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Gu Langu had never repaired teeth for anyone before, but seeing the small tooth on Shu Shuishui’s fingertip and the expectant look in its eyes, Gu Langu decided to use its remaining high-end nanomaterial repair agent to reattach Shu Shuishui’s tooth seamlessly.

Shu Shuishui tapped its tooth with its fingertip and heard a solid, crisp sound.
It happily jumped around the bedside table a couple of times and then hugged Gu Langu’s hand to express gratitude.
“Thank you, I’ll take good care of brushing my teeth from now on,” he said, while also casually touching Gu Langu’s hand.

Gu Langu felt like he was being taken advantage of: “…”

With the tooth issue resolved, Shu Shuishui recalled Gu Langu’s consumption of energy stones and wondered why it was okay for Gu Langu to eat them but not for himself.

Facing Shu Shuishui’s question, Gu Langu had no intention of hiding the truth.
He pushed the plate in front of Shu Shuishui, indicating that he should eat while listening.
Shu Shuishui’s gaze shifted to the plate and found food he didn’t recognize.
It looked slightly rough in texture and had a purplish color, resembling the outer skin of sugarcane.

This should be the main course, a large piece of it, with a fruit placed next to it.
Shu Shuishui recognized the fruit as an apple, albeit a small and undernourished one, still not fully grown and slightly green in color.

Shu Shuishui: ??? Why was his breakfast not what he had imagined?

Shu Shuishui tapped the purple block-shaped object with his paw, but adhering to the tradition of not judging food by its appearance, he decided to pick it up and take a bite.

Since Gu Langu had no sense of taste, he didn’t notice the dormouse’s actions or confusion and began describing his own identity.
Gu Langu didn’t focus on the details of being critically injured on the battlefield and undergoing semi-mechanization.
He simply explained the cause and effect in a casual manner.
As he spoke, Gu Langu seemed to realize that his semi-mechanized identity had already aroused too much resentment and suspicion.
He was afraid that the little dormouse might despise him, so he focused on expressing his strengths.

“Although I’m a semi-mechanical creation, apart from having higher combat and defense capabilities, I’m not that different from humans.
I can still think and have my own thoughts and consciousness.
Every part of my body has been meticulously replicated based on my previous appearance…” Gu Langu was about to elaborate further when the little dormouse interrupted with a question.

“Are your hands exactly the same as before?” asked the curious Shu Shuishui, with shining eyes.

Gu Langu didn’t understand the crucial point of this question but nodded anyway.
“Yes, they are the same.”

Shu Shuishui’s little ears twitched.
“Then, do they grow nails too?”

Gu Langu: ??? Why did he feel like the dormouse’s focus was a bit off?

“They can grow,” Gu Langu replied.
In reality, Gu Langu could now precisely control every cell in his body, a capability possessed only by a perfect semi-mechanical body.
So when he said “can grow,” he meant it was possible but not something that naturally occurred.

Upon hearing this, Shu Shuishui immediately patted his own chest and proudly said, “I’ll trim your nails in the future! I often sharpen my claws, so I know a lot about nails!”

Shu Shuishui had a simple thought: since Gu Langu had such beautiful hands, it would be even more perfect if he could take care of his own nails.

Gu Langu’s eyes lit up.
“Okay.” The fingers beneath the cabinet moved slightly, as if it could already imagine the scene of the little dormouse diligently trimming the nails.

Gu Langu continued to describe his identity, almost in a dissecting self-analysis manner, while also explaining the issues of his lack of taste, smell, and pain sensations.
Of course, in Gu Langu’s eyes, these were not problems because his body was completely flawless.
The so-called smell and taste could also be controlled.
As long as he wanted, someday it could evolve and acquire them.

Shu Shuishui gradually understood why Gu Langu didn’t need to eat.
In fact, Gu Langu’s body was a perfect restoration of his original form, so he could eat if he wanted to.
However, eating required consuming a large amount of food to sustain his life, and Gu Langu’s robust body allowed him to easily crush energy stones and directly absorb the energy, which was much more convenient than eating.

