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Although Gu Langu didn’t want the little mouse to be too tired, as it dangled its four paws and pondered over what delicious breakfast to have with its sharp claws, he really didn’t want to disappoint the little mouse.
Reluctantly, Gu Langu had to walk towards the kitchen.

Even in the state of being carried, Shu Shuishui felt very reassured.
He didn’t have to worry about falling because he was busy using his claws to calculate something while dangling his four paws.
“Sweet potatoes are a must, one for each of us, making it five.
And there’s meat too.
Do we have to catch five grasshoppers? Actually, a light breakfast would be fine even without meat.
Fruits like cherries, five of them, for decoration.
Watermelon, toothpicks, apples, and bananas are always available.
Then there’s pasta, but forget it, we don’t have much flour.
It’s not enough for five people; let’s keep some to make a small dish for Gu Gu…”

Hearing this, Gu Langu curved its lips slightly, and his steps toward the kitchen became much lighter.

In the living room, after watching Gu Langu carry Shu Shuishui away, Nan Fang asked with uncertainty, “Did that mouse just say it’s going to make breakfast for us? Bro, I think you’re more likely to be poisoned.” Naturally, Nan Fang had no hope for a mouse’s cooking skills.
Who knew if the little mouse would accidentally fall into the pot while cooking? Nan Fang wanted to eat meat, but definitely not mouse meat.

Nan Ge didn’t respond because he, too, couldn’t be sure about what Shu Shuishui had just said.
Breakfast made by Shu Shuishui? Honestly, he didn’t dare to imagine.
He shared the same concern as Nan Fang: Would Shu Shuishui, with its tiny size, really not fall into the pot?

Only Yu Jin’s eyes sparkled.
“If you two don’t want to eat, you can leave it to me.
I think I can eat three portions of grasshoppers.”

“What did you say?!” Nan Fang was astonished.
“Grasshoppers? The ones I’m thinking of?”

“Yeah, the ones you’re thinking of.
I can eat them for you.” Yu Jin’s eyes glinted with mischief.
After all, when he first saw Gu Langu eating grasshoppers, Yu Jin had considered ridiculing him, but after Shu Shuishui roasted the grasshoppers, it turned into a mouthwatering sight.

“It’s terrifying! I forgot about it.
Mice eat insects! Bro, let’s go now; otherwise, when the mouse comes out with Gu Langu and found that we didn’t eat them, it won’t let us off!” Imagine a scene where several people sat around the table, each with a plate filled with grasshoppers.
Nan Fang couldn’t help but shudder.

In contrast, Nan Ge remained calm.
“Shuishui’s sincere intentions, how can we run away midway? Let’s wait honestly.”

Nan Fang sat down on a stool in disappointment, feeling that the mouse was Nan Ge’s real younger brother and not him.

The plan of scaring off the two in secret failed, and Yu Jin felt deeply disappointed.
Nevertheless, he insincerely consoled them, “Don’t worry too much.
Shu Shuishui treasures his eight grasshopper babies; he shouldn’t use them for roasting.
After all, those are the grasshoppers that exchanged for two simulators!”

“What!” Even though they felt a bit reassured at first, Nan Fang was taken aback again when he heard the rest.
“Two simulators exchanged for the eight grasshoppers? Are you crazy?”

Nan Ge’s gaze shifted uncontrollably, and even he, composed as he was, became somewhat uneasy.

Seeing their reactions, Yu Jin revealed a smug expression.
“No, no.
It was four grasshoppers exchanged for two simulators.
The other four were ones I caught to compensate Shu Shuishui.” He enjoyed the feeling of seeing them shocked and surprised.
“See? Now it’s your turn to be startled.”

Nan Ge and Nan Fang were indeed startled, and then Nan Fang showed a distressed expression.
“Yu Jin, bro! Are you brain-dead or something? How can you make such an exchange? How can you make such an exchange!? Our team worked hard for so many days, and we didn’t even find one simulator.
But you, you got two simulators exchanged for four grasshoppers! Those are simulators! They’re related to life and death, invaluable!”

Not only startled, Nan Fang felt like he was going to vomit blood.
What kind of operation was this?

Yu Jin didn’t get angry and continued to put on a sophisticated appearance.
“I know that, that’s why I made the exchange.”

Nan Fang and Nan Ge: “…”

Yu Jin was waiting for their admiring expressions.

Nan Ge’s tone was calm.
“He doesn’t have a hole in his brain; he has no brain at all.”

Nan Fang nodded in agreement.
“Bro, you’re right.”

Yu Jin: ??? What’s going on? The sentence I just said was what Shu Shuishui said, right? Why did it develop completely differently? This isn’t logical! Yu Jin couldn’t figure out why.
How come when Shu Shuishui said the same thing, everyone accepted it, and even Liu Du, that scheming guy, was in awe.
But why is it entirely different when it comes to me?

