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Others chimed in agreement upon hearing this.
“Yeah, if Gu Langu didn’t lose control, the Gu family might have had a higher status.
But what the Gu family did was quite extreme.
Not to mention Gu Langu, even a normal person would probably go crazy.
Being born in life and death, neither human nor ghost and then suddenly one day, a brother emerges to take over everything…”

“It’s actually understandable.
It’s fine to let Gu Langu fight, but to let a semi-mechanical person manage the family, the Gu family would never agree.”

“A semi-mechanical being can’t be considered human after all.
Even if every bone and muscle in their body is perfectly replicated, they’re still a cold machine, a machine that lost control.”

“I heard that he lost control on the battlefield, not only annihilating the enemy but also wiping out his own troops…”

Hu Sichen was irritated to the extreme and kicked away the annoying and sleazy man beside him.
“Damn, blabbering like a woman gossiping! “

The sleazy man flew several meters away and landed on the ground, chewing on some mud, without reducing his sleaziness at all.
He got up nonchalantly and sighed, “Speaking of women, I don’t know if I’ll ever get to touch one in this lifetime.”

The others responded with a look that said, “Stop daydreaming.” Cang Zhan Star was what kind of star? Before they entered, Cang Zhan Star was called a prison, a desolate star, a savage star, a post-war star, a resource star, and an edge star.
In short, it had various names, but they all summed up to disaster.

Cang Zhan Star used to be a planet of moderate civilization, with technological advancements and an evolving population at a decent level.
However, unfortunately, Cang Zhan Star became entangled in an interstellar war.
For the sake of war, the unauthorized use of genetic weapons led to the planet’s massive destruction.

After the great devastation, all higher intelligent life on Cang Zhan Star met with extinction, even the survival environment of plants and animals underwent severe tests.
Eventually, Cang Zhan Star became a desolate and uninhabited planet.
If there were no human intervention, perhaps in tens of millions or even billions of years, the planet would undergo a cycle and give birth to new life, starting from single-celled organisms, progressing and advancing once again.

Unfortunately, Cang Zhan Star didn’t hold such value that the people of the Cang Star System would wait for.
According to the authoritative calculations of the Star Alliance, Cang Zhan Star didn’t have the possibility of producing rare materials.
Thus, in the end, the fate of Cang Zhan Star was like that of most failed advanced planets—it became a resource star with low exploitation value.

In the vast Canghai Galaxy, even giant stars reached trillions, and planets were countless.
Among them, resource stars referred to planets that were not suitable for habitation but had exploitable resources.
Resource stars were also divided into different levels, and Cang Zhan Star was the lowest tier.
It not only had a harsh environment but also had limited exploitable resources, mainly metals, carbon-based and silicon-based gemstones, and energy stones.

The majority of people sent to Cang Zhan Star were defeated prisoners of war.
It was an imprisoned planet, and its inhabitants were all losers—losers on the battlefield, losers in family disputes, business wars, careers, politics, and so on.
It was a planet with no way out.
Hence, it was aptly called the “prison planet.” Furthermore, the concept of escape did not exist on this planet, unless one could overcome the gravity and fly out of the atmosphere.

However, the planet’s administrators would not allow such loopholes to exist.
All teleportation devices on the planet were one-way, meaning they only allowed entry and not exit.
No flying objects would come near or land on the planet.
The existing technology and resources on the planet were insufficient to support the production of aircraft.
Moreover, there was a comprehensive surveillance system outside the planet that prevented any escape attempts.
Any flying object attempting to leave the planet would be indiscriminately destroyed.

The sleazy man seemed to understand this reasoning and couldn’t help but feel disheartened.
“When do you think they’ll implement mixed-gender supervision? A group of men, isn’t that forcing people into same-sex relationships?”

Others remained unfazed, as sexual orientation had long ceased to be an issue.
With the existence of individuals like Gu Langu, who underwent semi-mechanization, and the ability to cultivate new life outside the human body, same-sex preferences were no longer a problem.
Whether one liked men or women was a matter of personal choice, and no one saw it as an issue.
However, some people were heterosexual, like the sleazy man, who naturally preferred women.

Male and female mixed supervision is impossible to achieve, not in this lifetime.
It’s fine for men to be in a same-sex relationship here, but it becomes a big problem when a man and a woman create new life.
After all, this is a regulated and transformed area, not a place for you to live your life.
Moreover, the identity of newborns would also be a big trouble.
Therefore, this type of planet strictly separates male and female supervision, with separate planets for male and female supervision.
What? Human rights? I’m sorry, losers don’t have the qualifications to talk about human rights.

At this moment, Shu Shuishui had no idea that he had arrived in such a messed-up world.
Dormouse was agilely climbing between bookshelves, searching for information about the human geography of this world.

The little dormouse successfully found a hardcover book titled “World Human Geography.” Its two paws firmly grasped the back of the book with the title, trying to pull it out.
However, despite the dusty shelves, it seemed stubborn.
Shu Shuishui pulled hard several times but couldn’t successfully remove the book.

