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It was at this moment that Shu Shuishui planted the idea of widespread Spirit Tree cultivation in his heart.
Yu Jin was right; if they could change an entire galaxy with their planting efforts, what was impossible about changing a single planet?

However, there were numerous difficulties to overcome to realize this idea.
Firstly, Cang Zhan Star and Huanxing were two different worlds.
Without hesitation, Huanxing was the more suitable environment for Spirit Tree growth.
The spiritual energy and natural conditions there were unique to the cultivation world, something Cang Zhan Star couldn’t compare to, even in the face of doomsday.

In addition, when they were greening Huanxing in the past, they simply planted trees on a large scale without considering things like setting up formations, making the implementation even more straightforward.

However, if they wanted to achieve large-scale environmental greening on Cang Zhan Star, they would face not only the issue of sparse spiritual energy but also practical challenges like electromagnetic storms, extreme winter temperatures, topographical features, the choice of Spirit Tree species, and the process of nurturing Spirit Trees.

Nonetheless, once achieved, the protective array’s impact on an entire planet would be substantial.
Unlike Spirit Stones, which have limited spiritual energy and require continuous replenishment and renewal, Spirit Trees can generate their own spiritual energy, often producing more than they consume.
This allows them to accumulate spiritual energy while providing protection.

The more Shu Shuishui thought about it, the brighter his eyes became.
Even though he didn’t know what the so-called imminent disaster was or when it would occur, as long as there was a method of resistance, Shu Shuishui was willing to try it.
“Gu Gu, let’s discuss the specific plan and then write a proposal for greening Cang Zhan Star, okay?”

“Sure, we’ll listen to Shui Shui.” Gu Langu nodded without any shame, expressing his agreement, and happily followed Shu Shuishui back to their tent to work on the proposal.

Yu Jin shook his head.
“It seems that ever since he fell in love, our boss isn’t the same as before.”

Nan Fang disagreed, waving his hand.
“No, no, he’s still the same boss, only now he’s Shui Shui’s boss.”

The group exchanged knowing glances and burst into laughter, showing expressions that indicated they understood.

Meanwhile, back in their tent, Shu Shuishui and Gu Langu sat at a small table.
Shu Shuishui retrieved an unused notebook from his spiritual storage and began writing the ‘Cang Zhan Star Greening Project’ proposal in a neat and orderly manner.
Below it were the names of both Gu Langu and Shu Shuishui, indicating the authors of the proposal.


Gu Langu’s eyes shimmered momentarily as if he had traveled back to a distant past.
Two figures huddled by a desk in a study, and a candle holder on the table emitted warm yellow light.
The two were engrossed in studying and discussing the writing and production of books.
Occasionally, they reminisced about amusing things and couldn’t help bursting into hearty laughter.

The laughter occasionally disturbed Da Bai, who was sleeping on the bookshelves.
Da Bai would flip over the pages and continue to slumber.

“What’s making Gu Gu laugh so sweetly?” A hand waved in front of Gu Langu, bringing him back from his reverie.

Gu Langu snapped out of it.
“Shui Shui’s handwriting is very nice, just as cute as Shui Shui.”

Shu Shuishui lowered his head in confusion, looking at the plan on the table.
The writing was indeed much neater than what he had written when he was still a mouse, but could handwriting be described as cute? Shu Shuishui’s right hand skillfully rotated the pen, and then his eyes darted around.
He made a few additions to each of their names on the cover.

Shu Shuishui’s name now had simple drawings of mouse ears and a mouse tail, cute and minimalistic.
Gu Langu’s name, on the other hand, had a few strokes depicting orchid blossoms and leaves, giving it an extremely elegant appearance.
The inspiration for these orchids came from Shu Shuishui’s orchid bracelet, and the patterns on it closely resembled those on the plan.
“This is my name, super cute.
This is Gu Gu’s name, exceptionally elegant.
They match each other perfectly, don’t you think?”

Gu Langu’s gaze lingered on the orchid blossoms blooming by his name, and his gaze softened like light.

Shu Shuishui nodded.
“And look, Gu Gu, your orchid is taller than the mouse.
This is clearly a couple’s height difference.” Shu Shuishui began analyzing the compatibility of each orchid and mouse, from height difference to shape, and even the growth environment, which exhausted Gu Langu.


By the time the two contented souls turned to the first blank page and opened the blank notebook, half an hour had already passed.
Shu Shuishui immediately straightened his posture and earnestly immersed himself in his work.

The two of them continued discussing the greening plan for Cang Zhan Star, from the broad framework down to the smallest details.
They covered everything from planting locations to the selection of spirit tree species.
Each question was carefully considered, and their thoughts aligned perfectly, making the planning process smooth.

Half a month later, the freezing season officially came to an end, and Cang Zhan Star entered the summer.

Shu Shuishui had heard more than once that Cang Zhan Star didn’t have transitional seasons like spring and autumn, but experiencing it firsthand still left him stunned.
In just half a month, the world underwent a complete transformation.

Outside the valley, the accumulated winter snow rapidly melted away in a matter of days.
The pure white landscape shrank quickly, giving way to a vast expanse of water.

Other than the towering mountain peaks, there was hardly any visible ground.
The world seemed to have turned into a waterworld in an instant.

