but before stepping out of it he turned his head and said, “Remember to drink the medicine by yourself, and wait for this Master to come back.”


 Mo Ren replied in a low voice, “Yes.”


The sound of Chu Yan's footsteps faded away.


Mo Ren watched the Palace Master left and out of the door, afterwards he reluctantly propped himself up.
Enduring the discomfort in his body, he got out of bed barefooted and moved slowly.


He quietly stuck to the corner by the window, and wearily closed his eyes.


Outside were a few crisp birds chirping, as well as intermittent voices of the two talking.


“…Hua'er is really worried…just thinking…is fine, but he was dragged away…Brother Chu, what did Hua'er do wrong?”


“Hua'er, don't think too much…..the matter of Mo Ren is after all…..this Master cannot…it's not easy when one has just been punished…”


“Hua'er knows…as an outsider…no wonder Guard Mo despises……”


“…It's just a useful subordinate…it's a fool…..just coax it as you please…”


In the sleeping chambers, Mo Ren still closed his eyes quietly, as if he didn't hear anything.
Sometimes it was not a good thing to have sharp hearing and eyesight.
He somewhat missed the past life when he lost his internal force.


In fact, he felt that it was not that too uncomfortable, after all, he had already expected this……At least, the Master said that he was useful, therefore he was still happy.


But why bother so much? He didn't need to be coaxed and to be fooled.
As long as Chu Yan gave an order, he would kneel down and sacrifice his life to the Palace Master.


Is it because he didn't do well enough in his previous life? After so many years, the Master only regards him as an ordinary subordinate who needs to spend special energy to win over…


Mo Ren felt a pain in his heart.
He knew that his temperament of “couldn't help but think too much” was not suitable for being a good bodyguard to please his Master.
It's just that once everything was revealed, he couldn't always be a thoughtless sword as required by the Master, let alone be a pleasing dog.


Therefore, it was only reasonable that he was rejected by the Master in the previous life.

In this life…..Maybe after looking for an opportunity to kill Bai Hua, he should also kill himself quickly afterwards, so as not to add to the troubles of the Master.


Chu Yan and Bai Hua chatted while laughing, and he saw the two figures getting further away from the window.




Mo Ren slowly let go of his strength, let out a breath, and leaned against the cold wall, his expression was neither sad nor happy.


Suddenly, he bent his thin back, covered his lips with his right fist.
He began to cough violently, gasping for breath, and his pale cheeks turned an abnormal bright red.


Dark red blood then trickled out from between his fingers.


This shortness of breath, in the end, his internal organs were damaged due to the torture.


Mo Ren's expression remained unchanged.
He simply took a piece of cloth to wipe off the blood on the ground.
Thinking about the Palace Master's instruction, he went back to the bed and raised his hand to drink the medicine in one gulp.


The pungent bitter taste irritated the stomach that had not eaten for a long time, making it very uncomfortable.
Mo Ren endured the nausea, and swallowed the concoction in one gulp with no expression on his face.


After all, these were all good medicinal materials and shouldn’t be wasted.

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