TL: Moonlit

Originally, Shu Shuishui had planned to make a down jacket for Gu Langu.
However, the winter came so suddenly that Shu Shuishui finally understood why it was said that Cang Zhan Star only had two seasons.
There was no transition period between summer and winter.
The world went from green to white in just one night.

In such a short time, Shu Shuishui couldn’t collect enough feathers.
He could only start with the most beautiful parts of Gu Langu.
In fact, Shu Shuishui thought that if he didn’t make gloves, he could just snuggle up in Gu Langu’s hands and be a hand warmer.
He could sleep openly and honestly while keeping his humanoid pet’s hands warm.

However, considering that Gu Langu would be driving, as a dormouse who had recently obtained his driver’s license, Shu Shuishui naturally had to follow traffic rules and refrain from dangerous behaviors like dialing phones or playing with threads during the drive.

Therefore, in order to protect Gu Langu’s hands, Shu Shuishui could only make him a down glove for now.
As for the down jacket, it seemed like a daunting task at the moment.
As for the hat, Shu Shuishui could just sit on Gu Langu’s head to act as one himself.
He had great confidence in his own fur.

As an excellent hand-control dormouse, Shu Shuishui fully utilized his hand-control skills.
Sewing was no problem at all, especially since the materials he used were not ordinary.
Speaking of which, if they were going to migrate soon, they also needed to make camping tents and find time to activate the small-scale formations in the flowerpots and plant the seeds for germination and growth.
In an instant, Shu Shuishui felt so busy.

Feeling too busy to play snowball fights with Gu Langu, Shu Shuishui had to give up on the idea.
Even if Gu Langu knew about it, he probably wouldn’t agree.
Who knew what would happen if he threw a snowball at Gu Langu! He might just disappear!

As for building a snowman, Shu Shuishui believed that there would be plenty of opportunities in the future.
So, the little dormouse didn’t stay outside for too long and returned to the bedroom.

Gu Langu also went out to prepare for the migration, even though most of the work didn’t require his direct involvement.
Still, Gu Langu needed to migrate too and couldn’t just leave everything unattended.

Sitting on Gu Langu’s bed, Shu Shuishui took out one feather after another from the spiritual storage.
He also brought out a bundle of spirit silk and a piece of white fabric.
After thinking about it for a moment, he found a bottle of green dye and planned to dye the gloves green.

Gently, Shu Shuishui placed each feather on the bed.
The feathers were all very soft, the kind of downy feathers found on birds, so warmth wouldn’t be an issue.
Shu Shuishui intentionally controlled his breath to avoid blowing the feathers away.
Whenever he saw a misplaced feather, he would use his paws to straighten it out.

With everything ready, the skillful hand-control mouse had already familiarized himself with Gu Langu’s hands from his frequent advantageous touches, so the glove size was not a problem at all.

Shu Shuishui’s cutting process was also quite rough.
He simply took a green chalk and sketched the shape of the palm on the laid-out fabric, then cut out four identical pieces.
After sewing two pieces together, he sewed them back-to-back to create a down glove.
While cutting, Shu Shuishui also made sure to cut them slightly larger, carefully measuring with his small paws to find the perfect size.

The same method was used for the other palm, and then Shu Shuishui sat by the fabric, meticulously using small scissors to cut out the pieces.

It was evident that while Shu Shuishui didn’t have much talent in science, he had good manual skills.
After all, he was a dormouse well-versed in formations, able to master complex spiritual formations.
So cutting fabric was naturally not a problem for him.

After finishing the cutting, Shu Shuishui rolled up the eight pieces of fabric and hurried to the bathroom, then turned on the tap in the washbasin.
When the sink was half-filled with water, he added a few drops of natural green dye into it.

In Shu Shuishui’s spiritual storage, there were several bottles of dye given by Shu Bao.
It was said that these dyes were extracted from rare spiritual plants, possessing the ability to change the inherent color of items.
Not only that, but they could also harmonize spiritual energy, enhancing the success rate of inscriptions, artifacts, and pill refinement.
Such precious items were highly sought after even in the cultivation world.
However, in Shu Shuishui’s hands, they were used to dye Gu Langu’s gloves, in his favorite grass-green color!

The fabric’s dyeing process was extremely fast, taking only a few minutes.
It was more like absorption than dyeing.
As the rich grass-green color in the washbasin gradually faded and returned to clear water, the white fabric had completely absorbed the dye, turning it into grass-green.

Taking out the eight pieces of grass-green fabric, Shu Shuishui placed them under the seldom-used hand dryer and quickly dried them.
Then, he returned to the bed with the dyed fabric, took out a needle, threaded it with spiritual silk, and began stitching the two pieces of dyed fabric together.

Holding the needle felt like wielding a sword.
As he sewed, Shu Shuishui had to put one little foot on the fabric and stretch his small body to pull and stitch the threads.

Spiritual silk was extremely fine but had great toughness.
After all, it was not an ordinary material, and between the sewing, Shu Shuishui also integrated formations into it.

Once the sewing was done, Shu Shuishui started to fill the fabric with feathers.
He pinched a feather with his tiny paw and placed it inside the stitched palm piece.
“One feather, two feathers, three feathers… one hundred feathers.”

Once one piece was filled, he moved on to the next.
“One feather, two feathers, three feathers… one hundred feathers.”

He repeated this process four times, ensuring that each palm piece was meticulously filled with exactly one hundred feathers, with the color of the feathers evenly distributed.
Even while filling the feathers, he attached different spiritual energy based on the source of the feathers and incorporated basic defensive formations and temperature-maintaining formations.