Shu Shuishui rubbed his arm fur and then used his hind paws to brace against adjacent books, pulling his body horizontally like in a tug of war, partially extracting the book title.
Shu Shuishui then circled to the back of the book and pushed it out.

With a thud, the book fell to the ground.
The little dormouse agilely descended along the bookshelf, raised both paws holding the thick book, and found a spacious area.
With a smack, he slapped the book on the ground, causing a cloud of dust to fly up.
Shu Shuishui sneezed several times from the dust.
Once the dust settled, he put down the book and prepared to read.

He took out an eyeglass from his mouth and put them on.
Shu Shuishui then opened the thick cover, and the first thing that caught his eye was a deep blue photo of the starry sky.
The universe seemed enveloped in a faint, ethereal blue halo, varying in intensity, resembling a splendid aurora.

Amidst the ethereal glow, numerous planets floated, like dazzling gemstones, emitting different colors due to their varying structures.
It was a display of extravagant grandeur and vivid beauty.

Flipping through the first section of the album, she found introductions to various planets.

Shu Shuishui adjusted his glasses and noticed something between two pages.
He sat up with his chubby buttocks and looked attentively.

This is Cang Zhan Star, a small asteroid revolving around Cang Hai Star.
The star system where Cang Zhan Star is located is shrouded in large blue nebulae.
It looks like a vast deep sea in the universe, hence the name Cang Star System.

Based on the number of stars and the diameter of the star system mentioned in the book, Shu Shuishui counted on his fingers and roughly estimated that the Cang Star System was tens of thousands of times larger than the Milky Way, which was an astronomical number.
However, in the infinite universe, it seemed minuscule.

Shu Shuishui sat stiffly between the book pages, finally realizing that he was probably no longer on Earth, and he might not even be in the Milky Way anymore.
This realization made him feel anxious.

He reached into his cheek pouch and took out a hazelnut to calm himself.
On Earth, Shu Shuishui had long lost any relatives, and his only rat companion had already traveled through time and space and left.
Shu Shuishui didn’t experience any breakdown emotions; he just felt that things were somewhat unreal.

After finishing the hazelnut, Shu Shuishui suddenly remembered that he had left many things behind at home, such as the storage ring, bracelet, necklace, and so on that Shu Bao had made.
Naturally, the precious materials from heaven and earth were not brought along.

As for why Shu Shuishui didn’t bring these spiritual artifacts with him, it’s necessary to criticize Shu Bao’s extravagant aesthetic taste.
All the artifacts he crafted were golden, shiny, and blindingly bright.
Shu Shuishui didn’t think he, a simple field mouse, could bear such extravagance.
Therefore, he left them all in the farmhouse courtyard, as no one could have anticipated him time-traveling.

Shu Shuishui jumped off the book, continued to stretch his paws, and flipped through the books with a rustling sound.
Then he stopped on one of the pages because the city photos on it looked somewhat familiar, like the city before it was submerged in the yellow sand, especially the towering iconic building standing above the sand.

Luo Qi City.
A first-tier city in the coastal economic belt, one of the pillars of the world economy.

This was the name and honor that belonged to this city before it was buried in yellow sand.
It turned out this desert was once located by the sea.
This was probably what they referred to as the vicissitudes of time.

After traversing time and space, Shu Shuishui had to accept an unpleasant reality: this city, and even this planet, had been abandoned because, based on Shu Shuishui’s understanding of humans, they wouldn’t allow such a prosperous city to be buried in sand, and a significant amount of resources had not been evacuated.

All this indicated that at some sudden moment, this city suffered a devastating blow, without giving humanity any time to react.

However, one thing gave Shu Shuishui some comfort: the universality of written language.
Shu Shuishui wasn’t an illiterate mouse; in fact, due to his world travels, he was knowledgeable in multiple languages, making him a scholarly mouse.
And yet, the writing system used on this planet was still Chinese characters.
Moreover, it seemed that Chinese characters were also the common script in the Cang Star System.
Shu Shuishui couldn’t explore the reasons behind this because parallel universes and intersections of time and space remained mysterious puzzles.

The level of civilization on this planet was slightly higher than that of Earth.
Of course, this might also be a characteristic of the Cang Star System.
In the former solar system, humanity never discovered any life-bearing planets other than Earth.
However, in the Cang Star System, inhabited planets were not rare.
Shu Shuishui pondered on the difference between being an only child and being a multiple birth.

Perhaps the Milky Way implemented a one-child policy, and Earth didn’t have any other siblings.
It stumbled alone on the path of planetary evolution and only reached the technological age to this day.
On the other hand, the Cang Star System had already entered the mechanical age.

Shu Shuishui sighed, feeling quite lonely as a single mouse.
He skillfully raised his paw, patting his head to comfort himself.
“Ah Shui is the cutest little one.”

After comforting himself as an old baby of several hundred years, he continued reading the book with his refined glasses.

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