The character in the game fell to the ground, and Yu Jin finally lifted his head.
“Even if you have the conditions, you still can’t! Do you treat it like a watch? If you dismantle it, it’ll become useless.”

“I haven’t dismantled one before, so I don’t know if it will become useless,” Xie Feng replied truthfully, completely absorbed in the simulator.

Yu Jin finally understood why this guy was unpopular.
He was single-mindedly focused on research.
He wondered if Xie Feng was some kind of saboteur1A “saboteur” is a person who engages in sabotage, which involves deliberately damaging, destroying, or obstructing something, often for the purpose of undermining a project, operation, or system.
at Fei Luo Base.

For Xie Feng, this was also the first time he saw a real simulator.
Top talents often loved top challenges, and he believed that if he could thoroughly study the simulator, he might even rebuild Cang Zhan Star’s information network.

After all, on Cang Zhan Star, where signals were blocked and interfered with, the simulator’s signal was the most stable.
This meant the simulator’s signal was the key.
Apart from that, Xie Feng considered whether the self-destruct mechanism was due to energy depletion and whether there was a possibility of modifying it.
He also wondered if the size and appearance of the simulator could be further changed to make it more concealed and convenient.
If there wasn’t enough space, could the simulator still be activated? And, was there even a possibility of creating the simulator?

Xie Feng was very interested in these questions that others wouldn’t dare to think about.
He had been working hard towards solving them.
Xie Feng’s greatest advantage was his daring spirit—he could think about things others wouldn’t dare to, and he excelled at breaking conventions.
Such individuals were actually best suited for research.

Seeing Xie Feng fully immersed in the simulator, Yu Jin couldn’t help feeling speechless.
His newly acquired gaming teammate had betrayed him in less than a morning.
Yu Jin shifted his condemning gaze toward Nan Ge.

“What’s wrong? Do you have any complaints? Feel free to speak up,” Nan Ge smiled amiably.

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing!” Yu Jin stammered, avoiding eye contact and casually looking at Gu Langu’s car in front.
Through the car’s rearview mirror, he could vaguely see what was happening inside, especially now that it was quite conspicuous.

Rubbing his eyes, Yu Jin pointed at the car in front with astonishment.
“Nan Ge, does Boss’s car look a bit odd? Why does it seem a little green?”

Nan Ge had also noticed, after all, he was the one driving.
At some point, greenery had suddenly sprouted inside the car.
It wasn’t the lifeless, monotonous color of artificial dyes but rather vibrant, plant-like shades.
“It looks like stems of some kind of plant?”

If it weren’t for the fact that Gu Lan Gu was driving the car in front, Nan Ge might have suspected that mutant plants had sneaked in while others weren’t paying attention.

“No way! Did Boss really start gardening? Or did Shuishui Shui really start farming?” Yu Jin thought of the two large flowerpots that Gu Langu had moved yesterday and Shu Shuishui’s confident claim about his farming endeavor.

“Plant stems?” Suddenly, Xie Feng, who was researching the simulator, remembered something and quickly took out two pieces of deep purple plant stems.
“Shui Shui gave me these in secret.
In theory, when placed with food, it should be some kind of edible plant.
But this thing has a fibrous appearance all around.
Can it really be eaten?”

Yu Jin felt a little jealous because he had never eaten those two pieces of purple plant stems that Xie Feng had.
Xie Feng got lucky with them.
“Maybe they are Shui Shui’s chew sticks, after all, they are so hard.”

Xie Feng couldn’t figure it out either, so he didn’t dwell on it and decided to ask Shu Shuishui during their lunch break.

“Huh? Shui Shui,” Yu Jin’s gaze fixed on the car in front.
Suddenly, on top of those green pointed stems, a warm brown little ball climbed up.
The little ball held onto the tip of the green plant, swaying side to side due to its weight but remained quite agile.
It stretched out its paws to gather the plants and checked them one by one, seemingly inspecting their growth.
“He’s actually farming! My goodness, what is he growing? Isn’t he afraid of the cold? No, wait, it’s growing really fast, what’s going on? Could Shui Shui have planted some mutant plants without knowing?”

The three of them weren’t worried about Shu Shuishui’s safety as Gu Langu was with him.
However, they couldn’t figure out what he was farming, what he was growing, and if it was thriving.

