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Gu Langu listened to this and thought, if even Liu Du could see the mosquito, then it must be a mutated mosquito.
Just one is enough to suck a dormouse dry and even cause death, and some mosquitoes are even poisonous.
Gu Langu, feeling uneasy, picked up the dormouse from his shoulder and used all ten fingers to thoroughly inspect it from head to toe, flipping it over.

Shu Shuishui, who had been well-behaved, suddenly felt itching and burst into laughter.
He instinctively pushed Gu Langu’s fingers with his tiny paws.
The dormouse laughed so hard that it almost ran out of breath.
Gu Langu finally stopped and the mouse lay in his palm.
“Stop scratching, I promise I won’t dare to swat mosquitoes anymore.”

Gu Langu “… ” After some thought, he agreed.
The mosquitoes could handle themselves from now on.

Shu Shuishui continued to defend himself, saying, “I even held a funeral for the mosquito and placed a small yellow flower on its body.”

Liu Du’s brow twitched.
It turned out that it was indeed a funeral.
What kind of operation was this? What kind of thinking was needed to deduce the truth? And two simulators! It sounded like a face-slapping moment! How come Zone B didn’t have a dormouse like this?

For a moment, the people in Zone B didn’t know what to be surprised about.
Was it that the dormouse was talking or that the dormouse was picking up simulators? Or was it that the dormouse effortlessly picked up two simulators while they were fighting over one?

For Yu Jin, it was like a pleasant surprise, or rather, a dormouse falling from the sky.
“Shuishui, what about what’s under the parachute?”

Shu Shuishui looked at Yu Jin’s eager expression with a slightly strange look but still flipped his little paw and took out a Rubik’s Cube from his spiritual storage.
“Are you talking about this little stool?”

“Stool… a stool?” Yu Jin was stunned.

Shu Shuishui nodded.
“Yes!” After that, he signaled Gu Langu to reach out his hand.
He held the Rubik’s Cube with his two paws and walked along Gu Langu’s arm, placing the Rubik’s Cube in Gu Langu’s palm.
He then agilely leaped onto it, sitting on the edge of the Rubik’s Cube, demonstrating how to use the little stool.
“It even glows in the dark, so you don’t need a light when you want to sit on the stool at night.
Isn’t it amazing?”

Everyone “… ” How should they respond to this?

Yu Jin massaged his forehead, quite speechless.
“Shuishui, this is not a stool.”

Shu Shuishui nodded his little head.
“I know.
You can put two of them side by side, and the little stools will automatically stick together like magnets.
The stools will then become a solid board bed.”

Yu Jin “… ” After a while, he managed to squeeze out a difficult sentence.
“This is not a solid board bed either.”

Shu Shuishui continued nodding his little head.
“I know.
It can also be used as an exercise mat.
If you put four of them together, you can exercise on it.
Isn’t it amazing?”

The scene fell quiet.

Shu Shuishui tilted his little head and looked at the dumbfounded Yu Jin.
Then he turned his head to Gu Langu and scratched his head with his paw.
“Is there any other use? Chopping board? Cold dishes? Table? Hitting people? Swatting mosquitoes?”

Yu Jin was almost driven to despair.
Was he serious about hitting people with it? Yu Jin trembled slightly as he reached out his hand toward the sci-fi blue Rubik’s Cube.
“Please, can you give it to me?”

The dormouse was very generous.
“Sure, but with your big butt, can you sit on it comfortably? Won’t it be uncomfortable?”

Yu Jin “… ” What should he do? He suddenly had the urge to hit the dormouse, but thinking about the two simulators, Yu Jin felt he could endure it for a while.

Shu Shuishui casually handed the Rubik’s Cube to Yu Jin, and he looked up and saw the enthusiastic gazes of the others, even the person inside the semi-spherical light shield had a look of desire and complexity.

It’s just a little stool, right? He still had a nest of them.
Shu Shuishui’s little ears twitched as he pointed to the golden semi-spherical light shield and asked, “Is that the Guardian Array?” Shu Shuishui had never seen others use a Guardian Array before, so he was naturally curious.

Yu Jin curled his lips.
“Yeah, it’s a hard turtle shell.
It’s not easy to break.”