The protective array in the valley effectively shielded the Shui Jing Gong from the melting snow and rising water outside.
Moreover, the surrounding mountains were relatively high, so they didn’t have to worry about the snowmelt flooding into the valley for now.

Shu Shuishui stood on the northern mountain peak of the valley, with Gu Langu beside him, as well as Nan Ge, Yu Jin, and Xie Feng.
Over the past few days, they had climbed up to the mountaintop to observe the situation outside.
In no time at all, the melting snow increased, and the water level continued to rise, even though summer had just begun.
After a brief period of seasonal calm, the summer would enter a rainy season lasting about three months.

“Leader, the situation doesn’t look good.
It snowed almost continuously throughout this winter.
If this continues, when the rainy season arrives, these melted snowwaters might not have penetrated the ground yet.
Could our valley, where we live, be flooded? Shui Shui, the protective array is designed to defend against snow, but does it work against water?” Yu Jin asked with concern.

“At the moment, it doesn’t have that function, but it can be modified to include waterproofing, although it will consume spirit stones,” Shu Shuishui replied.
He hadn’t considered waterproofing during the winter.


“In that case, if the water really rises, won’t we be living underwater, like fish swimming in a bubble, with the sky above us no longer the sky but the surface of the water? It sounds rather novel,” Yu Jin said with interest, entertaining a beautiful fantasy.

Xie Feng smacked Yu Jin’s head with his palm.
“You’re thinking too beautifully.
What if the fish in the water don’t agree? Besides, can our supply of spirit stones support such consumption?” Xie Feng had been involved in some modifications to the protective array during the winter, using technology to reduce its energy consumption, so he had a more direct sense of the situation regarding spirit stones.

“Maybe the situation won’t be so dire.
We can’t predict when the rainy season will come, and the mountains surrounding this valley are quite high, so there shouldn’t be an immediate danger,” Nan Ge offered some reassurance.
“If it does come to the point where the water floods into the valley, we should prepare for a large-scale northward migration, a significant one.”

Xie Feng and Yu Jin exchanged glances.

“Is a large-scale migration really that bad? After enduring the rainy season, there will be a dry season.
We’ve worked so hard to find a valley like this.
Should we just give up?” Yu Jin’s mention of underwater life had been a joke, of course.
Flooding several hundred-meter-high mountain peaks would require an immense amount of rainfall, something that likely hadn’t happened on Cang Zhan Star before.

“End of Days.
Just in case,” Gu Langu’s single statement settled it, dispelling Xie Feng and Yu Jin’s doubts.
They nodded in acceptance of the idea of migration, realizing that when it came to matters not related to Shu Shuishui, Gu Langu still adhered to his word without exception.

After observing the situation, Nan Ge and the other two left one by one, leaving Shu Shuishui and Gu Langu still on the mountaintop.
They sat on the rocky outcrop, gazing out at the vast expanse of water, feeling like they had entered a different world.

“Gu Gu, I still remember the first time we met in a vast desert.
You said that desert might have been flooded by rain too,” Shu Shuishui recalled their first meeting, the scene where he was rolled into a vegetable roll by someone, and couldn’t help but smile.
“Speaking of it, you were the first person I met who didn’t want to eat a mouse.”

“It should have been flooded as well.
Any place where it snows in winter, the snow will melt,” this winter’s accumulated snow was truly frightening.
There was a layer of snow several hundred meters thick outside the Shui Jing Gong, and now a significant portion of it had melted.
“So, I saved a mouse.
Shouldn’t there be some reward for that?”

Shu Shuishui thought for a moment.
“I’ve recently learned a seal script.
After applying it, I can shrink objects.
How about this? Once the water recedes, I’ll stick one on you, and you’ll become the same size as I was when I was a mouse.
Then I’ll drive my first car, with you in the passenger seat, and we can go for a ride.”

Gu Langu reminisced about Shu Shuishui’s first car, finally realizing it was the toy car he had driven when they first met.
He had mixed feelings, unsure whether to refuse or be happy.
It was a bit unimaginable to picture himself sitting in the passenger seat of a toy car while Shu Shuishui, all furry, zoomed around as the driver.

“Gu Gu, if we’re going to migrate, do we need to take a boat? In that case, I can take you for a boat ride first.
What kind of boat do you like? I have plates, basins, and bowls, made of hard plastic, ceramics, and soft rubber.
Ceramics are cooler in the summer, while rubber is safer.
What material do you prefer?” Shu Shuishui was counting the things in his spiritual storage that could be used as a “boat,” trying to find something both comfortable and safe.

Gu Langu clearly had never ridden on such a “boat” before and found it difficult to choose.
“Shui Shui, just pick one.
I’ll sit wherever you sit.”

Shu Shuishui suddenly became enthusiastic.
His eyes brightened.
“Then let’s go with a plate.
It’s more spacious.
I’ll prepare some cotton handkerchiefs to lay on it, along with a small pillow and a small blanket.
You and I can lie on the plate, gaze at the stars, and enjoy the boat ride.”

“Sounds good.” Listening to Shu Shuishui’s description, Gu Langu inexplicably felt a sense of anticipation.
Although it gave him a feeling of being a dish on a plate, the idea of lying on a plate with Shu Shuishui, covered with a blanket, and stargazing, sounded quite nice.


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