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After careful consideration, Gu Langu realized that he probably didn’t have any hidden money stashed away.
So he nervously and expectantly spoke up, “Shui Shui, I don’t have any hidden money.”

Shu Shuishui responded with an “Oh” and then thought for a moment before saying, “Then let’s wait until Gu Gu has some hidden money.”

Gu Langu was taken aback by this response.
It wasn’t what he had expected.
It seemed that Shu Shuishui didn’t follow the conventional script.
“Why do we have to have hidden money?”

Shu Shuishui responded matter-of-factly, “Isn’t it customary to hand over your salary before getting married? Since Gu Gu doesn’t have a salary card, let’s just use hidden money as a substitute.
It’s okay; Gu Gu can secretly save even a penny, and I’ll pretend not to notice.”

Gu Langu fell silent, genuinely curious about how the old Shu Shuishui used to live.
Did he view things differently as a mouse? He couldn’t believe he had missed such a great opportunity for their honeymoon just because he didn’t have hidden money.
However, the thought of the minimum requirement being just one cent suddenly filled Gu Langu with hope.

While Gu Langu was contemplating where to find some hidden money, the simulator space once again welcomed a group dungeon.
This time, both Gu Langu and Shu Shuishui participated.
After all, unless something unexpected happened, this should be the last dungeon before the end of winter.

After the end of winter, unless someone is in an absolute safe zone, most people have to prepare for the arrival of summer.
It’s not just Cang Zhan Star; the vast majority of barren stars have harsh natural environments, with rarely any transitional seasons.
Barren stars like Cang Zhan, which only have winter and summer, are not uncommon.

During the transition between winter and summer, it’s a test, the final test for those who have struggled through the winter.
Therefore, during this transitional period, the tasks in the simulator space are minimal because most people are busy in reality searching for a safe place to hide.

The difficulty of this group dungeon was still high, but with Shui Shuishui in their hands, clearing it was almost a given.
So, for the group, it became much easier, and they swiftly completed the dungeon without expending much effort.
Their primary focus was finding someone, and they didn’t linger if they didn’t find the person they were looking for.

It was unfortunate that Gu Lanyi didn’t participate in the group dungeon but instead relayed a message confirming that he was still alive.
It took eight days to complete the group dungeon, and when they emerged from the simulator, the world outside the valley had undergone significant changes.
It made Shu Shuishui couldn’t help but marvel that danger wasn’t limited to the winter of Cang Zhan Star; summer was equally disastrous.

Xie Feng analyzed the information conveyed by Gu Lanyi and gathered two key pieces of information.
First, after Gu Lanyi’s repeated analysis, it was confirmed that the mysterious sounds in the Xian Ge Galaxy had indeed been informational cues.
Apart from the repeated warning of “run” over the past two years, Gu Lanyi had also deciphered hints regarding advancements in information technology from past celestial songs.
There were even reminders of the birth of artificial intelligence machinery.
This enigmatic celestial melody was like a wise elder guiding the progress of the Xian Ge Galaxy.


However, it was possible that only a few had deciphered these cues, and even among them, it was likely that they only grasped a small portion.
Thus, to this day, the Xian Ge Galaxy remained oblivious to the “run” warning, and the internal chaos continued, with no one realizing the impending disaster.

Besides the research on the celestial melodies of the Xian Ge Galaxy, Gu Lanyi also investigated whether the Canghai Galaxy had similar celestial cues.
However, collecting information on barren stars was challenging enough, and something as elusive as this made progress slow.
Gu Lanyi hadn’t obtained any evidence in this regard.

Apart from these two pieces of information, Gu Lanyi assured them that his current situation, while challenging, didn’t pose a threat to his life and asked them not to worry.

After hearing all of this, Yu Jin felt somewhat disheartened.
He commented, “I’ve said so much, but it feels like it’s still not very useful.
This guy is still the same as before.
It seems like he understands what we’re saying, but in the end, it’s like he doesn’t know what he’s heard.”

The matter of the celestial melodies from the Xian Ge Galaxy had not been disseminated widely.
Currently, only Gu Langu and a few others in the valley knew about it.
Apart from them, Liu Po, Liu Du, and Cheng Que in Zone B were also aware of it.
However, because the matter was too mysterious and had significant implications, people were holding a somewhat skeptical attitude.
Taking it too seriously might make them seem overly anxious, but ignoring it was difficult for peace of mind.

“It’s useful,” Gu Langu clearly had a better understanding than the somewhat thick-skinned Yu Jin, especially given his familiarity with Gu Lanyi.
It was easy for him to grasp the real message that Gu Lanyi wanted to convey.