Shu Shuishui tilted his little head.
“Break? Gold belongs to the Earth element, and wood overcomes Earth.
A wood spirit formation can break it.” Shu Shuishui had already discovered that the concentration of Earth elements in the golden shield was very high.
The advantage of this type of shield was that the higher the purity, the stronger the defense.
However, at the same time, it meant that as long as you knew the appropriate method and attacked with higher purity wood elemental power, which overcomes Earth, it would be easy to break.

The theory of the Five Elements’ mutual generation and restraint was simple to explain, but if one wanted to use it, one had to rely on the positioning of Yin and Yang to outline the formation patterns and guide the direction of the wood element’s restraint.

“What?” Yu Jin didn’t understand what Shu Shuishui was saying, but he only noticed the last two words: can break.

Shu Shuishui didn’t say much and took small steps, patting his little paws toward the Guardian Array.

The Zone B team inside the array felt inexplicably nervous.
What was happening?

Due to the numerous surprises brought by Shu Shuishui, everyone held their breath, wanting to see if what the little dormouse said was true.

They saw the dormouse pulling out a strangely shaped pen from somewhere, then started sketching outside the golden energy shield.
The patterns drawn turned into green pathways, resembling climbing vines that seemed to be alive.

The green vines appeared to root and grow rapidly, changing color from tender green to dark green, and finally turning into a deep green.
Then, the deep green gradually disappeared.
However, the protective shield did not shatter.
The people in Zone B breathed a sigh of relief.
They felt they had been overly nervous.
It was just a dormouse after all, and even if it was lucky enough to find two simulators, it couldn’t break through the protective shield.

As everyone watched, the little dormouse outside the protective shield didn’t leave but instead raised its small paw and knocked on the shield, as if knocking on a door.
“Hello, can I come in?”

The people in Zone B looked at each other and couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Yu Jin felt quite embarrassed and was about to step forward to retrieve the warm brown dumpling.
But then, he heard a faint cracking sound.
A green spot suddenly appeared in front of Shu Shuishui on the Earth-Gold protective shield.
The spot gradually expanded and turned into a light patch with a diameter of less than five centimeters.

Shu Shuishui extended his little head into the green patch.

Liu Du looked at the sudden appearance of the dormouse’s head inside the energy shield, contemplating the possibility of quickly going over, capturing the little dormouse, demanding Gu Langu to release him, and successfully escaping.
The thought only lasted a moment, but the little dormouse didn’t enter.
Gu Langu quickly grabbed Shu Shuishui by the back of his neck and pulled him out.

The mouse was held by the back of his neck, his four paws stretched out, looking extremely obedient and innocent.

Meanwhile, the green patch on the energy shield quickly faded and eventually disappeared, returning the shield to its original state.

Although the energy shield didn’t shatter, Shu Shuishui had already demonstrated through his actions that he did have the ability to pass through it.
The Zone B team felt incredibly conflicted.
Being overwhelmed by Gu Langu was one thing, but being bullied by a dormouse was another matter altogether.

In reality, Shu Shuishui just happened to stumble upon a fortunate opportunity.
Although the energy shield had sufficient energy, its structure was quite simple.
This simplicity was a major flaw in single-element power.
Obviously, the level of this energy shield was not very high.
If it were a different shield with modified internal energy distribution and arrangement, Shu Shuishui wouldn’t have been able to easily create a hole to pass through.

Shu Shuishui, who was pulled out by Gu Langu, wasn’t angry at all and had no intention of pursuing the matter.
When he was placed in Gu Langu’s palm, he took the opportunity to crouch down and pat Gu Langu’s hand.

Gu Langu “… ” How could one bear to lecture someone so adorable? Shu Shuishui’s act of recklessly infiltrating the enemy’s territory clearly carried risks, but what could Gu Langu do? Naturally, he would cradle him.

Although Yu Jin obtained a simulator, he was still interested in the simulator inside the protective shield.
After all, who would complain about having too many simulators? But it would be better to first get the other simulator from Shu Shuishui’s hands, to avoid the sight of Shu Shuishui using it as a stool.
The thought alone was exhilarating.

So, while waiting for the energy shield to fail, Yu Jin approached Shu Shuishui.
“Shuishui, I want to discuss something with you.”

Shu Shuishui, who was preparing for lunch, stopped unpacking his bag of grasshoppers and looked up with his little head.
“Except for grasshoppers, I’m open to discussing anything.”