If Shu Bao were here, he would surely marvel at Shu Shuishui’s proficiency and talent in formations.
Shu Shuishui understood how to generalize and extrapolate, not sticking to rigid formulas.
His mastery of formations was indeed a genius aspect, allowing him to freely manipulate the surrounding environment as he pleased.

After Shu Shuishui’s stitching and filling, the four soft feather palm pieces were perfectly sewn together, and there was absolutely no issue with loose feathers or loose threads.
Upon closer inspection, the stitches were as neat and uniform as those made by a machine, presenting a pleasing sight.

Shu Shuishui extended his paw to touch the filled feather palm piece and then tried lying on it himself to ensure that the size was suitable for Gu Langu’s hand.
Resting on the soft palm piece, Shu Shuishui compared its size to his own height and felt confident that it would fit Gu Langu perfectly.

Once again, he sewed the two sets of filled feather palm pieces together, and thus, the prototype of the down glove was completed!

Holding the finished glove, Shu Shuishui happily paced around the bed, eager to try it on Gu Langu’s hand.

The appearance of the glove seemed ordinary, albeit with a striking and unusual color, but it inexplicably gave people a sense of softness and warmth.
Of course, it was indeed soft and warm because all the materials used by Shu Shuishui, except for the feathers, were spiritual items.
They might not be precious treasures, but they were still rare items.
The fabric was made from high-grade cloud cotton, the thread was spiritual silk, fireproof, waterproof, breathable, and warm.

Shu Shuishui tried the glove himself and found that it was indeed very warm.
After walking around the bed with the glove on for a while, he even felt a bit sweaty.

Glancing outside with his tiny body, he realized it was still early in the day.
Shu Shuishui then embroidered or sewed the words “Gu Langu” on the glove, along with a simple cartoon hazelnut pattern.

Finally, it was a job well done.
Shu Shuishui never expected to finish so quickly; it only took him the morning.

Just as Shu Shuishui was about to rush to make the tent, Yu Jin returned and informed Shu Shuishui that the base was about to depart.
Gu Langu had already gone to drive the vehicle and would come to pick up Shu Shuishui shortly, so he should start packing his things.

Before leaving, Yu Jin’s eyes fell on the conspicuous glove.
“Huh? Such a… green glove?” Actually, Yu Jin really wanted to comment on how ugly the glove was, but his survival instincts quickly awakened him.
This bedroom only accommodated Shu Shuishui and Gu Langu, and the size of the glove clearly did not fit Shu Shuishui, so it was most likely Gu Langu’s.

Shu Shuishui patted the glove.
“Isn’t it nice? Do you want one, Yu Jin? Once I collect enough feathers, I can make one for you as well.”

Yu Jin waved his hand.
“No need, no need.
Don’t make one for me.
I can endure the cold with my tough skin and flesh.”

Upon hearing this, Shu Shuishui turned his gaze to Yu Jin’s hand and carefully examined it for a moment before nodding.
“You’re right.”

Yu Jin almost collapsed, but the sound of footsteps coming upstairs saved him.
He could only pretend he hadn’t heard anything.
“Boss, you came so quickly?”

Gu Langu nodded.
“Yeah, Shuishui has quite a few things to move.
Aren’t you going to pack your own things?”

Seeing this, Yu Jin hurriedly went to tidy up his belongings.
As soon as Gu Langu entered the room, he saw the little dormouse standing beside the pillow, looking at him with bright eyes.
Gu Langu approached, and Shu Shuishui grabbed the pillow with his tiny paw.
“Gu Langu, I have a surprise for you! Open it and see.”

“What surprise?” After two times of such surprises, Gu Langu also knew that Shu Shuishui liked to hide the gifts under the pillow, so he went straight to the bed and, under Shu Shuishui’s expectant gaze, lifted the pillow.

On the bed, two green gloves were neatly placed side by side under the pillow.
The style was not particularly attractive, but it was simple, with only the words “Gu Langu” and a hazelnut pattern.
However, the color… Did the little dormouse really like green that much?

“Gu Langu, try them on.
I made them.
If they don’t fit, I can adjust them.” The furry little creature reminded as it stood on the bed.

Gu Langu’s lips curved up; he truly didn’t expect this.
Although Shu Shuishui mentioned wanting to gift down gloves before, Gu Langu never imagined that besides being a skilled farmer, Shu Shuishui could also do needlework.
It was truly incredible.
“Thank you, Shuishui.”

Taking the gloves and trying them on, he found they fit perfectly, and the fabric had a slight elasticity, hugging his hands perfectly.
Upon closer inspection, Gu Langu discovered that the stitches on the gloves were just perfect.
He couldn’t imagine that each stitch was sewn one by one by the little dormouse.
It was as if these stitches were not just holding the gloves together but also mending Gu Langu’s fragmented humanity and desires.
“They fit very well.”

“Of course.” Shu Shuishui proudly raised his little head.
“I compared the size using my own height, and it’s absolutely accurate.
These gloves are very warm, so they can replace me and keep your hands warm, and when you go out, I’ll be your hat.
I’ll cover your ears for you.”

Gu Langu looked at the two tiny paws of the mouse, then pondered the distance between his head and his two ears, and felt it was an impossible task.
“It’s okay, my ears are not cold.”

Shu Shuishui shook his head seriously.
“That won’t do.
Gu Langu is not like Yu Jin; you can’t just tough it out and endure the cold.
When I have enough feathers, I’ll wrap you up.”

Gu Langu: “…,” Why does this sound like something is not quite right?

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