n did Mo Ren find out later that the Palace Master of the Jiuzhong Palace at that time was also Chu Yan's biological father–he had four sons and two daughters under his knees.
Moreover, Chu Yan's biological mother was the one with the humblest background and the weakest temperament among his concubines.


Chu Yan's talent was astonishing, and his Martial Arts aptitude was unmatched by his other older brothers, which made him even more frightening.
The Palace Master of the Jiuzhong Palace was a Martial Arts maniac who cultivated the ruthless way.
He ignored the open and secret fights between his children and between his concubines in the back room.
These young masters and ladies competing with each other for the future position of the Palace Master of Jiuzhong Palace, was in fact not much faster than the Dark Hall.


However, Chu Yan alone was weak, and he was still young.
Moreover, his mother’s temperament was delicate and docile, therefore she’s not much of a help either.
Everyday, dangerous situations emerge and surround him.
However, he was born with a hard bone that was unwilling to be inferior to others.
Not only did he refuse to admit defeat, but he also competed with his brothers.


That’s why, he urgently needed a secret guard of his own.


“But…this is really against the rules.
If the Palace Master blames this subordinate, it will be really difficult for this subordinate to do it.”


The Hall Master of the Dark Hall looked solemn, and after pondering for a moment, he beckoned the children to come over, “But if the Fourth Young Master insists on wanting one, why not…..pick a child who has not yet officially registered as a secret guard and take him away.”


“It can also be done.” Chu Yan accepted it quickly as it was still to his favor, and readily agreed, “Tell them to come forward, this Young Master will come and test them.”


“Yes.” The Hall Master of the Dark Hall bowed and stepped aside, but couldn't help but sighed softly while looking at the still young figure on the jade seat.


A secret guard…..was a sword used to kill, a spying eye, and a protective shield.
They were not people of flesh and blood, let alone know how to serve a master.


No one would want to choose a secret guard to be their personal guard, this was the same reason that no one would choose a piece of cold iron to make clothes.


But the Fourth Young Master had no other choice.


Logically speaking, if the sons and young ladies wanted to obtain secret guards to be assigned to them, they had to be thirteen years old to be eligible.
It was only that the Fourth Young Master couldn't wait, as his situation was too dangerous.
If there was no one to protect him, he may just be killed for no apparent reason before he could even turn thirteen years old.


——No one would choose a piece of cold iron to make clothes, unless he was already surrounded by enemies and needed to wear armor all the time to save his life.


That's why the Fourth Young Master resorted to such a scheming plan, under the pretext of picking his personal bodyguard, he came and begged for a secret guard from the Dark Hall.


Chu Yan's “test” was very simple.
He brought a black and slender sword and threw it on the ground in front of a dozen children.


“This sword has the single name 'Mo'.
It was made by the successor of the famous sword forging master, the Hu family.
It cuts iron like mud, and can hide in the dark night.” 


The noble young man in black robe smiled and pointed at the long sword with one finger.


“You guys can fight with all your abilities.
The one who grabs the sword in the end will belong to him, and will go with me.”


After his few words fell, the children immediately jumped up and fought with one another.
It was not an exaggeration to say that such an opportunity to get rid of the suffering of a secret guard and follow this noble young master from then on was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


It was only Mo Ren who didn't move.
In fact, he wasn't really called Mo Ren at the time—he remained kneeling on the side, and couldn't help stealing a glance at this overly noble and handsome Fourth Young Master.


He had never seen such an eye-catching figure before, a person that seemed as if his body was surrounded with brilliance.
This little boy was so good-looking that he couldn't take his eyes off him.


He couldn't move his eyes, so he just kept watching.

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