Yu Jin’s eyes lit up.
“Really? That’s great! Can I have the other little stool too?”

Shu Shuishui breathed a sigh of relief and rummaged through his spiritual storage, taking out the other simulator and extending it with his small paw to give it to Yu Jin.
“Two of them won’t even fit your butt.
Do you want…”

“No!” Yu Jin immediately rejected it without hesitation, fearing that he couldn’t handle whatever Shu Shuishui’s next words would be.

The dormouse helplessly spread his two chubby paws.
“Fine, as long as you don’t find it uncomfortable to sit on.” He had initially wanted to ask Yu Jin if he wanted more of them, but he gave up on the idea, finding humans really strange.

Although Yu Jin was stabbed in the heart once again by the dormouse, his mood remained good.
He turned around contentedly to study the simulator, completely unaware that he had missed out on more than a billion credits and couldn’t bear the consequences of his rejection.

Shu Shuishui happily prepared for lunch.
However, before that, he felt that he should seek Gu Langu’s opinion.
The little dormouse pattered over to Gu Langu’s side, but before he could speak, Gu Langu’s hand reached out and started stroking him from head to toe, and then it continued for another round…

Shu Shuishui gradually flattened out like a pancake.
What was he about to ask again? These perfect hands! He couldn’t resist them.
( ̄ˇ ̄)

After finishing stroking his back, Shu Shuishui flipped over, revealing his soft and squishy belly.
Gu Langu naturally didn’t refuse and began to caress the dormouse’s belly.
The sensation was superb! ( ̄ˇ ̄)

The expressions of the human and the dormouse were identical, completely immersed in their own little world of pet and owner, ignoring the horrified gazes of others.

“How did Shuishui drop from the sky today?” Gu Langu saw this as an opportunity to further enhance intimacy with the dormouse and took the initiative to bring up a topic.

With his eyes narrowed, Shu Shuishui proudly lifted his small chin.
“Isn’t this entrance surprising and unexpected? Is it not romantic? I prepared a special gift from the sky just for Gu Gu.
Do you like it? Are you moved?”

Gu Langu’s eyes lit up.
A gift from the sky? Did Shu Shuishui consider himself a gift that dropped from the sky into Gu Langu’s hands? “It’s very surprising, unexpected, and romantic.
I really like it, and I’m moved,” Gu Langu earnestly replied to the dormouse’s question.

Shu Shuishui sat up with a little bounce.
“I’m glad you like it! Wait for me, I’ll turn the gift into a dish!”

Gu Langu’s brain quickly spun, recalling their first encounter when Shu Shuishui was rolled up like a vegetable roll.
Combined with some inappropriate information found in the corners, Gu Langu believed to understand what Shu Shuishui meant.
“From the beginning, you played the fruit and vegetable role.
Wasn’t it too hard?”

Shu Shuishui’s steps hesitated for a moment.
“Fruit? Vegetables? Gugu prefers salads? Well, actually, eating them raw is also good, not hard at all.
I’ll take care of it.
It’ll be ready in no time!” With that, Shu Shuishui enthusiastically rushed towards his bag of grasshoppers.

Gu Langu “… ” Something seemed off.

Meanwhile, Shu Shuishui had already begun busily preparing a fruit and vegetable grasshopper salad.
Since grasshoppers could hop away, he started with the vegetables and fruits.
There weren’t many fruits in his spiritual storage, so Shu Shuishui carefully selected an apple, two bananas, two grapes, and three strawberries…

Half an hour later, Shu Shuishui walked up to Gu Langu holding a “giant” bowl.
The bowl had a wider top and a narrower bottom, was solid black with no patterns, and had a lid on top.

Shu Shuishui placed the bowl down and then stood on his tiptoes, struggling to reach the rim of the bowl with his paw to lift the lid.

Inside the bowl, there was a colorful assortment of fruits, beautifully arranged.
The fruits with peels were all peeled and neatly cut into various shapes—heart-shaped, flower-shaped, and simple geometric shapes.
It was evident that the dormouse who cut the fruits put a lot of effort into it.
However, amidst these appealing and appetizing fruits were one, two, three, four… countless grasshoppers!

Shu Shuishui (^-^) “Eat them while they’re fresh, or the grasshoppers will all escape.”

Gulan Gu: ???! “…”

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