Chapter 7 System:

When Lu Yi Bei put down his phone, it was already 8:27 in the morning.

As night gradually receded, rays of sunlight shone through the gaps of the curtains, illuminating the living room.

Is it already this late? Lu Yi Bei thought doubtfully, aside from the less than 20 minutes of talking to brother Shui, when he closed his eyes and opened them again nearly 3 hours had passed.

Although It felt like he only slept for less than five minutes.

The reasons probably because【the alarm clock rang in the morning, but I wanted to take sleep a few minutes longer, resulting in me waking up and being late for half an hour, it was as if the time was swallowed by something!】 or something similar to that, right?

After getting up and changing his clothes, Lu Yi Bei decided to have a wash before going to the university to report in.

Lu Yi Bei is a person who doesn’t like to procrastinate.

Although the registration deadline ends tomorrow, tomorrow will be a new day.

Who knows what will happen if he goes tomorrow, if he was delayed by any unexpected event, then he really would have to go back[1] and retake the university entrance examination.

Anyways he had nothing better to do, might as well finish what you can finish up right now.

Going into the bathroom to prepare to wash his face with cold water, after washing his face Lu Yi Bei raised his head and was startled by his own appearance.

Although the face in the mirror couldn’t be described as handsome it was passable.

With neat and tidy short hair, decent facial features, he seemed tidy and upbeat, the type that is easy to be familiar with.

Last night’s nightmare didn’t seem to have had much impact on his sleep, as he still looked fairly energetic.

All seemed fine, all but his eyes which were bloodshot.

Although it wasn’t very serious, it looked like he got either an eye inflammation or pink eye.

What’s going on here? How do you go out to meet people like this?

Lu Yi Bei frowned, before looking in the mirror, he didn’t think his eyes would be bloodshot as he didn’t feel any uncomfort in his eyes.

It seems that when I go to report in later, I’ll have to wear sunglasses to prevent others from seeing it, if it still looks like that later, I will just go to the hospital again to get it checked, Lu Yi Bei thought to himself.


Nine o’clock in the morning, it was just dawn, someone’s scolding broke the tranquillity of the community park.

“Which psychopath did this! Do you want to scare people to death!?”

“You better pray you don’t get caught by me! Otherwise, there will be hell!”

Soon, the people doing morning exercises in the park were attracted by the scolding of the janitor.

“Sister Zhang, why are you throwing a fit early in the morning?

“Yeah! Who provoked you again? Is there another psychopath?”

Under the curious inquiries of passerbys, the janitor put one hand on her hip while the other pointed to the ground, “Take a look everyone! I don’t know who threw this on the floor.
But when I first saw it I almost got scared to death!”

The onlookers looked in the direction pointed by the janitor, on the ground laid two rabbit corpses with an indescribable odour.

One was completely swollen with blisters, while the other was smashed into meat pulp.

If it weren’t for some white hair and the “companion” next to it as a reference, it was basically impossible to tell that it was a rabbit.

There was a group of people who had just eaten breakfast and after seeing such a disgusting scene made them feel sick, the next moment the scene became even more disgusting than it was already.

“What the f̲u̲c̲k̲! Which psychopath did this?”

“A lunatic, too much of a lunatic! Rabbits are so cute, how can they do this!”

“The motives were probably the same as the cat and dog abuse cases.”

Just when the crowd was strongly condemning the person around the “rabbit abuse incident”, an unknown handsome young man wearing sunglasses passed by behind them.

What are they doing? Lu Yi Bei thought curiously.

Why is there a group of people gathered here early in the morning?

My neighbours sure are energetic!

Forget about it, it’s none of my business!

Either way I can’t squeeze in with so many people!

In short, they probably gathered because of a trivial matter, right?

Lu Yi Bei doesn’t like to care about other people’s business, because if he isn’t careful he would also get dragged into it.

He still deeply remembered what happened last month, a group of people got together and divided into two factions over a quarrel. 

Arguing whether a scary looking caterpillar should be called “porasa” or “Broom Bug”, he approached them and said.
The two words “Monema flavescens.” following which a scene of him being attacked by the group.[2]

After leaving the neighbourhood, Lu Yi Bei stopped a taxi and said to the taxi driver, “To the university of science and engineering thank you!” before leaning on the car door and taking a nap.

The car drove from the gate of the neighbourhood, to Hua Cheng’s university of science and technology.

It was the end of August, the summertime heat was gradually fading.

In front of the university campus, because of the new students who were here to check in, it became bustling.

It was the time of year where the seniors were seducing the juniors, the juniors ganging up with the seniors, the seniors getting jealous of the juniors, the junior detesting the senior, the senior dumping the other senior, seniors beating other seniors and the seniors drooling over the juniors.[3]

Hmmm, is there a problem?

Where are the maidens?

Wake up buddy, it’s a science and engineering university! Where™ did the maidens come from?!