In the living room, Yu Jin fell into deep contemplation for a long time, but he couldn’t figure it out.
Suddenly, a sentence that Shu Shuishui often said echoed in his mind.
Could it be? Is it really because he’s not furry?

Watching Yu Jin’s wandering thoughts, Nan Ge and Nan Fang were still feeling a bit hurt.
“This doesn’t make sense.
You’re doing business like this, and yet Gu Lange didn’t beat you to death? You must have deceived us.”

Yu Jin instinctively refuted, “It’s not me who sold them; it was Shu Shuishui.”

“But that little mouse is still running around lively.
Who would believe that?” Nan Fang decided not to buy it.

To prove himself, Yu Jin left them with a “wait and see” and hurried back to his own bedroom.
There, he took down all the unused simulators and, imitating Shu Shuishui’s style, made a grand gesture as he placed the simulators on the table with a sweep.
“See, these are just small change; Shu Shuishui gave them to me.
Shu Shuishui still has a simulator stool…”

In the living room, under the somewhat dazed gazes of the two, Yu Jin showed off his wealth and then explained the experiences he had along the way, including encountering Liu Du, the unexpected appearance of Shu Shuishui, and how Shu Shuishui exchanged two simulators for four grasshoppers.

After hearing this, Nan Ge sighed with emotion.
“Shu Shuishui is really kind and adorable.”

Yu Jin: “…” No! You just said something completely different! You can’t treat us differently.

In the living room, there was unrest, but in the kitchen, everything was peaceful.
Shu Shuishui even stood in the palm of Gu Langu’s hand, personally stirring the pot with a long-handled spoon, ensuring that the porridge inside wouldn’t stick together.

In addition to that, Shu Shuishui held a knife, wiped his little feet clean, and stood on the cutting board to chop vegetables.
His movements were quite domineering.
With each swift and precise cut, the fruits were sliced into even pieces.
The posture was not at all like cutting fruits; it was more like practicing swordsmanship.

Gu Langu’s gaze lingered on the props for a moment, and then he picked up a fruit knife to help Shu Shuishui cut the fruits.
However, accidentally, the tip of the knife grazed Gu Langu’s index finger, leaving a small wound from which bright red blood seeped out.

Shu Shuishui turned his head, startled, and jumped back in fear.
He quickly dropped the knife and ran to Gu Langu’s side.
“Gu Gu, does it hurt? Let me find some medicine.”

Shu Shuishui rarely gets injured since three-quarters of the year is spent sleeping, leaving little chance for injuries.
There are many spiritual medicine seeds in the spiritual storage, but there aren’t many finished medicinal products.

In the end, in a corner of the room, Shu Shuishui rummaged through and found a small bottle of Yunnan Baiyao1a traditional Chinese herbal medicine that has been widely used for many years.
It is known for its hemostatic properties, meaning it helps stop bleeding and promotes clotting.
and a box of adhesive bandages.

So, on the kitchen counter, the little dormouse earnestly bandaged Gu Langu’s wound.
The wound wasn’t big, and it soon stopped bleeding.
Shu Shuishui applied an adhesive bandage, looking at Gu Langu’s hand, feeling heartbroken.
He held Gu Langu’s hand and gently rubbed it.
“Gu Gu, you must be careful in the future, don’t get hurt.
Shuishui’s heart will hurts so much.”

Shu Shuishui couldn’t forgive himself; he let such a perfect hand get injured.
“This place is dangerous.
You just stay by my side and watch.
Let me handle it!”

Gu Langu didn’t move but instead extended his hand forward and stretched it out.

Shu Shuishui tilted his little head in confusion and carefully checked again from top to bottom, making sure he had handled it perfectly.
“What’s wrong, Gu Gu?”

Gu Langu made an effort to appear a bit more delicate and spoke sincerely.
“It hurts.”

Shu Shuishui was taken aback; he remembered that Gu Langu didn’t have the sense of pain.
Could it be that Gu Langu had recovered? Shu Shuishui was genuinely happy.
“Is it true? Gu Gu can feel pain? That’s great!”

Gu Langu: “… ”

As Gu Langu hesitated to retract his hand, the little dormouse held onto Gu Langu’s finger.
“Gu Gu, don’t be afraid of pain.
After sleeping, it won’t hurt.”

Gu Langu extended his hand with a satisfied expression.

While Shu Shuishui continued to “sleep,” he explained his previous actions, “I’m not happy that you got hurt, I’m just happy that you can feel pain now.
This way, you’ll cherish yourself more and avoid getting hurt in the future.”

Gu Langu’s lips curved slightly, unable to suppress the growing smile.
Feeling pain would make him cherish himself more?

Shu Shuishui blew for a long time, and the little dormouse was almost out of breath.
It was only when Gu Langu snapped out of his drifting state that he quickly stopped the little dormouse from puffing up its butt to blow air.
“It doesn’t hurt anymore, Shuishui, take a break.”

