Chapter 6 Love with copper:

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Twelve midnight.

Lu Yi Bei woke up screaming, the sweat soaked pajamas stuck to his back giving him a hint of coolness, taking off his eye mask Lu Yi Bei fumbled to turn on the light, after turning on the lights what he saw was his messy bed.

He had a nightmare.

He dreamt of Mr Rabbit and also dreamed of a poor woman who was attacked by Mr Rabbit.

At the last moment, he saw Mr Rabbit’s three-petaled lips open outwards like a blooming flower, as if it was a meat grinder, the sharp teeth cut the artery at the neck and hot blood gushed of it.

The tragic death of the woman in his nightmare felt so surreal although he only watched it unfold, Lu Yi Bei still felt like he experienced it first hand.

Even after he woke up, he could still faintly feel the pain of sharp teeth ripping into his neck.

He touched his neck with lingering fears, he felt a wet and greasy feeling from his hand, his fingertips trembled, Lu Yi Bei’s heart felt like it stopped beating for a moment before he realised  that it was sweat instead of blood.

Something was indeed wrong with that bunny!

He really wanted to contact the police, but on second thought, if he rashly called the police absolutely no one would believe him.

Calling the police because of a nightmare, even if that nightmare is as vivid as reality, it would probably be regarded as a brain problem right?

But if I just ignore it…

Would it be my turn next?

Such a thought popped into Lu Yi Bei’s mind, making even himself startled, he quickly shook his head.

No no no!

Everything will be fine, how can I scare myself like that?

That’s right it probably was only just a nightmare nothing else to it.

It’s because after meeting Mr Rabbit I got too paranoid making me have such nightmares.

He soothed himself like this and the panic in his heart also seemed to calm down a little because of this, as if!

In the middle of the night, faced with such a situation, how could it be possible to calm down this easily?

The calm expression on his face was not how he actually felt, it’s just a facade!

He looked out the window blankly, the scenery outside the window was pitch black.

The time was four fifty in the morning and there was at least four hours before dawn.

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Leaving the house at this time and going outside is no safer than staying at home in fact it might even be more dangerous!

In this situation, there is only one option right?

After thinking about it Lu Yi Bei got up and went to the living room downstairs.

The living room was unusually quiet, the usual sighing, dripping water, and the occasional rustling noises in the dark were all nowhere to be heard, as if they were afraid of something.

In the dimly lit living room there was a dead silence and in this dead silence, the sound of the  coat that was hanging outside the window suddenly being blown by the wind was particularly loud.


Hearing the ruckus outside, Lu Yi Bei glanced out the window.

Under the hazy night sky, his coat was like someone with only the upper body waving its arms excitedly in the wind.

“Gulp-!” Lu Yi Bei swallowed his saliva before gathering his courage and taking a step forward to pull the window curtains close.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Although it probably won’t help, it at least gives Lu Yi Bei some peace of mind.

After turning on the light, he strolled over to the statue of Ming Wang, put his hands together, bowing respectfully to Ming Wang and said cheekily.

“I have never mistreated you but tonight was really too creepy for me.
So I dodn’t really have a choice.
I hope you don’t mind!”[1]

After speaking, Lu Yi Bei quietly stared at the statue of Ming Wang.
The brass made statue had an imposing aura, with a body that made him look domineering and carried a nuclear warhead on his shoulders.

Just looking at it made people feel an inexplicable sense of security in their hearts.

“Okay then, since you didn’t respond, I’ll take it as your acquiescence!”

With that said, Lu Beibei stepped forward a few steps picking up the half-human-height statue with both his hands which weighed quite a lot of kilos, turning around to walk towards the upstairs bedroom.

Carefully placing the statue on the bed, before turning on the smart speaker placed at the  bedside and chose a song sang by “Bai Xiao Hua” it was the third opening theme song of 

《love with magical girl’s》 only then did Lu Yi Bei retreat into his blanket.

Embracing the statue’s firm and solid body, while listening to Bai Xiao Hua’s sweet and melodic  singing, made his emotions finally calmed down, but he was already no longer sleepy.

Just like that he laid on the bed motionlessly, seemingly waiting for the dawn.

Lu Yi Bei originally planned to lay motionlessly on the bed staying up all night, but he didn’t think that just when it was about to be dawn he wouldn’t be able to hold it any longer and fell into  deep sleep.

At the last moment of consciousness before falling asleep, he vaguely saw in the deepest part of the abyss, a pair of blood-red eyes like glass balls staring at him quietly.

He was being stared at by those eyes full of bitter resentment, Lu Yibei felt as if his body was slowly sinking into water, before a voice sounded in his ear.

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It sounded like a strange low mutter, while also sounding like an ancient and mysterious folk song.

Then, the voice gradually became clearer…

“Ayi ya yi ya~♪”[2]

Lu Yi Bei woke up from his hazy dream, taking his own sweet time to turn to the other side, picking up the ringing mobile phone on the bedside table.

The call was from brother Shui, he was currently trying to do a video call to Lu Yi Bei.

Lu Yi Bei smacked his lips, lightly tapping on the accept button, a face that was so handsome it was alluring appeared on the phone screen, he had a maniacal grin on his face.

“Yo, my dear little Beibei good morning!”

“Uh huh, good morning.” Lu Yibei responded expressionlessly.

Hearing this, brother Shui smacked his chest as if in pain, “Wow, you are so cold! It saddens me!”

“Tsk, what do you want me to do about it? You can’t actually expect a facial paralysis patient to smile at you, right?” Lu Yi Bei said impatiently.

“Oh, sorry I completely forgot that you have that condition! Really what a pity!”