Even if there was, you won’t have a shot!

Ten in the morning, private cars and taxis that were dropping off freshmen kept on coming, each and every student[4] carried their luggage with them, they came in a steady stream passing through the magnificent school gate and preparing for their future.

Lu Yi Bei’s residence was not far from Hua Cheng’s University of Science and Technology.

When his solar energy powered water heater went out because of a rainy day, he came here to experience the university’s bathhouse first hand.

Of course, the experience was not good because he met the “school senior girl” in the bath house.

As soon as you enter the school gate, you would be greeted by a boulevard called Cherry Blossom Avenue.

Cherry blossom trees were planted on both sides of the road.

It is said that during spring when they bloom, it is a sight to behold.

Looking past the cherry blossom’s tree branches you could see the teaching building covered with vines, the mottled walls quietly tell the school’s past.

Compared to Lu Yi Bei’s visit a few days ago that was cold and quiet, the Cherry Blossom Avenue at this moment was obviously much more lively.

On both sides of the avenue, were gongs and drums beating so loudly that people outside the university could hear it with colourful flags on both sides.

The major clubs have already set up booths and are preparing to recruit the freshmen.

“Join the Basketball club, join the basketball club, if you love sports, if you love basketball, join our basketball club, if you don’t play basketball we can’t be friends, I await your registration.”

“Want to know the secret to not let the opponent score for 90 minutes? Join the football club and we will show you the world of football!”

The place near the gate was crowded with major traditional clubs, it was also attracting the most freshmen.

The further you go down the path the more strange clubs would start popping out, perhaps it was because the teacher in charge couldn’t see those clubs, as the clubs started to get really weird.

“ADV Deep Connotation Research Club…Don’t need vision E-sports club…Men’s bathhouse back scrubbing Club…I can’t think of a name, so let’s just call it this club…”

What are all these strange clubs? If you join such a club, you will definitely get involved with strange people, right?

Lu Yi Bei looked at all the clubs, secretly complaining in his heart.

As soon as he turned around, he bumped into something soft and elastic, with a faint fragrance.

That feeling made people not want it to end and couldn’t help but make a noise.


Just when Lu Yibei was immersed in bliss and happiness, a voice full of disdain and contempt entered his ears, “So You’re the one™ called Lu Yi Bei?”

Huh? Who was that? How did they know my name?

Lu Yi Bei was stunned for a while, he took a step back, before finally seeing the appearance of the person blocking his way.

It was a girl with long chestnut hair, with a delicate face, but not seductive looking, giving a sense of childishness, as if the one standing in front of him was not a college student but a high school student.

The light blue lace camisole she wore was being propped up by her bulging chest, it could be seen that she had an impressive figure, but she was not tall.

The combination of the two made her look big and petite.

She raised her chin slightly, staring at Lu Yi Bei, as if she was looking at a lump of scum, asking in a very unfriendly tone, “I’m talking to you! Is your name Lu Yi Bei?”

How does she know my name? Is she looking for drama? I unconsciously took advantage of her just now.

So if she really did come looking for some drama, I would already be at a disadvantage and would definitely lose if I got into a quarrel with her!

So it’s probably better to try to avoid it?

Lu Yibei was silent for a few seconds, before solemnly saying, “Miss, I’m afraid you got the wrong person.
My name is Gou Er Dan, not Lu Yi Bei.” After speaking, he turned around and left.

Lu Yi Bei was wearing sunglasses, so she couldn’t see the emotions in his eyes at all and there was not a slight change of expression on his calm face, he didn’t seem to look like he was lying at all.

Looking at such an expression on his face, no one would doubt that he indeed was Gou Er Dan!

“Ah? But…” Hearing Lu Yi Bei’s answer, the girl was obviously stunned, she didn’t even attempt to stop Lu Yi Bei when he turned around and walked away.

When Lu Yi Bei was far from her, the girl finally came back to her senses and subconsciously wanted to chase, but after thinking for a while, she stopped and muttered to herself in a voice that only she could hear, “System! System, are you there?”

“Hello host, I’m here!”

“Is there something wrong with the information you gave me? That man just now, is he really the target of the utmost mission, that is a man.
How could he be a witch? Did you make a mistake?”

“Received the host’s request, re-examination has begun.
The progress is 10%… 20%…”

“Re-examination complete! The male creature that the host came into contact with one minute and thirty-seven seconds ago is the witch which will destroy the world in the future –calamity! Please complete the task carefully and kill the male creature as soon as possible!”

“Understood.” The girl replied, narrowed her eyes slightly, clutching her hands into a fist punching the air, looking at Lu Yi Bei who was about to disappear from sight and said solemnly, “Just you wait, Gou Er Dan, I will definitely save this world from your evil clutches!”

“Reminder to the host the target’s name is Lu Yi Bei.”


“He lied to you just now.”

The girl, “…”

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