The clashing of swords and blades that gives goosebumps to even the constellations while they just watch the war go on,

” Brother- No…The general of demons, Raphael, even after your comrades have been defeated, you do not stop…..tell me-

Was this the only way ?

All those sacrifices, all those people-

The innocents getting killed and the demons committing those atrocious crimes,

Tell me,

Why do you still want to fight me !?!?!

Why do you still want to fight us !?!?!

Why won you- why won you end this already and return with me, to the place that we promised to go together, to the place that we call home, to the place where our parents are waiting for us to return,

Tell me,

For what reason do you keep on fighting ? ”

The boy- No, the man in front of me says and asked me while he looks down,

Im almost out of mana….

Is he avoiding making eye contact with me ? Well not that it matters, nothing really matters at this point…oh right the answer to his questions,

” Rei, the chosen one, the hero of justice and the one who will bring peace, the prophecies hope and my little brother, you say that demons are evil-

rotten to the core, while your kind-

your very people commited crimes more horrible than any other races including us, oh and lets not forget about that incident too, you yourself are corrupted to the bone and you dare say you are righteous !?!?!

You killed my comrades- No, you killed the people that I think of as my family and you dare say we killed the innocents and we are evil !?!?!

I thought you would be at least better than the other people Rei, but I guess your kind is really that bad, they even made you believe that I-

No, we were evil….and you didn even think for a second about that and put a blade on my neck the moment I tried to say something, if you would have just listened to me…

No, it doesn matter, I won let you and your people take anything away from me ever again. ”

I said to Rei in anger and took out my blades and got into a stance to perform my final attack with what mana I had left,

” Thats it, I must have been a fool to expect that you still think of me as your brother, I will not let you keep babbling on bad things about my comrades, I will protect them and the people of my kingdom,

Even if that means that I have to kill you and your entire race along with it. ”

Rei takes out his holy sword and puts on his defensive equipment.

Looks like this will be the last,

” For the people that I love and think of as my family ”

I yell while getting ready to attack.

” For the kingdom and the peace that I desire. ”

Rei yells out while getting ready to attack too.

” I will kill you and bring victory for as long as Im alive !!!!!! ”

Both Rei and I yelled and then started to run at each other and our weapons finally clashed.

This story goes back in time several years from this point.

The start of everything, when I saw them,

Everyone has thought about this at least once or sometimes in their lifetime,

What if there are people or creatures living in another world or in another universe that invaded our planet ????

What if there are things that we have yet to discover about them but can because we were not aware of how to explore them ????

There are many reasons for that to happen,

First, its because they knew that they were not alone but we didn and they wanted to inform us about them and the others,

Second, the lifeforms or living creatures on every planet in our universe has died and we are the only remaining survivors so they came to us to tell us about the thing we should be aware of,

Third, just because we discovered a way to travel through planets to universes, they came to warn us because we were taking it too lightly,

Or Fourth,

They came to us to find help so that someone or something could help them save their planet.

You would have already guessed it by now, for me it was the fourth,

It all happened on that day,

Year 2041, August 17th,

” …… ”

” Do you want to buy this or not ? ”

The shopkeeper asked me.

” Well how about you lower the price a little bit then ? You are seriously trying to sell me this locket for 10$ ? It shouldn be worth more than 6$ ? ”

I said to the shopkeeper.

” Ok fine, give me the 6$ and take this locket. ”

The shopkeeper gave me the locket and took out his hand to take the money.

” I only have 5$ tho ? ”

I said to the shopkeeper.

” Urgg, 5$ it is then, now don you dare try to make any excuses boy. ”

The shopkeeper said to me,

” Yeah right. ”

I then handed him the 5$ and went on my way to my house.

” ( Hehe, the shopkeeper noticed huh ? Well whatever, I don know the reason why I bought this tho, oh right I had some extra money that I saved from the past week, it looks shiny and it matches the colour of my eyes too, tho its a bit darker red, its fine.) ”

I thought to myself.

I was on my way to my house when I looked up in the sky, the color of the sky started to change, it was not an eclipse nor was there anything about today having any kind of cloudy day, it was strange, this color, is this… the sky purple ???

What is happening-

I was thinking to myself when the light of the entire place went out and later came back after 20 seconds, everyone was a little scared including me because this was not something which has happened before,

I got goosebumps, I don know why but my instincts were telling me that if I look up, I might see something which shouldn be or shouldn have been seen by any of us, it shouldn be possible but-

There was something-

No, they were people with strange clothes up in the sky-

Wait- flying ???

How can this be possible ??? No, the question should be, who are they ???

I was about to say something when I freezed at my place, it was like my body was not listening to me and just froze, I was now not able to say anything either.

Then I heard them,

” 地球と呼ばれるこの惑星の人間. ”

One of the people talked.

” *ahem* ”

The second one whispered something to the first one.

” Hmm, Is this the correct one ? ”

The first person speaked.

” Yes, you are now using the correct language sir. ”

The second person said to the first one.

I was confused but moreover, I was terrified,

Who are these people ?

What do they want from us ?

How are they able to fly up in the sky ?

I was having mixed thoughts but then those people did something, something which couldn be classified as scientific, their faces were in front of us, it was like a projection but in the middle of the air ?

It was definitely something like Magic-

No it was Magic-

The first person then said,

” Humans of this planet called the Earth,

We are a species or you could say we are living human beings just like you but different from another planet in another universe,

We have come here for someone, we do not want to start any kind of fight or war,

We are merely here because we were ordered to bring someone, it is said that, that someone is said to be the prophecies hero, the hope of our planet,

We can reveal too much about us or about that person then we already have but let me remind you again,

We are merely here because of that hope,

Our planet is in danger, a threat so big that even we can take care of it, that prophecies hero is the only one who can help us, we were said that a mark will appear on someone from the universe of a planet about 10 thousand light years away from us, it was this planet that you call Earth .

We will only be staying here for 2 days and after that we will leave, we will try not to cause you all any kind of trouble and when we leave, all of you will forget about this, it will be just like a dream,

I repeat this once again, we are not here to fight, we came here to find someone because our planet and the people of our planet are in danger,

Then we shall meet you, the prophecies hero in two days, till then goodbye. ”

The first person said to us and all of them vanished into thin air.

We were now free, we were able to talk and move again.

” ( Wh- What just happened ??? ) ”

I thought to myself.

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