e went back six or seven years ago.

He tentatively asked, “Qiu Quan, was this Master drunk last night?” 

Qiu Quan held the hangover soup, nodded and replied, “Answering the Master, the Master drank with Young Master Bai Hua until midnight last night.”

Young Master Bai Hua?

…Drank until midnight?

Chu Yan became speechless again.

Could it be that he really…is fortunate enough to do it all over again?

Looking at Chu Yan, Qiu Quan simply stared at him without saying a word, neither putting down the bowl she was holding, nor holding it up.
She thought that she did not say anything wrong, but the Palace Master behaved abnormally today.

She pondered about whether she should ask, but Chu Yan finally came back to his senses and she heard him ask, “What year is it now?”

Qiu Quan became confused, but still told him the year.
Then Chu Yan immediately asked next, “What month and what day?”

Qiu Quan still respectfully answered what month and day, silently considering whether she should persuade her master to drink hangover soup first to sober his mind.

Chu Yan repeated that day several times in a low voice, and his eyes gradually cleared up.
However, at the next moment, Chu Yan's face changed suddenly, he got up from the bed, grabbed a large robe and put it on hastily, “Ah Ren is in the Punishment Hall!?”

“Yes…” Qiu Quan was startled, and opened her mouth to answer.
But Chu Yan, who was almost in a hysteria, rushed out of the door, past the maid's side, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.


Jiuzhong Palace, Punishment Hall.

Chu Yan used his lightness skill to the extreme all the way, and his heart was burning with anxiety.
He remembered this day clearly. 

Mo Ren had been with him for more than ten years already.
He always did things in a decent way, he was cautious everywhere and dared not to overstep his authority.
Moreover, with his deep love and respect for Chu Yan, let alone being punished in the Punishment Hall, even ordinary punishment was rarely done on him.

The first time Mo Ren committed a serious crime that required punishment in the Punishment hall was in the third year after Chu Yan met Bai Hua, and in the second year after Bai Hua was admitted to the Jiuzhong Palace by Chu Yan, that was…..yesterday!

At this moment, Chu Yan no longer cared whether this rebirth was a dream or an illusion.
He only knew that he could no longer just sit back and watch that person suffer the slightest bit of pain.
He didn't care about the guards of the Punishment Hall who saluted him all the way, and he didn't care about its Hall Master who heard about his arrival and came to watch.

He went in like a flash of shadow, however, in the middle of the journey, the sound of whips breaking through the air was heard.

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