The trio’s questions didn’t last long as the green pointed stems quickly grew up.
Yu Jin was willing to bet that it took less than two hours from when the green tips emerged until they could clearly see the entire wheat ears.
It turned out to be wheat!

Xie Feng’s eyes were the brightest, and he even temporarily put down the simulator in his hand.
“And you guys complained about the food at the base! Wheat is actually growing in the car, and it’s growing so fast! But why isn’t it growing in our car? Can I go and plant some in my RV?”

When Xie Feng was at Fei Luo Base, he liked to stay in his own RV, but when he arrived at Gu Langu Base, for some reason, he didn’t want to be alone anymore.
That’s why he came to hang out with others.
As for his own car, there were naturally many people eager to drive it.

However, Xie Feng’s car was equipped with too many devices; it was filled with parts, materials, and machinery, making the space less comfortable than the current car.

“You’ve never seen such a thing! Growing wheat in the car is just basic stuff for us because we have a field mouse.
Do you know what a field mouse is?” Yu Jin also almost blurted out in surprise but swallowed his words back, pretending to be composed, and looked down on the newcomer.

“The common name for a rodent from the subfamily Arvicolinae,” Xie Feng calmly replied.

Yu Jin: “…” There was no way to continue the conversation!

Nan Ge’s heart was equally not at peace.
He was the one driving, and the small wheat field in front of them seemed to be growing right under his nose, making it even more unbelievable.

The three of them were looking forward to lunchtime because there was no danger at the moment, and stopping the car recklessly would delay the whole convoy’s progress.

Meanwhile, inside the car, Shu Shuishui was harvesting his second crop of chives.
Chives grew quickly and could constantly regenerate.
Shu Shuishui used his sharp claws as a substitute for a sickle and placed the freshly cut chives together with the ones he harvested in the morning.
He carefully arranged them one by one while busy muttering to himself, “One for Gu Gu, one for me, one for Yu Jin, one for Gu Gu, one for me, one for Nan Ge, one for Gu Gu, one for me, and none left?” After a short while, he finished organizing them, and only two belonged to someone else.

Seeing the pile of chives, the little dormouse reluctantly decided to redistribute them.
Gu Langu saw Shu Shuishui busy rearranging the chives on the back seat through the rearview mirror and raised the corners of his lips.

Chives were the fastest-growing pot of plants, and it was already the second crop.
After all, they didn’t need constant cultivation.
Eight freshly cut chives were growing vigorously.
Sixteen wheat stalks were already in the ear, and two sweet potatoes were also growing well.

Looking from the outside, only the shadows of the wheat were visible; the sweet potatoes and chives were too short.

After moving back and forth, Shu Shuishui finally calculated the time and decided to wait for the third crop of chives before distributing them, giving everyone four stalks each.
In Shu Shuishui’s spiritual storage, there were still a few wheat plants left.
Shu Shuishui decided to make a small pie for himself during lunch using the four chives he had, which should be enough.

Finally, at noon, the convoy stopped, but there were no tents set up.
It seemed they were just making a brief stop.

Shu Shuishui and Gu Langu hadn’t gotten off the car yet when the car door was quickly opened by someone.
Shu Shuishui looked puzzled at the sudden appearance of Yu Jin and the other two.
“What’s going on?”

Yu Jin stretched out his hand in disbelief and touched the fully-formed wheat ears.
Although the ears were still dark green, they were grains.
But were these grains too few? There was only one pot.

“It’s really grown by Shui Shui! My goodness! Shui Shui, you’re amazing!” Yu Jin reached out to hold Shu Shuishui, happily kissing his forehead, but then he was lifted and thrown away by Gu Langu, who held the back of his collar.

Shu Shuishui looked innocent.
“Didn’t I already tell you I wanted to do some farming? Do you want me to take you on a tour of my fields and ranch?”

“Ranch!?” He even had a ranch! This surprise was so great that even Nan Ge’s expression became excited.

Proudly, Shu Shuishui pointed to the front of the car, where there was a nesting place with an ornament.
As their vision approached, they could clearly see the true nature of the ornament and couldn’t help but twitch.
“That’s the ranch?”

“Yes, all six grasshoppers are inside.” Shu Shuishui nodded seriously.

1A “saboteur” is a person who engages in sabotage, which involves deliberately damaging, destroying, or obstructing something, often for the purpose of undermining a project, operation, or system.

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