“What’s useful? I’m having trouble understanding,” Yu Jin had a genuinely puzzled expression as if his brain couldn’t quite keep up.

“Don’t be disheartened, Mao Jin.
It’s normal if you don’t understand.
As long as Gu Gu does, that’s what matters,” Shu Shuishui quickly reassured him.


Yu Jin, seemingly untouched by the reassurance, remained befuddled.

Gu Langu lifted his head slightly and reconsidered his earlier decision not to provide a detailed explanation.
“Xiao Yi wants to convey three main points.
First, the celestial melodies of the Xian Ge Galaxy have a prophetic and warning function and have repeatedly guided rapid technological advancements in the Xian Ge Galaxy.
Second, there is currently no similar celestial melody found in the Canghai Galaxy.
Third, he is in a challenging situation but not in mortal danger.”

Yu Jin nodded, indicating that he understood these points.
“I get it, but then what? Knowing all this doesn’t change anything.
We can’t do anything about it.”

“Naturally, it’s about staying alive!” Xie Feng tapped Yu Jin’s unresponsive head.
“What Gu Lanyi wants to convey in a roundabout way is that the Xian Ge Galaxy is on the verge of destruction, and as neighbors, our entire Canghai Galaxy will likely face the same fate.
The Xian Ge Galaxy has received the warning ‘run,’ so our nearly identical civilization in the Canghai Galaxy should also receive some kind of hint or warning.
This is what they’re looking for – a way to survive.”

Yu Jin was left dumbfounded after hearing this.
“Isn’t it possible that you guys are overthinking this? Being too clever for your own good?”

Shu Shuishui nodded in understanding.
“I see.
It’s not that Mao Jin is too slow, it’s that we’re too clever.”

Gu Langu also nodded.
“Indeed, especially Shui Shui, he’s very clever.”

Shu Shuishui happily accepted Gu Langu’s rainbow-fueled compliment and smiled broadly.
“Gu Gu is clever too, the cleverest!”

The others sighed collectively, realizing that while they were having this conversation, they were discussing matters of life and death, not engaging in any romantic or lighthearted chatter.

Given the information provided by Gu Lanyi, the group conducted a detailed analysis.
Since they had confirmed the accuracy of the celestial melodies from the Xian Ge Galaxy, their goal was to ascertain the timing, method, and cause of the impending catastrophe.


Furthermore, considering that both the Xian Ge Galaxy and the Canghai Galaxy were progressing in parallel and had civilizations at a similar level, it implied similar capabilities.
If the Xian Ge Galaxy could warn its residents through celestial melodies, then how would the Canghai Galaxy warn its inhabitants?

No one held any illusions that just because they hadn’t received any warnings or hints from the Canghai Galaxy, it meant the Canghai Galaxy would be safe.
This speculation was almost impossible, especially after realizing the destructive power of technology.
A catastrophe that could destroy the Xian Ge Galaxy would undoubtedly impact the Canghai Galaxy as well.

“Xiao Feng, keep a close eye on collective missions in the simulation space and maintain contact with Gu Lanyi.
The rest of you, gather as much information as possible regarding prophecies and warnings.
This year, Cang Zhan Star will enter the Age of Apocalypse, and if this catastrophe arrives, we will face a double trial,” Nan Ge assigned tasks succinctly, but the uncertainty of the future weighed heavily on his mind.

Yu Jin waved his hand dismissively.
“It’s just the Age of Apocalypse for Cang Zhan Star.
We’ve saved an apocalyptic galaxy before.
Planting trees is child’s play compared to that.”

Xie Feng gave him a hopeless look.
“This isn’t Huanxing.
Planting trees won’t solve the problem here.
Unless…” Everyone’s gaze turned toward Xie Feng.

Xie Feng continued matter-of-factly, “Unless it’s trees planted by Shui Shui, or in other words, Spirit Trees, to provide some energy for this world.
Every little bit counts.”

Upon hearing this, Shu Shuishui suddenly brightened up.
Indeed, to stabilize the natural environment, Spirit Trees were the best choice.
Once they grew, their effects were extraordinary.
If… if he combined tree planting with the terrain, using a forest of Spirit Trees to construct a global protective array, would they no longer have to worry about any disasters? “Gu Gu, don’t worry, I’ve come up with a solution, even though it might take some time.”

Gu Langu nodded confidently, feeling no shame in being financially supported by Shu Shuishui.
“With Shui Shui here, there’s nothing to fear.”

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