Lu Yi Bei indifferently responded, “A pity my ass! You prostitute looking ass, are you only calling to find fault about such things?”

“How many times have I told you, that line is now called male grande horizontale[3], please show some respect!”

“Yes, yes,yes, Mr grande horizontale, if you have anything to talk about, can you hurry it up?”

Ever since his father told him that brother Shui is the first male grande horizontale in Hua cheng, he has never doubted it.

Here’s a question, apart from that kind of occupation, what other occupations need to dress so alluringly and start work every night?

Also every time Lu Yi Bei saw brother Shui who just got off work, he would always seem to be mentally exhausted and feet trembling.

His body language also seems to interpret what it means by【I really don’t have a drop left!】

Lu Yi Bei doesn’t discriminate against grande horizontales, after all it’s just so as to get food into their mouths, it didn’t matter how much money they had, after all he only discriminates against brother Shui.

A man who was extremely flashy while also being extremely clingy, revolving around you every day, like an ancient god constantly chanting in your ears, who could endure this!?

Although Lu Yi Bei knew that brother Shui’s actions were out of love, his hobbies unfortunately were different from that of his dead father!

Actually unbearable waa!

“Actually, last night I encountered something, which gave me a thought after much thought and consideration I have decided.
I’m calling you today because I want to…”

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Brother Shui had an arrow in his heart last night.

After thinking about it half the night, he made up his mind and called Lu Yi Bei.

He originally wanted to tell him he wanted to accept him as his adopted son.

However, not long after getting on the video call, he saw Lu Yi Bei’s statue on the bed which seemed shy, half covered by the blanket.

Lu Yi Bei’s hand was inadvertently placed on the statue’s chest, doing little circles.

In an instant, a strange thought suddenly flashed in brother Shui’s mind following that he seemed to look unwell.

“What the f̲u̲c̲k̲! What is that on your bed?!”

Brother Shui suddenly let out a ghostly cry, startling Lu Yi Bei, he turned around to only see the statue that had slept beside him for most of the night.

At this moment, brother Shui said in a heavy and saddened voice.

“Little Beibei, I always thought you considered you as just a child, I never took into account that you would start having such sexual desires.
I apologize! This is due to this uncle’s negligence, but you shouldn’t do this!”

“That’s a statue! Moreover made of Brass! You’ll get hurt! You…”

Halfway through brother Shui’s words, Lu Yi Bei expressionlessly hung up the phone.

What even goes on in his head?

Soon the phone vibrated again, it was brother Shui again.

“Little Beibei, I thought about it for a while.
Indeed what I said just now was indeed a little extreme.
I’m getting older and am no longer hip with the kids! This must be that love with copper thing that people on the internet keep on talking about, right? I…”

Lu Yi Bei hung up the phone with a dark expression on his face.

“What the f̲u̲c̲k̲! Don’t hang up so fast! I’m not going to interfere with your personal interests.
I’m calling you to tell you that after much consideration, I want to take you in as my adopted son…”

No! No you don’t!

A good day ends once you see brother Shui!

Trying to take advantage of me so early in the morning! I considered you as a brother, yet you actually wanted to be my father?

Lu Yi Bei hung up the phone again along with dragging brother Shui’s mobile phone number, WeChat ID and QQ number into the blacklist.

However, it didn’t take long for his phone to vibrate again.

He picked up his phone and glanced at the notification.

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It was a text message from an unfamiliar number.
The text message said【Bet you didn’t expect it! It’s still me!】just from this alone, no other clarification was needed, it was definitely from brother Shui!

Just when Lu Yi Bei was about to block brother Shui’s new number, his phone vibrated again.
It was another text message from brother Shui, but the message this time was serious.

【Tomorrow is the last day for you to check into the university.
You should take either today or tomorrow to check in.
Your two-year deferred enrollment has been reached.
If you still don’t check in by tomorrow, your only choice would be to retake the college entrance examination! 】

Lu Yi Bei was silent for a few seconds with his mobile phone in his hand, before replying 【Understood, I will go check in later.


Blocked brother Shui’s new phone number.

As soon as he put down his phone, Lu Yi Bei suddenly remembered the nightmare last night.

After pondering for a while, he gave up the idea of ​​telling brother Shui about the nightmare.

If I told him about it, he would definitely make the problem worse.

Even just thinking about it would make people upset.


The night party’s headquarters.

Bai Kai, who was just about to get off work, received a reply from Lu Yi Bei, his face suddenly lit up showing a happy expression like a spring breeze.

A passing operative saw this scene and asked curiously, “Old Bai, what happened? Why are you so happy?”

Bai Kai shook his phone and said proudly, “I just got a son!”

“Oh! Congratulations! That’s wonderful news, you have got to hold a banquet for us to eat  another day to celebrate!”

“Of course!” Bai Kai smiled giddily patting the operative on the shoulder, “However, I have to ask my precious son first, that child is very arrogant and a little self centered.
He might not like such a crowded environment!”

While speaking, Bai Kai called Lu Yi Bei, but all he got was【The caller you have dialed is temporarily unavailable.】

After several unsuccessful attempts to send a text message to Lu Yi Bei, Bai Kai finally realized that his new number had been blocked by Lu Yi Bei again and the smile on his face also gradually stiffened…

Translator notes

There was a phrase I cut out because it didnt really fit it basically means all the training has led to this critical moment of using it↵

Im quite sure it’s referring to that jojo theme I cant remember the name of it↵

3.Since the author changed the prostitute word to a fancier one I also changed it to a fancy word for prostitute I found on google↵

There’s probably quite a bit of grammer mistakes since I didn’t really proof read it

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