Shu Shuishui sat on the cooking table with a huff.
“Now Gu Gu is also an injured soldier and deserves an extra meal!”

Gu Langu listened attentively, showing no intention of refuting.

With the main dishes almost ready, Shu Shuishui went out again, to the place where he kept the grasshoppers.
He carefully selected two grasshoppers and brought them back.
He touched the grasshoppers’ heads with his small paw.
“Unfortunately, you’re still not plump enough.
You guys need to grow faster.”

Soon, breakfast was served.

The four people and one dormouse sat at the dining table, with Shu Shuishui’s plate next to Gu Langu’s plate.
However, Gu Langu was sitting on a stool, while Shu Shuishui was seated inside his own plate.

Today’s plates were large and sumptuous, with a colorful display that whetted the appetite.
There was a roasted sweet potato, its surface slightly golden-brown, with the sweet juices already seeping out.
Beside it was a white inverted dumpling, resembling some kind of grain-based main dish.
In the upper right corner of the plate, there was a fresh cherry as a garnish.
Right next to it was an assortment of fruits: apple chunks, banana slices, and even watermelon pieces.
There were also some unfamiliar fruits that Nan Fang didn’t recognize.
Not only that, but between the fruits and the white dumpling, a few boiled green vegetables were placed.
Around the edge of the plate, forming a ring, were some green grass leaves used as decoration.

Nan Fang was deeply moved; despite the taste being so-so, at least it looked like something humans would eat! Moreover, it was so abundant, and since arriving on Cang Zhan Star, Nan Fang hadn’t seen such a rich display of colors for a very long time.

However, Nan Fang lowered his head to look at his own plate, then glanced at Nan Ge’s and Gu Langu’s plates.
Why didn’t his plate have roasted grasshopper? And there was no separate bowl of porridge either?

Shu Shuishui’s plate had similar food: a roasted sweet potato, a bowl of rice, and a cherry…

The tip of the little dormouse’s claw skewered an apple, and it happily started nibbling on it.
When it saw Nan Fang looking over, it immediately turned away its claw.
“There are toothpicks in your fruits, and I don’t lend out my claws.”

Nan Fang was speechless.
Who would need to borrow your claws? But looking at Shu Shuishui’s plate, Nan Fang still asked, “Why don’t you have roasted grasshoppers and porridge?”

Shu Shuishui turned to look at the grasshopper on Gu Langu’s plate and quietly swallowed some saliva.
“It’s okay not to eat meat for breakfast, but injured patients need to pay attention to nutrition and supplement protein.
Roasted grasshopers and porridge are a good combination and suitable for injured patients to take.”

The two especially ‘cared for’ injured patients: “…”

Both Yu Jin and Nan Fang turned their gazes to Gu Langu.
It was understandable that Nan Ge was an injured patient, but Gu Langu with his steel-reinforced body could get injured? Gu Langu turned his palm upward, showing the Band-Aid on his index finger, indicating his identity as an injured patient.

Yu Jin and Nan Fang: “…,” How was this possible?! This was clearly cheating! Even if Gu Langu was put into the oven, nothing would happen if he wasn’t the one controlling it!

Breakfast proceeded in a blissful atmosphere and ended with infinite aftertaste.

Not sure if it had been too long since his last meal, but Nan Fang felt that this breakfast was exceptionally delicious, and after eating, he felt completely satisfied.

Shu Shuishui also finished his plate, even chewing on the grass leaves used for decoration one by one.
He then patted his little belly.
“A happy day starts with a happy breakfast.
I hope Gu Langu and Nan Ge will recover soon.”

Yu Jin looked expectantly at Shu Shuishui, waiting for his blessing.
“Shuishui, what about the two of us?”

Nan Fang blushed, as if his secret had been exposed, and he turned his head away.
“Just say what you want to say; why do you have to pull me into this?”

Shu Shuishui had an expression of helplessness and took out two peanuts from his mouth, placing them in Yu Jin’s and Nan Fang’s palms.
“Garlic-flavored peanuts, they’re especially delicious.
I don’t have many left.”

Without even thinking, Yu Jin peeled and threw the peanuts into his mouth, finding them really delicious.
“Are these beans called peanuts? They’re tasty.”

Nan Fang was also curious and couldn’t resist trying the peanuts.
He found the taste peculiar but delightful.
He looked at Shu Shuishui, only to discover that he hadn’t eaten anything.
“What about you? Aren’t you going to have one?”

Shu Shuishui shook his head and patted his little belly.
“I don’t need to eat; this way, I can save one.
When you two are being cute again, I can give you an extra one.”

Nan Fang was stunned; he suddenly understood how Shu Shuishui had won Liu Du over during their previous adventure.
Who could resist such warmth? But acting cute was a bit embarrassing!

1a traditional Chinese herbal medicine that has been widely used for many years.
It is known for its hemostatic properties, meaning it helps stop bleeding and promotes clotting.

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