Upon hearing this, Shu Shuishui strongly opposed the idea.
He couldn’t give up eating just because he consumed a lot.
How many delicious foods would he miss out on? Thinking of the delicacies on Earth, Shu Shuishui felt a bit sad.
Although he had collected the seeds of the food he had encountered, many of them were living organisms that couldn’t be stored in the spiritual storage.
He probably wouldn’t be able to taste them again in his dormouse life.
Shu Shuishui patted his little chest.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of your food from now on.
I have a sweet potato, and I’ll share half with you.”

Before finishing his bold statement, Shu Shuishui was choked by the rough food and coughed while staggering on the bedside table.
Gu Langu quickly poured a glass of water and held it for Shu Shuishui to drink.

Shu Shuishui drank several mouthfuls of water and finally felt that his breathing had become smooth again.
He then complained with a frown, “Your breakfast, uh, doesn’t taste good.”

Gu Langu looked at the small piece of purple tree cake remaining in Shu Shuishui’s hand.
He thought Shu Shuishui liked it very much, as he had been nibbling on it nonstop until only this small piece was left.

Shu Shuishui was a thrifty and frugal dormouse and never wasted food.
So even if he didn’t find the purple cake tasty, he still gnawed on it with determination.
Just when he was about to finish eating, a pair of hands spread out in front of him.

“Give me the rest.
I haven’t eaten in a while,” Gu Langu said.

Shu Shuishui looked at Gu Langu for a while, holding the cake high, about to place it in Gu Langu’s palm.
However, just as he was about to drop the cake into Gu Langu’s hand, Shu Shuishui took it back.
Then he took out a potato he had previously roasted while driving through the desert.
This was probably the only cooked food currently stored in Shu Shuishui’s spiritual storage.

“You can have this.
It’s very delicious!” Shu Shuishui quickly placed the potato in Gu Langu’s palm.
At the same time, he turned his back to Gu Langu, chewed the remaining piece of the purple cake a few times, and stuffed it into his mouth.

When Shu Shuishui turned back again, his chubby cheeks on both sides were bulging, looking cute and warm.

Shu Shuishui continued to chew, then showed its signature smile.

“Try it.
It’s really good,” Shu Shuishui said, pointing at the roasted potato that Gu Langu hadn’t touched yet.
It was still hot.

Although Gu Langu couldn’t actually feel the temperature of the roasted potato, his skin transmitted the expected texture and warmth back to his brain, forming precise data.

Gu Langu retracted his hand, looked at the potato in his palm, and directly put it into his mouth.
His tongue accurately conveyed every expected taste to Gu Langu’s brain.
The taste of a potato emerged in Gu Langu’s mind, but he didn’t know what that taste was.
He earnestly said, “It’s delicious.”

Shu Shuishui’s small mouth continued to move rapidly, and his cheeks were bulging on both sides.

In fact, Shu Shuishui really wanted to tell Gu Langu that besides roasted potatoes, there were also French fries, potato chips, and mashed potatoes, which were all delicious.
However, considering that he currently didn’t have these in his spiritual storage, and Gu Langu probably couldn’t imagine them, he decided to make them in the future.
Also, Shu Shuishui didn’t want to embarrass Gu Langu by reminding him that he ate the roasted potato without peeling it.

But Gu Langu didn’t care about potato skins.
He was a man who could bite and absorb energy stones.
However, at this moment, Gu Langu clearly and explicitly realized that he wanted a sense of taste, the real taste of a roasted potato, which must be very sweet and warm, just like the cute and warm little dormouse chewing food on the table.

Finally, Shu Shuishui swallowed the rough purple cake, and his face returned to its normal size.


The author has something to say:

Shu Shuishui waved his little paw confidently.
“I’ll take care of your nails!”

Gu Langu replied, “Sure, what length do you want? What hardness? What color? What growth rate?”

Shu Shuishui: ???

Old Xuan: “Seeing the little angels still here, Old Xuan feels relieved.”

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